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Fans left stunned as Lyle Taylor speaks for the first time on signing for Cambridge United

Fans have been left stunned as Lyle Taylor speaks for the first time on signing for League One strugglers Cambridge United.

The U’s have quickly brought in the 33 year old experienced forward after his short-term deal with Wycombe Wanderers expired.

The ex-Nottingham Forest, Birmingham, Charlton, Sheffield United, Millwall and AFC Wimbledon striker, has now signed a contract until the end of the season, with the hoping of helping to keep Cambridge in League One for another season.

He signed for Wycombe back in November, after he went without making a league appearance since May 2022, when he was on loan at Birmingham City.

Cambridge currently sit 19th with 27 points from 24 games played and have games in hand over sides around them. They are also 4 points above the drop zone.


Cambridge United are pleased to announce the signing of Lyle Taylor on a contract until the end of the season…

The 33-year-old forward joins the Club after leaving Wycombe Wanderers to help strengthen United’s attack.

Taylor has enjoyed a long and successful career in the game, starting his professional career out at Millwall, where U’s Head Coach Neil Harris was a player.

After moving on from Millwall, moves to Concord Rangers, AFC Bournemouth, Falkirk, Sheffield United and Scunthorpe United followed, before Taylor enjoyed great success at AFC Wimbledon and Charlton Athletic, scoring 76 goals in 194 league games for the two clubs.

Taylor joined Nottingham Forest in 2020, where he spent two seasons, before most recently playing for Wycombe Wanderers, ahead of today’s move.

“I am excited to get started,” Taylor said. “The final stages have been done really quickly but I am glad to be here and looking forward to it.

“The only thing you can ask for as a footballer is to be wanted and I have played my best football when I have been wanted and given the responsibility to be the man up top to carry the team forward.

“Hopefully that is what will happen here and we can bring some short term success and solidify the team’s position in the league.”

Neil Harris said, “Lyle has been a proven goal scorer over a period of time and has got fantastic experience at this level and leagues above as well.

“He is up to speed now after having six weeks at Wycombe and we think we are getting a player who is coming in hungry, determined and has a desire to score goals.

“I have known Lyle a long time, I know his character and I am extremely excited to welcome him to the Club.”

Lyle will wear number 18 and is the Club’s first addition during this year’s January Transfer Window.

Taylor: I’m happy I’m excited to get started uh it’s been a bit of a whirlwind it’s been done really quickly uh yeah it’s been done really quickly the final stages it been done really quickly uh but as anything in football it’s a drawn out process but no I’m glad I’m here I’m looking forward to it

Interviewer: Good, tell us a bit about how the move came about when we first made aware of our interest?

Taylor: I heard a couple of conversations maybe 10 days ago or so but then it went quite quiet and I didn’t really hear anything, yeah that was that, I just kind of thought it was an enquiry that had kind of gone dead in the water and yeah then yesterday evening I just finished training yesterday afternoon about 4:30 and got shout and it was yeah this is happening all right fine I’ll get myself over to Cambridge so yeah it was it was literally that quick yesterday afternoon/evening so yeah

Interviewer: But the fact that you got the call so late in the day yesterday and now you’re here today it shows how keen you were to sort of pursue the opportunity right

Taylor: Absolutely absolutely I want to play football I want to get back into playing football um and I mean I’m thankful to Matt Bloomfield and and Wickham for giving me an opportunity to get back into the game when nobody else did uh after what was quite a tough period for me um and I’m excited to be here now with a view to playing and and playing a lot of football and scoring some goals and and getting that I suppose that that little bit of love back so that’s what I’m here to do

Interviewer: Neil tells me that the two of you go way back to your times at Millwall and yes did manager have some sway when it came to your decision then what was it like seeing him again today

Taylor: Yeah I mean we go back 15/16 years um funny enough I used to wash his boots I do remember getting a hammer in when they were wet one morning uh which was was interesting it’s not like the boots today um they were what were they World Cups or copers back then so the lever held the water but yeah we go back a long long way um and it’s I mean he called me last night and he said it’s almost like we’ve gone full full circle uh it was a long time ago I was a kid back then so yeah I am now I suppose the senior player that he was back then so it’s good it’s interesting

