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Fans label Steven Gerrard as ‘arrogant’ following comments he made about Cameron Archer

Fans have took to label Steven Gerrard as ‘arrogant’ following comments he made about Cameron Archer over lack of game time for Aston Villa.

The Villa boss says Cameron Archer is “chomping at the bit” for more game time with the West Midlands outfit with the youngster playing just nine Premier League minutes this season.

This comes despite Villa struggling in front of goal against 10-man Leeds United, the 20 year old didn’t make it off the bench.

He trained just once last week and, when asked if Archer is desperate for more game time, Gerrard told BirminghamLive: “He’s only done one full session. Is he chomping at the bit? 100 per cent. You’re a fan of Cameron, you, aren’t ya? Or are you a mate of the family? Something’s going on because you’ve asked me 25 questions this year and I reckon 19 have been on Cam Archer. You’re a fan aren’t ya?”

Archer failed to secure a loan move to Watford in the summer with negotiations collapsing to bring Ismaila Sarr to Villa Park. The striker scored four in four England under-21 caps back in June while, last season, scored 17 in his 26 senior appearances for Villa and Preston, the latter extremely struggling to score goals during this Championship campaign.

On Villa’s woes in front of goal against Leeds, Gerrard added: “We have had 19 shots on goal and 12 inside the area so we need to be better. Leeds defended well and dug in and you would expect that but we created more than enough and it was that last bit that was missing. If we had found that we would have been happy.

“At times Leeds wanted to go to war and we did that. We frustrated Leeds and the crowd. When our moments came we got the ball into the right areas and to the people we wanted to but it didn’t happen.

“We need more goals. We need our attacking players to step forward and be more ruthless. That tally [six goals so far] is not enough at this stage of the season and we know where we want to go. We keep working and putting the sessions on and rehearsing the moments that will come their way. We have improved slightly defensively and we need to continue that but we need to keep creating these moments and hopefully our players will gobble them up.”

Fans aren’t best pleased with Steven Gerrard as they label him ‘arrogant’ following comments he made about Cameron Archer…

@Owen_EFC_: Weird response

@TC7123: Makes me rage to be honest. Play him or give him back to us where he can get game time.

@georgeprokopa: Honestly mate, he’s gone full Bruce. Out of his depth

@_CJAV: Time’s up Steve.

@AJM2807: Can’t wait for him to be sacked

@BodeMatt: He’s turning out to be a very unlikeable character tbh. If he was an amazing manager then you live with it but……

@buendiazboyz: he’s so rude man he doesn’t help his case

@smozza1979: Nasty and arrogant, who would have thought?!

@floody555: Starting to really dislike this petulant response he has for people asking the right questions, really loved what he had to say when he 1st came in. Now it seems he’s out of ideas and doesn’t like being poked about stuff all us fans want to know the answers too.

@jason_connolly: Wanting Aston Villa to be successful at the same time as wanting rid of Gerrard really is a double edged sword. Can’t stand him a little bit more every time he gives an interview.

@LWAVFC1874: It’s his Kevin Keegan pressure moment…….

@av_reece: He’s a bloke who knows he’s on borrowed time

@JoshColebatch: Ash is asking what every Villa fan is thinking, getting tired of the same lines with SG.

@Ursodave: Cameron Archer is a big prospect for Villa, a lot of people want him to flourish. The problem, our manager doesn’t seem to. Even against Bolton in the cup. Should have loaned him back to PNE for a while, they’ve been desperate for goals.

@AzariaJohnson14: He’s so arrogant. He can talk like that if we’re playing great football and not struggling for creativity and goals

@RH_AVFC: Watkins missed 4 one on ones today. Ings didn’t come on until the 80th minute for Ramsey. Today was a great chance to let Archer have a chance. Gerrard only made 3 subs. They had 10 men from the 48th minute and he should of used all 5 subs and take advantage of fresh legs

@LewispAVFC_: The things I’d do for him to be sacked

@DennyBaldwin: He’s a right arse, it’s a team struggling you have a prospect in the reserves/bench who can’t get a look in, they have every right to ask the questions, maybe the question is not the journos affiliation but Gerrards reluctance to give him a go?

@callumwarner47: So so strange, Especially when he’s the one who said he’ll be staying and getting game time rather than going out on loan to a top championship side.

@dankerrigan3: Such a prick. Lost his head because everyone can see he’s a fraud. Get rid before he sets us back even further

@georgeknight99: This man is a proper arrogant cunt, the sooner we get him gone the better.

@B4LDB4ST4RD: He’s such a cunt

@cameron_av: Absolute pisstake this is

@VillaWaffle: We’ve gone from one of the most humble, likeable blokes in football to what’s appearing to be one of the most arrogant, dislikeable pricks around

@MidlandVillan: Is there any fucking need for this from Gerrard? Crease headed twat. Don’t take it out on others because you’re a shit manager. Preece > Crease

@avfc_stef: You know what, Stevie… from time to time you’re going to get a question you don’t like. When you fail to give a straight answer you may hear it more than once. But until your team starts performing, you’d be better served keeping the local press sweet than ridiculing them #AVFC

@natsiobhan_: not the first time he has made weird comments like this and what’s he trying to achieve? apart from making people dislike him more and more by the day and i’m one of those people

@Kevavfc1993: He’s feeling the pressure. When they get like this you know it’s coming to the end…..

@Komps4: Cannot abide Gerrard. The way he publicly humiliated Tyrone Mings by stripping him of captaincy making it a bigger deal than it should have been tells you everything about him as a person. Zero emotional intelligence. Zero personality.

@samduff23_: why’s he turned into a proper nob head 🤣🤣🤣 his heads gone

@_luke1878_: Looks like he can’t handle the pressure 😬

@avfc_tomprice: Gerrard not only exposing himself as a bang average manager but also a prick. #GerrardOut

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