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Fans mock Romford owner Glenn Tamplin, claiming he looks drugged up in latest Twitter video

Fans have taken to mock Romford owner Glenn Tamplin, claiming he looks like he’s on drugs in a video he posted on Twitter.

The 49 second clip shows him singing and dancing before a mate joins him, but hundreds of social media users wrote replied to his video, stating they thought he had taken ‘some amount of cocaine’.

Tamplin’s tweet read: “Tomorrow speech as we launch ? My lion are ready to go hunting”

The video has been seen by over 19,000 users, 400 commented, 760 liked it and 161 chose to retweet it onto their profiles.

Two hours later, he spoke about his cocaine addiction, he wrote: “The real me. My battle with addiction and reason for choosing ROMFORD.”

A photo was also uploaded with it showing an article piece by Standard Sport newspaper with the headline “I was dead for two and a half minutes… I begged the Lord not to take me and he said, ‘Fulfil your purpose, son’.

It says about how he is driven by an out of body experience he had three years ago, saying he has met God.

It adds that he was pronounced dead following an overdose whilst having a cocaine addiction and also suffered from depression. Addiction to a substance like cocaine is no joke at all and may have to treated via a specialist rehab facility. With drugs like cocaine, addiction can often take its toll on a number of people at once, with couples often even more susceptible to becoming addicted. In these cases, possibly the best place to treat addiction is through couples rehab, which can help people recover alongside their significant other, making recovery as easy as it can be. Anybody that finds themselves involved in a relationship marred by addiction may want to visit one of these facilities themselves to begin their own road to recovery.

He said, as quoted in the Evening Standard: “I was dead for two-and-a-half minutes. People will say I am lying, but I had two paramedics say I was dead. I was talking to my wife and she was ignoring me, I couldn’t work it out, and then a bright light came behind me, like an ultra-light, and I met the Lord.

“I was trying to talk to my wife and she was crying, but my body was downstairs and I couldn’t work out how I got upstairs, then the Lord held his hands and took me, I started going out the back door and floating. What I will say is eternal life has been proven to me and it is beautiful and peaceful.

“I begged the Lord not to take me and he said to me, ‘Fulfil your purpose, son’.

“I think what people have to realise is the reason I was very sick, I’m an addict,” he says. “The reason I was ill and in the darkness was I was always wearing masks, I never knew who I was. It was always false identities.

“The Lord saved me, I’m a firm believer in what you give you get back 10 times. I’ve been blessed and been through addiction, have been through the darkness because it’s for me to learn, not for me to be an ambassador, but to help people less fortunate.

“If someone hadn’t picked me out of the hole, put their hand up and picked me up, I wouldn’t be here today. I would have taken my life. I was at a stage where I wanted to take my life. I’d given up.

“So when an addict jumped in the hole and showed me the way out, I knew from that point when I got well that I was always going to have to lift people out of the hole. The community side is just as important to me as the football side, I’m not going to say it is more important because I’m an honest man. I am concentrating on the homeless at Christmas, on winning 24 games out of 24.

“My job is to get the Lord into people’s hearts. But because I believe in the Lord and I do right, doesn’t mean I’m a doormat, doesn’t mean I get walked over.”

His Romford side are in action on Saturday afternoon against Tilbury in the Isthmian North Division.

They currently sit bottom with five points from thirteen games.

Since becoming owner on the 12th of November, he has got rid of staff, signed 15 players in one day and lost two of their last three games and still reckons the club could still push for promotion. Grays Athletic are the last team in the playoff zone however are 17 points ahead. Need to win to catch up with those the top end of the table!


After watching the video of Romford owner Glenn Tamplin dancing and singing, fans took to mock him, accusing him of being on drugs – see those tweets on the next page.


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