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Fans left loving Ian Holloway’s passionate rant on Sky Sports

Fans turning into Sky Sports on Friday morning have been left loving Ian Holloway’s passionate rant over treatment of smaller clubs.

The Grimsby Town manager Ian Holloway has launched an attack towards the English Football League for their backing of Project Big Picture.

The plan, which was set up by Liverpool and Manchester United, would have seen the biggest shake-up of the English professional game in a generation, had it been approved, something that failed to happen.

It included a £250 million up front payment to the EFL, plus a £100 million payment to the Football Association, as well as 25% of the Premier League’s annual revenue going to English Football League clubs – an increase of 21%.

In return, Project Big Picture requested that the Premier League would reduce down to 18 from 20 clubs, the EFL Cup and the Community Shield would be got rid of, the current one-club one-vote principle would be abolished, and the power would be given to the nine clubs that have remained in the Premier League longest (Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham), and that B-teams be introduced to the Football League. Not much to ask for ay?

The plan was unanimously rejected by the Premier League and the FA, but Holloway is still left angry that EFL chief Rick Parry gave his backing towards it.

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Speaking on Sky Sports News, he said: “I am saying I don’t trust the people who were supposed to do it. Rick Parry going and talking to two American-owned football clubs, Liverpool and Manchester United, that ain’t right, is it?

“Even the Premier League themselves kicked that one out. Project Big Picture, or whatever it was? For me, that was Project Awful Picture.

“Someone should now go in, because he’s done that, and actually say, ‘Well that’s not right, that looked dodgy. Let’s have look’. Take control of it, because we need it to happen right now.

“We’re supposed to be carrying on. We’ll lose teams and teams and teams if they don’t give us the money that is in the game. Why should the government have to find loads of money when the game is not governed by them?

“I’d just step in, smash open some doors and say, ‘Right, let’s have a look, you’re not having that, that’s going there?’.

“They offered it to us, but they had clauses on the end of it. They wanted to control that. They might have wanted to slip this in, and slip under a B-Team. That ain’t right.

“We all deserve to have our football club and keep it moving, no matter what size you are. I’ve managed at every single level, and who’s telling me that top one is better than where I am now? I don’t think it is. I think the people love their club just as much as the people at the top, so how dare you? How dare you try and control that when it isn’t your place to?

“It’s pretty obvious really.”

Speaking at the time of the initial proposal, Parry publicly defended Project Big Picture, arguing that it had been designed for “for the greater good of English football”.

Grimsby Town currently sit 19th in the League Two table, taking 12 points from 10 games.

Fans were left loving Ian Holloway’s passionate rant on Sky Sports, see what he had to say below…

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