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Fans left furious with AFC Fylde’s ‘vile’ description in job advert

Fans have been left furious with AFC Fylde’s ‘vile’ description in a job advert which was posted and now going viral for the wrong reasons.

Hundreds of supporters have checked out what it had to say, and now they are being accused of some serious discrimination.

The National League North outfit are currently looking to bring in a General Manager, and somehow, they have made that task even more harder judging by what they’ve said in the job description. Look for yourself…

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We are seeking a General Manager to work directly alongside the Director of Football. These roles currently report directly into the Chairman and will do for the foreseeable future.

While focussed on the general day to day running of the non footballing side of the club, the main emphasis will be on the commercial aspect of the role and developing the “Fylde Brand”

The successful candidate must, therefore, be able to demonstrate a successful track record in a similar role within the sporting and entertainment industry. Football experience, although an asset, is not a requirement but a fanatical eye for detail and the ability to write and implement a detailed strategic plan is!

This is a ”hands on role” and requires hands on leadership from the front so “delegators” and “office dwellers” please don’t apply. If not already apparent, we are not a Premiership Club and therefore every penny and every fan has to be fought for and respected. You will need to be proactive in your approach to everything. We work hard at Fylde so again don’t apply if you are looking for “a work life balance” or have to pick the kids up from school twice a week at 3.30.

You will need to live close to the club and immerse yourself in the local community at all levels.

So, if you are a winner, up for a challenge and want to be part of a very special journey, then send your CV, covering letter and salary expectations to Shannon Sullivan at the below address.

Shannon Sullivan

AFC Fylde

Mill Farm Sports Village

Coronation Way




As mentioned, fans were left furious with AFC Fylde’s ‘vile’ description in the recent job advert…

@DarylGunning: Nice discrimination by @AFCFylde for this job role! Basically rules parents and others out.. maybe the person that wrote the advert needs an attitude change

@albanianstokie: Looks like there’s some work to do with this “family club”!!!

@theadamwade: They would do better to look to employ someone to consider the clubs inclusion and diversity policy. This is horrific

@gshizzy: @AFCFylde really misjudged that job advert there, lads.

@mattlockrhodes: I honestly hope nobody applies for this job.

@k_w_a_k: What an utterly dreadful advert from @AFCFylde

@Chris07580258: You have to fight for every fan, you haven’t made any with this advert!

@EuphorialIRE: Everyone should apply for the craic just to waste their time

@_Leftynotreety_: Surprised at the tone of the ad in this day and age. Bit short-sighted

@_robertsafc: Jesus christ

@joehj300790: Haha. This has got to be the thickest job advert ever.

@KieOwe: Erm…. Well that’s a no from me.

@HuxleyMartin: Not sure this promotes the “Fylde brand” particularly well!

@Glittermonk3y: Pretty sure this advert breaches a fair few employment laws. Applicants beware!

@JamieJaySee: This is surely illegal. Absolutely horrific from @AFCFylde

@stevecco: Is this legal?

@KelvinFavell: Just advertising for a workaholic with no family ties it appears. Let’s face it if a candidate sent in their CV and it shows children of school age they will automatically be discounted anyway based on the profile? Saves someone wasting their time. Still not legal I suppose.

@MichaelWilcox82: Wow, this can’t be real? We got to work to live. Not live to work for peanuts

@SandgrownMonkey: I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to work closely with that particular chairman.

@EmmaThommo: Might want to look for an Equality and Diversity manager too @AFCFylde

@SeanEvans04: Give it a day before the role is re-promoted and the club issues an official apology for discrimination

@EntireDesign_: ‘Don’t apply if you are looking for “a work life balance” or have to pick the kids up from school twice a week at 3.30.’ Jesus Christ.

@ecous9: Can’t stand this club. Awfully ran

@Matty_Ox10: If you’re interested in getting involved in modern day slavery, apply now!

@chaz_spen15: Please liquidate this shite club

@jamielkyte: Probably not the best wording of a job description i’ve seen..

@CoachJoshjk: Nice backwards looking job description for @AFCFylde, only positive is hopefully it would put decent people off from applying and them saving them from working in what reads a toxic environment

@SourEnvy: Seriously, @AFCFylde? This is beyond embarrassing. 🤢🤮

@Karl_W_Connor: You absolutely do need help developing the “Fylde Brand” — and the jobs been made even harder by this total balls up of an advert. Good luck!

@emwafc_27: Wowwww 😂😂😂 this is actually so shockingly bad it’s borderline funny. How have they been allowed to print this? 😬🙊

@stumil: Where do you even start with this?!?

@jackelderton: Fucking hell this is awful

@wearebrighton: No delegators, office dwellers or people with kids need apply. And they reference not being a Premiership club, even though the term Premiership has been redundant for an absolute age. What an incredible job advert

@alexwest88: A community club that doesn’t give a toss about parents responsibilities to their children? I couldn’t hate a club more than yours. And that includes Forest and Mansfield. Chairman sounds like a right piece of work. Hope you get zero applicants and liquidate.

@KatieONeill_: Doesn’t everyone look for some sort of work life balance? What a pile of shit this is

@DanSidnell: This is seriously vile.

@SaintsFanHQ: Oh look, a thick backwards club posts a thick and backwards advert. Shock.

@Antonoire: We’re a community club, but don’t give a shit if you’re part of the community.

@HiMartinHere: I’ve Fylde a complaint

@impatientdad: Jesus Christ thats an awfully written advert

@wict01: Who the fuck signed off on that 😂

@WafcHugh: Bit unprofessional that ain’t it?

@DanielLaw99: Classy as ever @AFCFylde…

@GRTourist: Well this is pretty awful from AFC Fylde.Isn’t everyone looking for work / life balance to some degree or other? And I’m not even sure if an advert which encourages people with children not to apply is legal?!

@emmaverde9: @AFCFylde I really hope you get 0 applicants for this role. This job description is outdated and already doesn’t sound like a nice or welcoming place to work.

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