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Fans of Championship club help Leeds pub that was smashed up by hooligans

A group of Bolton Wanderers fans are helping a pub that was smashed up by hooligans.

The pub from Leeds, The Drysalters, was forced to shut after a group of Bolton fans let off flares before to their recent game with Leeds United last month.

Here’s a video of the trouble that happened…

A crowdfunding page has been set up by Wanderers fan Craig Turner to help the pub repair a wall.

As reported in This Is Lancashire, he described how events unfolded, saying: “When we got there it seemed all right. There were Bolton and Leeds fans in the same pub having a laugh and singing songs.

“I was at the bar getting a drink and a load of Bolton fans turned up and started throwing flares and smoke bombs inside the pub. They threw one near my little lad.

“It wasn’t a nice atmosphere at all. Riot police came in and they had to shut the pub.

“When I got home I posted on Facebook about how disrespectful it was and one of the bar staff from the pub messaged me to tell me they had ripped a memorial wall down. I thought I would try to raise money to help them out.

“Craig messaged me to say he wanted to get on board and set up the page. Everyone has been saying well done. We’re just trying to make amends for what happened.

“Not all can be repaired as it had sentimental value, however, as a nice gesture this can go a long way to fixing our reputation.”

So far the crowdfunding page has raised £350 but hope over time it will reach the £2,000 target.

You can help donate by clicking HERE.

Fans Ben Hodgson and Turner have said they’ll hand the money over to the pub on behalf of Bolton supporters.

Ben was in the pub with his 7-year-old son Brody when the trouble started.

Hodgson says the incident left his son Brody terrified, and the youngster has since said he does not want to go to another game.

The landlord of the Drysalters, which is half a mile from Elland Road, where the match took place, described the behaviour of the supporters on the day as a disgrace.


Take a look at the social media reaction to this story and the crowdfunding page on the next page.

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