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Fans left disliking new Bradford City club crest to be used from 2023/24 season

Fans have been left disliking the new Bradford City club crest which is expected to be used from the 2023/24 season onward.

Supporters were invited to have their say on the future identity of Bradford City – with a survey launched last year as part of the club’s ‘Your City, Your Say’ campaign.

However it seems not everyone is thrilled with the design released by the League Two outfit on Wednesday morning.


Bradford City AFC is excited to propose the club’s new identity, following the Your City, Your Say project which has been consulting with supporters over the past 12 months about the club’s brand, and how they would like to see it re-imagined for the future. 

Starting in November 2021, the Your City, Your Say survey was opened for seven weeks and represented the first milestone in consultation with supporters, with close to 5,000 fans responding to give their thoughts on all things Bradford City. 

From there, further consultations with fans who participated in the survey and club supporters’ groups have been held by the club’s senior management team, to gain further guidance and present an opportunity for the fanbase to shape the future identity of the club. 

Chief Executive Officer Ryan Sparks said: “This is arguably one of the club’s biggest projects in the past 30 years, so it was extremely important to make sure everyone had a chance to have their say, but also ensure the new identity is right for Bradford City AFC and can prove a strong part of the club’s image for years to come. 

“At the start of this project, we said we would always be Claret and Amber, we would always be the Bantams and we would always be Bradford City AFC. Those things will never change. We also said we wanted to run this project hand-in-hand with our loyal supporters, and were delighted to see so many people respond to the survey to give their views, and also come forward and engage with listening sessions and workshops to give their important opinions on how our club’s identity should evolve. We believe we have done everything we possibly can to put the power of this change into the hands of those supporters. 

“As we strive to be the best on the pitch, we also aspire to be the best off the pitch. We feel this evolution of our identity can help us further compete in a digital-first world, while also improving the marketability and commercial attractiveness of our football club.

“We believe our new design encapsulates everything Bradford City – and the people of the district of Bradford – stands for. It represents the unique, hard-working, collectively tough and competitive nature of our city.

“We are constantly trying to take the club forward, enhancing and improving the organisation. We believe this piece of work is a large part in modernising the club and helping it stride forward on the path to achieving our collective goals.”

You can see the full results of our survey and fan feedback at bradfordcityafc.com/YourCityYourSay.

Luke Flacks, Director of Brand, Marketing and Media, added: “From the 2021 survey and the extensive listening sessions we held with supporters, we could immediately see there was an appetite for this evolution. While some supporters were understandably nervous about the project, we wanted to reassure them the fundamentals of our football club will never change, and that we were determined to use our past as inspiration for our future identity.

“There are a lot of intentional similarities between the club’s past identities and this new design. Through supporter feedback over the past 12 months, we could see the common denominators were the importance of our bantam, our distinctive shield shape and our unique Claret and Amber colours – all of which take pride of place in the new design. 

“Draped in Claret and Amber, the club’s iconic shield has been geometrically refined and now houses the core parts of the club’s identity. The adaptation of this shield and the movement of the elements within it now gives the identity a stronger and more prominent look, which helps it stand up against rival crests in club marketing and communications. These things consistently prove a challenge with the layout of the club’s current crest. 

“Bradford City AFC is who we are! It was important to keep the ‘BCAFC’ lettering in the identity, as this separates us from the likes of Bristol City and Birmingham City (BCFC). Again, in a digital world where the likes of hashtags are so widely used across social media, this is another unique denominator of our club, and one we want to continually own and embrace. 

“We know when our football club does well, the whole Bradford district thrives and benefits from it greatly. The structure of the BCAFC wordmark symbolises this, with the football club acting as a podium for the city, lifting it up and giving it a base to thrive and be seen, with the shape of the bespoke typeface again taking inspiration from previous identities. 

“Finally, the new and improved bantam stands centre stage. A stronger, more powerful bird replaces the former club icon, and now faces forward, looking to the future. It is in a confident stance with its front foot raised – focused, ready to compete and represent. It symbolises everything a Bradford City supporter wants from their team on the pitch. 

“We believe we have done all we can to collect supporters’ views and creatively reimagine the club’s identity so that it not only becomes a strong representation of Bradford City, but will also work in a modern world with the versatility to adapt over years to come.”

Bradford City AFC is now inviting supporter feedback on the new design by taking part in the 2022 survey on the Your City, Your Say website. This final survey will be active from 5.00pm on Wednesday October 5 until 11.59pm on Wednesday October 12 – and will be open to anyone with a club customer number, who has previously bought a season ticket or match ticket at the University of Bradford Stadium. 

For a full project breakdown, including the initial survey results, fan feedback and a short animation explaining the inspiration behind the design, please visit bradfordcityafc.com/YourCityYourSay.

The new design is set to become the identity of Bradford City AFC from 1st July 2023, ahead of the club’s 120th anniversary.

As mentioned, fans have been left disliking the new Bradford City club crest unveiled and to be used from the 2023/24 season…

@stelaw00: Don’t think you need a survey just read all the comments that people hate it

@bcafcian: Don’t like it at all!

@jpieslak: Death, taxes, people hating on new brand designs.

@misselisehartt: Much much prefer the one we currently have 🙁

@HJPM2001: That’s horrid ruined my day lads 👍🏻

@ShaunSlack: I’d like us to go back to our first badge if we changed

@Colmr84: All that effort to come up with a new badge and that’s the best outcome?

@swindonshirts: As the old saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

@Weemacbantam: Scrap that now!

@BenFlyde: What is that 🤦‍♂️

@KrisSmith98: Awful badge redesign? Could never be my club

@LeGibulet: What is evident is that people hate change, they see it as change for the sake of change! I like the new design of the bantam, I don’t like the use of lettering with BC being different sizes, I think the lettering should be central in the design like it is currently.

@jamesbwfc22: Bradford joining the list of many clubs who decided to completely ruin their badge by modernising it

@aki21uk: No thanks

@DARobertshaw: It looks cheap -no pun intended. Lacks class. Both the last two and the original are better. Can’t believe those percentages.

@LiamCarneyy: Not a fan of this.

@Addybak: Current badge is Bradford City to me and many others who can’t remember another. Not against change where it’s needed, and the Bantam itself looks much stronger, but it required far more explanation of the issues with the current crest in the launch first and foremost IMO. #bcafc

@ShevasNUFC: That is terrible. Why do football clubs keep insisting that they change their already instantly recognisable and iconic badges for bog awful designs they probably spend a fortune on? Will they ever get the message nobody wants that shit?

@_SmShphrd: This is terrible, looks like something from a PES game or when FIFA games can’t get the license for certain clubs. Please don’t go ahead with this! #bcafc

@nathanbcafc: read the # and you wont need to do a survey. just helping you lot out

@Adz_Con: Answer me this… as per the video. How the fuck is this ‘traditional and respectful’ to Bradford City history? Horrendous idea to even think about changing the badge

@kriswarden: Don’t do it

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