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Fans like what they see with the new Nike England Euro 2024 home kit leaked

Fans like what they see with the new Nike England Euro 2024 home kit leaked overnight with a full unboxing video included.

The Three Lions’ new home kit will be worn for next summer’s Euro 2024 in Germany next summer after booking their place for the showpiece event in October.

But now, it seems we get a look at every detail with an authentic version of the shirt shared by Football Jerseys – Vietnam Zone.

As per Footy Headlines: We can leak the Nike England Euro 2024 home kit. It features a classic design in white and navy, plus some nice detailing. The collar construction is the same as for the Brazil 2024 kit.

The shirt sees a huge change to the last Nike England home shirts, with the new one combining the classic white with a dark navy, along with maroon/light red detailing.

Nike use a specially constructed collar, which is a combination of a classic v-collar with a Polo collar – it’s a “fake v Polo collar”.

The sleeve cuffs on England’s leaked new home shirt come with sleek navy-blue-light red/maroon stripe detailing.


As mentioned, it seems fans like what they see with the new Nike England Euro 2024 home kit leaked…

@Carefree_Jam: Bangs

@kentwix12: Already much better than the Aldi middle aisle monstrosity they’ve been playing in for two years now.

@MillersTomO: That’s a proper England shirt. Echoes of 1990. Tbf the last couple have been decent IMO.

@Max_Beacham14: Already see Harry Kane lifting the trophy with Jude and Phill behind him 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇩🇪🏆 #EURO2024

@VivaLaHutton: Immediate buy if that’s the kit

@martinjohnson81: Kit looks great but why are they changing the St George flag?

@SusansDan: Kits absolutely beautiful and has the potential to be an all timer with a euros win but never going to happen with that terrorist in charge

@AlexR_782: a decent England shirt I’ll be purchasing if this is the proper shirt 🫡

@H4rrisonholland: That’s perfect 🤩🤩 Gotta win euros with that.

@rnmorris07: It’s coming home in a thing of beauty. 😍😍🤌🏻🦁🦁🦁

@AFC_FORD: Prob the best home kit we’ve had in years

@Duckman0121: As a rule of thumb, you can judge if an England kit is any good by seeing how well you imagine a 45 year old bloke wearing it in a beachside bar in Mallorca. We have a classic on our hands.

@rub3z_: i’m a big fan of this, a MASSIVE upgrade from the WC one!!

@rebekkarnold: Oh my, they’ve made probably the nicest kit England have had in decades just to get knocked out of the group by Slovenia. 😭

@v3leedsinfidel: Yeah this is a tournament winning top

@JamesB_afc: Haven’t bought an England shirt in years but this one is 🔥

@hicksy_rufc: Finally a decent Nike England kit. Shame that the St. Georges flag isn’t solid red though.

@charlieclaytn16: The detail on that 😍😍

@Alfie_Bower7: We’re winning it all

@JoeStorkey: This is the one. We win the euros next summer

@dmahon11: Smart, hopefully with navy shorts

@DLocke168: Euro winners shirt that. 😍

@TomWrighty8: We are winning the fucking lot this summer.

@benjacksnn: Peng tbf

@Holmes004: Nicest we’ve had in ages

@Darwiniesta: Now all we need is Southgate sacked and we’ll have the perfect tournament 😭

@MightBeBray: Don’t mind that

@philhirstgreen: Best one in a long time

@agarnett91: It’s nice that

@TommyB47: DHGate! Take my money!!!

@TheRealGCarnall: Euro 24 winning shirt that

@ibroxmassive: Gonna pay stupid money for this white T-shirt and get my hopes up

@ChrisHarty14: Bellingham going to look sick lifting Euro’s in this ❤️😍

@thefamousFroMan: I would very much like this to be true. Proper England kit, that.

@SimmsLCFC89: Ooooh, lovely that 👏👏

@olimccoole: they’ve smashed it with this, stunning, miles miles better than the current one, will be purchasing with Rico’s/Grealish’s name on the back 👍🏻

@BenjyRandall: I have a theory where you can’t win a cup without a cup winning kit and this is a cup winning kit it’s coming home

@afccharlie: Apart from the fucked up St George’s cross on back of collar. That’s the best England shirt for years. The current one is horrific

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