Interviewer: And speaking to I know that he’s super excited to have you here so it must feel good to sort of have that from the manager

Taylor: The only thing you can ask for as a footballer is to be wanted it’s the only thing you can ask for and invariably I’ve played my best football when I’ve been wanting wanted um under the lights of of Lee Bowyer, Steven Pressley when I’ve been wanted and been given the responsibility of being uh the the the man up top to to carry the team forward so hopefully that’s that’s what it’s going to be here and we can bring some some short-term success and solidify the team’s position in the league

Interviewer: what’s your familiarity like with the squad are you friendly with many of the players

Taylor: I played against a good few of them uh over the years um and I’ve played I mean I say played with Will Mannion was a he was a baby at Wimbledon so yeah I’m fairly familiar with the boys um and this is about gaining that familiarity and and hitting the ground running um and and and seeing what we can do going forward you said that you want to be the man up top

Interviewer: And obviously you’d be well aware of the injury situation at the at the minute so you know it sounds like it that’s a challenge and opportunity that you’re going to embrace to bear you know some of that goal scoring responsibility right from the start

Taylor: Absolutely a striker’s job is to score goals uh whether it goes in off your big toe or your backside it’s got to go in the back of the net so I’ll have to take that responsibility on whether it’s providing goals or or scoring goals myself and I’m looking forward to that

This is how fans reacted with some left stunned as Lyle Taylor speaks for the first time on signing for Cambridge United…

@JackFeaver14: Nice to see his big life changing move to the prem has worked for him 😂😂 now playing for Cambridge United

@JimboJones1237: I have seen a few negative comments from Charlton fans. Is it the way he left you guys?

@Joe_Cafc: Refused to play our last 7 games in a relegation battle, while still under contract and fully fit all because he was scared of getting injured. He was our best player and top scorer. We evened up going down by 1 point as a result.

@CafcCl: Big move went well @lyletaylor90 🐍🐍

@Gardy010: I see big school is going well 🐍🐍🐍

@leedon77: Great signing

@J9R0P: Class! Welcome Lyle! 💛🖤

@FlagRaised: Thoughts and prayers.

@BigBadBraz: Fkn serpent

@andrewpets1: Wow. Great signing.

@mattchapman44: what a signing

@Steve_UK__: 🐍🐍

@jh_dcfc: Terrible signing

@JakeWillss: Bloody hell that’s a good signing for them tbf 🤯

@maxpauley123: MY BLOODY GOD. YESSSSSS

@rudi_walters: That’s unreal wtf

@skybluecol: 😂😂 the mighty has…

@MrBillyG88: Harris doing bits

@Stueycufc: Worth the wait!! Decent signing that united 👏🏻👏🏻💛🖤

@roccojd_: big move still going well 👏🏻🐍🐍🐍

@PHcufc: Thats a fucking unreal signing btw. 😍😍😍

@billycafc_: ooo look at you go on your big move to cambridge 🐍🐍

@jimbohare30: Oooopppphhhhh You made us wait, but yeah bit chuffed with this one!

@SamY4t35: Really gone downhill since the storey incident 😭😭 #pnefc

@YTAddz: Unbelievable signing that 👏

@Tarantini_03: Find it quite funny that the striker that Blues fans were hollering for this time last year has just essentially been given a six month trial at a club fighting relegation in League One, after not getting a new contract at Wycombe

@Denton_james: Finally, A striker. Different to what we had, so hopefully another to follow shortly with a bit more of a target man presence. Either way, a good signing

@RossColeman91: That’s a fall from grace!

@JoshPea2022: Good luck his attitude is shocking

@adamlees90: Some fans wanted him at blues this season 😂😂 clueless at times #bcfc

@delves1: Swear players leave us and just head downwards, probably think of 5 players in the last 10 years that have left and bettered us #KRO #BCFC

@TheSirRobotto: Class signing that

@UnbeatenStryjek: Unlucky lads. Enjoy his massive wage bill and disinterested performances on the pitch.

@atstephens92: He is done. He should be paying you to play!

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