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Simon Jordan and Jim White take aim at ‘hypocrite’ Gary Neville and Man Utd

Fans reacted as Simon Jordan and Jim White who chose to take aim at ‘hypocrite’ Gary Neville and Man Utd over the ESL and protests.

Nev was slated by Jordan for ‘calling on a lynch mob’ and defending the violent Old Trafford protests with supporters marching outside the ground on Sunday to voice their anger at the Glazer family’s ownership, before getting the fixture against Liverpool postponed.

Things however turned nasty with some members of the fanbase attacking police with bottles and barriers while a group broke into the stadium, storming the pitch and dressing rooms.

A flare was also launched in the direction of the Sky Sports studio where pundits were stood, but earlier in the afternoon, Neville defended the fans for ‘protesting peacefully’, while Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane also had their back.

But Jordan, appearing on talkSPORT this week, hit out at the pundit for ‘egging on’ the demonstrations.

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He said: “There is a building narrative, and I think some of this was brought on by certain people egging on this outlook, whether it’s the media or certain pundits who have a lot to say for themselves in a very irresponsible fashion.

“I don’t care what people like Gary Neville come out with, calling on a lynch mob and start talking about how there is an entitlement for fans to do this.

“No way is there an entitlement to attack police officers, no way is there an entitlement to break into a football pitch, climb on to goals, break into hospitality and smash up environments purely and simply because you think you’ve got a cause.

“The cause you’ve got is because you don’t like the people who run your football club, you don’t like the way they purchase the football and you don’t like the fact they tried something that they didn’t get away with… but nothing justifies that kind of behaviour.

‘There’s an element of justifying what happened.

“We’ve had pundits saying this has been brought about by 16 years of frustration, that this is an opportunity to mobilise – these are the parts that are very damaging.”

He continued: “The hypocrisy of his ownership of Salford when he got a billionaire owner in there who is funding Salford who are, to my mind, losing money left right and centre, who probably breached financial fair play, and all of this is being utilised by Gary Neville to advise a soap box wrapped in hypocrisy.

“Yes, these owners and the ownership models in football right now are flawed, but why are they flawed? Why has it got to his point?

“Because of the greed across the board in football and the hypocrisy embodied by people like Gary Neville.”

Jim White said: “I think a points deduction [for Man Utd] has got to be considered.

“Because when you condemn Man Utd supporters for however means they did it, getting through the doors, getting through the gates, getting onto the pitch, running around, everyone was appalled with open mouths looking at it.

“As Graeme Souness says the flare was thrown at the camera platform… someone got a hold of a tripod and, not that it’s the biggest crime that was ever committed, and chucking it onto the…”

Simon Jordan interrupted: “What does a points sanction do to Man Utd at this time of the season? Going to finish in the top four, season’s done.

White replied: “When you have a threat from your audience, certainly from the Man Utd supporters groups, that unless the Glazers satrt listening, and there is no indication they will, further protests will be planned.

“To stop what happened in the protests on Sunday from happening again, surely something has got to be put in place.” By this point White looked rather red in the face. Jordan agreed to a certain extent he was right.

Fans reacted as Simon Jordan and Jim White who chose to take aim at ‘hypocrite’ Gary Neville and Man Utd over the ESL and protests…

@kenjones0350: Finally somebody calling Neville out for exactly what he is. Love to see it

@UtdHenry: I’m absolutely infuriated and borderline disgusted by the comments made by Simon Jordan this morning on TalkSport. Saying the protests wouldn’t have happened had we been winning things. Wake up. We’ve been screaming about this for years. Since 2005. Through times of success.

@OTFaithful: Normally agree, Simon, but you’re dead wrong on this one. Gary Neville gets it more than most pundits, including you sadly.

@RealMarkScott9: Liverpool fan.. they shouldn’t be deducted points they have right to protest I would feel the same way in there shoes, maybe went to far but cant deduct points for that

@oisinshoots: That’s a very well made point. I’d agree with Simon Jordan on this

@Van_Der_Yes: I think he’s wrong. Ppl scream ‘hypocrisy’ these days at anything that moves, Jordan turned Neville in to a strawman. That point about money was also backward – You’re taking too much money – yes because you’re making it about money – ‘hypocrisy!!!’ what?!

@Richard07341151: Jordan talking his usual crap

@MiaSanStoke: Always remember that Jim White is the man who stood in front of a countdown clock with a big grin on his face as Bury went out of business. So spare me his thoughts on the United fans’ protest at the weekend. Same goes for Jordan. They haven’t a clue.

@hodgysoft: Well said Simon Jordan. please let’s not make it that @GNev2 is not acting in his own self interest . The biggest downside to the past 2 weeks is the country has seem to be sold a line gary neville speaks for the man on the street football fan. He really doesn’t

@RickOShea54321: Wtf is Simon Jordan on about?!

