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Fans mock ‘angry’ Ty from AFTV as social media video goes viral

Fans have taken to mock ‘angry’ Ty from AFTV (aka Arsenal Fan TV) as a social media video goes viral of him on a bus with school kids.

The diehard Gooners support is alleged to have been recorded on video with Twitter users saying that he is beefing a youngster after they had said that Arsenal was shit, and with the club 15th in the Premier League table, you can see why she said it.

Now for those who are unsure what beefing means, it’s a slang word for a source of disagreement; a feud. Just had to make that one clear.

“Ty” or real name Taiwo Ogunlabi) is described to be very optimistic and is well known for his support of Arsène Wenger. Ty constantly defended Wenger during his tenure as manager despite facing growing opposition from supporters.

He remains part of the AFTV – Arsenal Fan TV group, who have pulled in a total of 1.25 million subscribers since their launch in 2012.

Every time the Gunners had a disappointing result, straight would be fans of any club to watch the contributors flip out.

And that’s exactly what Ty chose to do at the slightest of insults, causing quite a scene on the coach ride to wherever he was off to.

Other members of AFTV include…

“DT” (Liam Goodenough), someone who is known to be a vocal critic of Wenger in the past, but also often seen for his angry rants whenever Arsenal lose and has been responsible for putting many ‘Wenger Out’ banners at Arsenal matches. He also has his own channel with over 203,000 subscribers.

Kelechi Anyikude, originally from Nigeria, Kelechi is well known for singing at the start of his interviews.

Lee Judges is a lifelong Arsenal supporter, giving several passionate rants about the demise of Arsenal under Wenger before he departed and Emery came in, then was replaced with Arteta.

Last but not least, “White Yardie” (Harry Gregory), described to be a comedian originally from Black River, Jamaica, joining the channel following Troopz’s departure in November 2020.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

In an emotional post to his own channel, Troopz revealed: “I don’t even know how to start this video, it’s quarter past three in the morning.

“I never thought I’d be doing this video but I’m leaving AFTV.

“Four years of amazing times, making some great content, meeting some great people along the way.

“I’m moving to New York, without a date at the moment but it will be in the next few weeks, and I’m going to be doing the same kind of stuff.

“I’m gonna get a podcast, called Back Again With Troopz.”

Claude Callegari is another person who used to be on AFTV. Described to be an outspoken critic of Arsène Wenger and famous for his saying “it’s time to go”, something which Claude ended up doing as he was removed as a contributor after making a racist remark about Tottenham player Heung-Min Son during a live stream.

It wasn’t too long ago that fans chanted for the YouTube channel to be kicked out of the club and defender Hector Bellerin is also a critic.

Footage emerged after large crowds of the away end were heard singing “Arsenal Fan TV – Get out of our club” during the 0-0 bore draw at Everton.

Journalist James McNicholas was at the game and tweeted: “‘Arsenal Fan TV – Get out of our club!’ very audible from the travelling fans.”

Before John Cooney posted the heated from outside the stadium with the caption: “Arsenal fans letting Robbie know they don’t represent Arsenal fans.

“No need to abuse Robbie but the message is clear that the presence of ⁦AFTV⁩ isn’t welcome any more.”

Supporter David Goddard posted: “AFTV has become some kind of a cult. Fair to say it gives some fans a say, but it thrives of negativity and outrage.”

Another fan added: “Feed them with their own medicine. Give em abuse. Doesn’t feel nice right?”

Because of AFTV’s antics, Arsenal forced the YouTubers to rebrand from Arsenal Fan TV and remove the team name from their name in the last few years.

It is understood unauthorised use of the copyrighted ‘Arsenal’ for audio and visual recordings was having a negative impact on the club.

Arsenal Fan TV has been rebranded as @AFTVMedia on Twitter and Instagram, with the previous handle of @ArsenalFanTV tweeting the announcement.

Fans decided to mock an ‘angry’ Ty from AFTV as a social media video goes viral…

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