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Fans prank call Bassini before prospective Birmingham owner and EFL issue takeover update

Fans prank call Laurence Bassini before the prospective Birmingham owner and EFL themselves issue an update on the proposed takeover.

It’s been quite the crazy few weeks for all those involved, and it really took off when Bassini had an interview on the Championship club, clarifying his intentions and plans.

That was on the 15th of June, back then it was a rather astonishing talk with presenters Simon Jordan and Jim White. However no one was quite prepared for what the second interview which came on the 8th of July.

Bassini offered out Jordan live on air after being mocked by the talkSPORT hosts, every time White tried to bring the topic back onto all things Birmingham City, Bassini couldn’t help but be wound up by Jordan’s winding up antics with things getting heated.

It didn’t stop there, just hours after the viral interview, Simon Jordan revealed an X-rated text Laurence Bassini sent about him. See more on that HERE.

Then over the weekend, footage emerged of a group of fans deciding to prank call Bassini, mocking his raunchy video with a woman years ago before the prospective Birmingham owner record a clip of himself giving an update to Birmingham fans and the EFL also took to issue takeover update which can be seen below…



In an interview with talkSPORT this week , Bassini outlined his intentions to buy the club, saying that he’s ‘sent £30m to the lawyer.’

“I’ve sent £30m to the lawyer who has spoken to the directors and the owners of Birmingham City,” he said. “Right, I’m also going to put in, whether there bank balance or assets, another £70m-£80m to £100m – do you know why? I’m going to stay in football because I’m going to show all of you lot and I’m going to win the league.”

He also revealed hopes to complete a deal for the club in the next ‘week or two’, which would see him take over from current owners Birmingham Sports Holdings.

Following the claims, the EFL have said that they are yet to receive anything from Bassini over a potential purchase of the club. “The EFL are not currently in receipt of documentation from any individual regarding acquisition of control at Birmingham,” they said, via BBC Sport’s Simon Stone.

“All clubs are aware of requirements under EFL Regulations for prior approval.”

Should Bassini want to complete a purchase of Blues, he would have to pass the EFL’s owners and directors test. The test is a set of conditions that any potential owner of a club has to meet.

The controversial former Portsmouth takeover candidate, reportedly buying Birmingham, previously saw failed moves for Bolton, Oldham and Charlton.

Bassini was chairman of the Hornets from 2011-2012 before selling up to the Pozzo family.

His reign ended in controversy after Bassini, who was previously declared bankrupt, called police when a trusted member of Watford’s staff didn’t hand over the keys to the club safe.

He then sent gloating text messages to Hornets legend Graham Taylor after the club lost a playoff final at Wembley in 2013.

A Football League commission also banned Bassini for three years from serving as a director of any club after a panel ruled the Stanmore businessman was “dishonest with the League and his fellow directors” and slammed his “secrecy and deception”.

But it hasn’t stopped Bassini from trying to own another club.


@SamPhillips40: Is he on the way back from a night out?

@obrien_BCFC: Love how he just switches too I’m going there to win the league 😂 my owner 😍

@DaleyWilde: Been on the bag again ain’t he

@Sambatime11: “Yeah we’re good now mate, cheers” 😂😂

@OfficialJM94: This is childish. And very, very funny

@NooneAVFC: There is absolutely no way that they can survive this, party at my place when Birmingham City die

@24brett: The saga continues 😂😂

@Brummie_On_Tour: It’s all happening now 🤣🤣 #BCFC

@smithytilidie: Im fucking done 😂😂

@AnarchoKyle: What a legend. KRO

@JackT9898: Let’s go!! 100% got my backing. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

@MRMAXBRADLEY_: If he fixes the stadium, gives the manager money for transfer and clears debts then that’ll do me.

@reecetay_29: i love him he’s gonna liquidate the blues 🤣

@DarrenAkouros1: Seems like he’s had enough of being the butt of jokes & being trodden on. If this goes through & even does half of what he says he wants to do that’s better then what we have right now. What’s happened in his past is done the future no-one knows.

@RichardWillmor3: Get me his dealers number ffs 😂😂😂

@PRH0121: Imagine, if he proves people wrong

@Ozzy6196: This personal fight and needing to prove people in the game wrong could be a good thing. I just have no idea what to make of all this. People with more knowledge know more about him and his character than me and that worries me

@JackWFC123: Oh lads, I honestly really do feel for you.

@johnnieK88: Well, he missed a golden opportunity there, just three little words would have put everyone’s mind at rest. Yes that’s right, there was no Keep Right On at the end! So for that oversight alone I’m out! 🙆‍♂️ #bcfc #kro

@DavidHenton2022: I’ve heard this bloke talk twice and it sounds like he always has a few beers before going on air. I think I will be putting £100 on birmingham getting relegated at 2:1 seems almost certainty. Whilst to be promoted 16:1

@Huntzz0121: 💯💯💯 Backing him regardless. Prove everyone wrong Laurence. Up the blues

@stevedaisyalfie: Just stop going on about Simon Jordan. If you’re serious, just shut up and do it. Nobody wants to hear all the other nonsense

@WirralhornSteve: Has he told you how he tried to steal the contents of the Watford safe before he ran away? Please @BCFC don’t let him anywhere near your club or any club

@SigurdssonJNS: The usual nonsense. There is no evidence just Bassini pretending to be the victim and blaming everyone else. He couldn’t build a website if his life depended on it. The problem with narcissistic people is that they’re never wrong and it’s always someone else’s fault

@Papaulski_CP: Exactly. You shouldn’t be buying a club to prove people wrong it should be because you’re passionate about football and it’s fans. He’s like a massive child.

@BradDavis28: This geezer is nuts 😂

@DaniyalZW: Lowkey starting to like him. 😭😭 #BCFC

@1875luke: gerrim in, he’s an absolute looney, but heard more from him than we have ever heard from our real owners

@Colinbloke1980: The man might just be Crazy enough to pull it all off. Gerrim in. #bcfc

@GeorgeRobotham: Mad how this nut job is still better than the current owners, at least he’s got something to drive him? 😂😂 it’s downhill either way at least we’ll know who’s the face this time ? 😂 #KRO

@Demwilliams17: why is something telling me to give him a chance with us, looks like he wouldn’t take shit from no one and that’s what we need

@ljb1875_: Such a shite position to be in with us having the choice of BSHL or him. However least if things go tits up least we know who he is and he’ll most likely be in the same country. With him having a point to prove so bad to everyone it genuinely might work and not be so bad

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