@Adil18793: He is jealous of gary.. this simon guy is a failed owner talks like he owned one of the super clubs.

@gerardcfc1888: Who said it isn’t about money? That’s the whole point of the fans hate for the glazers, the have took millions upon millions out of the club to fund their NFL team, and his Sanchez point was pretty poor, who does he think agreed his contract? Woodward the glazers lap dog.

@mDvGamerHD: @Sjopinion10 if you’re going to start pointing fingers at people at least know what you’re talking about. Listen to Carragher, Neville and Keane.

@Moygs96x: Jim White spouting out absolute shite as per get fucking rid

@may26th1999: What Jim White and his ilk don’t get – and will never get because they’re the networks’ hired dullards – is that fans would happily take a points deduction and worse. It would be a cherry on Sunday’s delicious cake. Keep up the good work, Jim.

@Vintage_Utd: What if a bunch of United fans put on Liverpool kits next week & stormed into Anfield on the pitch? Would Liverpool then need to have points deducted? This is dumb man

@thebelfastmagp1: Simon Jordan spitting some hard truths this morning. He’s absolutely right, football is so corrupt it needs tore down and rebuilt. Gary Neville, UEFA, SkySports etc all hypocrites and corrupt. They only shit the bed because it was their beloved ‘top 6’.

@26scholes: I never heard @GNev2 condoning or suggesting the people demonstrate violently or break the law so I don’t know what Simon Jordan was all about. Instead he encouraged people to voice their opinion but in a positive and peaceful way @talkSPORT

@jay_hughes26: Agreeing with Simon Jordan is a crazy thought but he is absolutely bang on about @GNev2

@HammondGaynor: Jim White back on his soapbox this morning, if it was down to him he’d have us relegated to the Northern Premier league. The man is a fool

@Kooshycooooooo: Jim White is everything that’s wrong with the media… he is stuck up the arses of agents owners and players all to get a bit of gossip and reports accordingly… He’s the man who gives airtime to justify there actions to these tin pot owners and agents that come in to the game

@265kay: Jim White. The man who stood grinning at a big countdown clock, celebrating Bury FC going out of business. Go to hell, Jim.

@RProud89: Jim White being an absolute whopper again.

@CL9268: Jim White is one of the worst human beings in sport. Nothing he says should ever be taken seriously

@The_REAL_ASH_G: Billionaire Bootlicker Jim White at it again, lets not forget this cunt had a countdown for Bury Fc getting expelled from the EFL because they struggled to pay players and bills all while having a smile on his face. Also #GlazersOut

1 – How you nearly destroyed Crystal Palace is a discredit to English football
2 – They are the realest of real fans
3 – 99% of us feel the exact opposite
Simon Jordan knows fuck all about anything to do with football he failed and he’s bitter fuck off mate

@melvin_hall: While Simon Jordan talked sense this morning…and honest enough he wasn’t sure what the answer should be regarding the riot/protest, I thought Jim White came over as a patronising ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ cretin.

@Barrie_West: Thing is it’s not just the pro game it’s in non league too and even in county league. I’ve heard stories of players in county league going to play for another club because they’ll get an extra £5 a week to play. Money drives all football.

@siambuddha1: @GNev2 just got slaughtered, this is exactly what most people have been saying about the hypocrite that he is, but here it is perfectly explained by Simon Jordan.

@Babs_SP: Simon Jordan is the most eloquent idiot with a platform out there.

@AndrewJMullen: Love what Simon Jordan has to say abt the future of football on @talkSPORT “It needs a reset. To cope with the affordability crisis. => Player pay ⬇️ We need a campaign for this man, his insight, his vision, his pragmatic strategic approach to become the head of the FA or EPL

@jimmymcbride1: @Sjopinion10 the protest wasn’t just about #ESL that was just a spark that relit a fire that’s been burning for 16 years … tell @JimWhite to get us relegated because if that’s what it takes to get the Glazers out of our club, I along with the rest of our fan base will take that

@DanthemanCook: He’s absolutely right, I like Simon Jordan who speaks the truth

@SRipper9: Usually hate Talksport but well said Simon. @GNev2 hypocrisy and ego is out of control! Look at how quickly he changed away from null and void once his precious team was winning again! His hate for Liverpool and fear of them winning the league was so clear to see last year. Vile!

@ido03: People like Simon Jordan are a huge problem with English media. They talk down to fans and use big words to make it look like they know what their talking about. He failed as a chairman and is now bitter about everything to do with football. Please stop taking him seriously.

@Culturecams: Taking morals advice from Simon Jordan and Talksport 😂😂. Carry on your day people.

@Fordsmith9: Any chance we could protest to get Jim White and Simon Jordan off the air permanently?

@JontyJonty500: Jim White in widely missing the point shocker… If anything a points deduction will make it more likely Sunday’s events are repeated.

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