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Fans left furious by Daily Star’s ‘shameful’ article on Foden and Grealish

Fans have been left furious by Daily Star’s ‘shameful’ article on England duo Phil Foden and Jack Grealish following Tuesday night’s win.

Raheem Sterling was on the scoresheet once again in England’s Wembley match-winner with an early header earning a 1-0 victory over Czech Republic.

That sealed top spot in Group D and setting up a last-16 tie next Tuesday with the runners-up of the pool containing France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary who play on Wednesday.

Sterling was the difference against Croatia in England’s opening match of Euro 2020 and he doubled his tally for the tournament with a close-range header from Jack Grealish’s superb cross, after earlier hitting the post inside two minutes.

19-year-old Bukayo Saka was rightfully named man of the match and was the standout performer on his first start of the competition, and Harry Kane was denied a goal-scoring chance by a good save.

Czech Republic gave it as good as they got, with Tomas Holes forcing Jordan Pickford into a tremendous stop and Tomas Soucek shot wastefully wide, and the visitors controlled possession for long periods in the second half, with sub Tomas Pekhart dragged back a shot just wide late on.

England also saw a Jordan Henderson goal ruled out for offside in the final moments, but at the other end they held firm, securing three clean sheets in a major tournament group stage for the first time since the 1966 World Cup.

Just an hour after the match had finished, Jeremy Cross, the Chief Sports Writer for the Daily Star, was slammed for published an article on Premier League stars Foden and Grealish.

The headline is what has left many angry, it read: “Jack Grealish didn’t need Gazza haircut to play like him and justified inclusion”

The article read: “Up until now the closest we’d come to Gazza had been Phil Foden’s new haircut.

“But Foden has been more of a red herring than a blonde bombshell, leaving Gareth Southgate no choice but to bow to public demand and throw Jack Grealish into the lion’s den.

“One sage took to social media to post the sarcastic message ‘praise the lord’, after hearing the news of his selection.

“He had a point, considering it had taken a combination of some thoughtless thinking from Covidiot Mason Mount, and the threat of a suspension for Foden, for Southgate to take the plunge and trust Grealish to start his first Euros game.

“The question now was, had Grealish been worth the wait?

“England didn’t need a lord, peoples’ champion or some sort of unjustified folk hero though – just someone capable of adding some sparkle to a lacklustre attack. Someone capable of helping the Three Lions score more goals.

Phil Foden happy to be called the 'Stockport Gazza' after pre-Euros haircut  | England | The Guardian

Credit: The Guardian

“And if Grealish could produce a game as well as he talked one, then England would be laughing all the way to the top of Group D and a potential home run to the Final, quarter finals aside.

“He had declared himself “fit, fearless and ready” to try to get “people off their seats.”

“Here was someone comfortable with comparisons to Paul Gascoigne for what he did on the pitch, not how he looked. Someone who didn’t suffer nerves, despite wanting this chance all his life.

“Grealish’s inclusion even persuaded Prince William to travel to the game to watch his favourite Aston Villa star in action.

“And the future king of England had to wait just 12 minutes to see the future king of English football make his mark, when his wonderful cross picked out Raheem Sterling at the back post for the opening goal.

“He made things happen and there was a buzz of anticipation each time he got the ball, just like there used to be when Gazza ruled the roost on this same stage. Along with Bukayo Saka, he brought this game to life.

“Let’s be clear, Grealish is no Gazza because there will never be another like the Geordie genius, but he’s one heck of an impersonation when he wants to be.

“Grealish admitted to not knowing what an encyclopaedia was recently, but when it comes to tormenting defences he appears to be the font of all knowledge.

“Grealish was so good he inspired parish priest turned TV star Rev Richard Coles to eulogise about him on social media, like he’d been heaven sent to the England team.

“He hadn’t, because he’s been with them from the start, but Southgate has been reluctant to unleash him.

“But with much bigger challenges now lurking ahead for the Three Lions, the chances are Southgate is going to need some divine intervention from somewhere – and Grealish could be the one to deliver it.”

As mentioned, fans were left furious by Daily Star’s ‘shameful’ article on Foden and Grealish…

@DiasCEO: Typical English media. I sensed this coming I knew Foden made a mistake dying his hair

@CityJoul: How scummy can media be,the only nation that slate their players during EURO

@kevjm100: Your getting way to excited go back and watch Gazza in his prime different class , Grealish was decent first half went missing second half

@Fodenszns: Support the whole country you frauds stop calling out a player after every game

@mancityneil: Fancy retweeting this Holt. How utterly embarrassing. Let’s drag a major young English talent down again. Disgusting.

@Fodderfc: Jesus so the tearing down of another English talent begins.. Can’t do the racist Sterling stuff anymore so pop shots at the lad who didn’t even play 🙄🙄 Well played Grealish would have sufficed maybe

@FodensWorld: This is why I hate the English media. Why bring Foden down to highlight another players good performance?

@BradleyMCFC_: this is what i feared would happen when Foden put on an England shirt, he’d be used as a scapegoat at every opportunity & criticised non stop.. can’t wait for him to get back in a City shirt in August where he’s actually appreciated for the talent he is

Fans continued to be left furious by Daily Star’s ‘shameful’ article on Foden and Grealish…

@Priceless_Silva: You don’t have to bring down Foden to appreciate his teammates. Why does everything have to be a competition for you clowns in the English media

@fpl_bible: No other country’s media throws the blame on players for no reason like the English media. Foden being scapegoated already, only played 8 times for England

@suziplumbo: Only hit the bar in the first game but let’s ignore that and was the best player before he go taken of against Scotland your embarrassing

@John_Bluestone: Absolute prick

@MiIton47: Awful English media yet again

@mcfc__ste: This is why I don’t buy or read a paper anymore you guys in the media can’t wait to tear strips of people

@11coachmc: Filthy fucking rag already trying to ruin life of young man shocker. Not to worry your scummy little toilet roll of a publication will thankfully be obselete within a decade thabk fuck.

@Sam_DH_MCFC: Deary me.

@Saucy_Stones: Gazza haircut? He literally died his hair a different colour. It’s cut the same. English media are a set of retards. Daily star ahaha who the fuck reads this shite

@NipHolmes: What a cunty headline

@fos12: “Shades of Gazza every time he touched the ball”? You’re delusional mate.

@rustyp29: What a ridiculous headline, build players up and then find a way to try and knock them down, I thought this paper was better than that

@stevietoffee: Oh look the gutter press are out…… So we are knocking a teenager having a haircut like one of his idols. Cant wait till your tweeting about buying a newspaper to help save fleet street. This is exactly why newspaper sales are at a all time low

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