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Fans left gutted as Wealdstone manager leaves club

Wealdstone manager Dean Brennan leaves the National League club following postponement to their fixture against Maidenhead United.

The Greater London outfit currently sit 18th in the National League table, taking a total 21 points from 18 games played.

The future of the season is currently being voted on by member clubs and they have 28 days to do so.


The club wishes to share that as of this evening, Dean Brennan has left his position of first team manager at the club.

Stuart Maynard will take charge of the side for the FA Trophy game at Darlington on Saturday.

We wish to place on record our thanks for everything Dean has achieved in his time at the club and wish him every success in the future.

A fuller statement will be released in due course.


It was on the 28th of January that he was just setting targets for the season should it carry on.

“We’re in a tough position at the minute, but I always expected us to be in this position, I never expected us to be in the top seven in the division,” Brennan admitted.

“50 points that’s our target and that’s what we’ll keep striving to reach.

“We’ve got 29 points to get and that’s what we’ve got to try getting to. Football has ups and downs, there is more downs, and that’s why you need character to keep fighting hard.

“If we can add a couple along the way, they’ve got to be the right ones for us, and now we’re talking about possibly adding another training session- let’s see how that evolves.

“You have to keep strengthening in this business and as I’ve said before we’ve missed some players that left us in the summer. Ideally we wouldn’t have wanted them to leave us, but we’re doing our best.”

Fans have given their reaction to the surprising news coming out of Grosvenor Vale on Tuesday night…

@IanFergus: This is not good news. The club looks a bit chaotic at present. I do hope things get better.

@leelinale: @richelvery didn’t see that coming.

@JeremyAlbert20: Stunned !!

@AzzaL123: FFS


@LeoWerin: Uhhh…. what???

@TonyC83502386: Fucking 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 in the grass see yous soon 👌👌

@SamRumens: Thank you Deano. What an 18 months it has been.

@mooro72: Unbelievable job he done, Good luck in whatever his next move is! #legend

@marowe1988: Good manager. One to keep an eye on.

@AdamClancy9: As if tonight couldn’t get any worse.

@daveanderson78: Stunned at this tbh Spoke to Dean at lunchtime !!! So God knows what happened after that

@Dazzarogers: They’ll be a much worse team without him at the helm. Good manager

@alfieowen2014: Hmmmm interesting??

@lg123_l: Gutted but he’s not been interested since Barnet approached him. If his hearts not in it then why wait around?

@Diggerthedog1: Perhaps the Yanks have been at work behind the scene

@TheNLPod: HUGE news breaking out of Wealdstone tonight, we’re puzzled as to why this has happened, any Stones fans, what are your thoughts

@JacobRanson27: Christ… didn’t see this coming at all. Dean Brennan departs Wealdstone. Love chatting to Dean. Always very honest and has done a fantastic job at the club

@DarranPearce: Which job has he taken then?

@J_Stonesss: why the fuck have we done that??? did he resign?

@blancoseast: To the national league south were on our way

@AzzaL123: WHAT THE FUCK =[

@alekscz1: Interested in this story of Dean Brennan leaving , I’ve cut it down to 2 possible reasons – 1) He has a job lined up – could be at Barnet , but most likely in higher divisions – don’t know if any L2 teams are looking. 2) Disagreement about the end of the season , with chairman

@john_earls: Just seen this. Stunned to hear Dean Brennan has left. For now, thank you for last season. It was special. Best wishes for the future.

@ElmslieEnder: Wow! Well, that was all rather unexpected. Who knows why? No doubt will come out in time. Whatever the reasons, a huge thanks to DB for last season. Some incredible memories. Some are in our all time greats moments @Wealdstone_FC

@gordonmckay60: Absolutely expected. The situation had become untenable, he didn’t want to be there and the results/performaces have been unacceptable. And the constant dirge about little Wealdstone, no money, no facilities, no hope etc

@CFC1905Jon: DB has done a fantastic job , hope he’s joining a EFL team

@TorbenPrestwich: Real shame we did not get a chance to thank him for last season. Not sure what’s going on??

@Salvostonesfc: Last few interviews have told a story I think. Used to always be ‘the board and I will sit down’ lately it’s been…’well that’s up to the board’. Next appointment is huge.

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