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Fans in hysterics at size of car Newcastle’s 6ft 6in Dan Burn drives

Fans have been left in hysterics at the size of car Newcastle’s 6ft 6in Dan Burn drives, and it’s an incredibly small one too.

The Premier League‘s tallest footballer turned up for the goalless draw against Leeds by driving one of the UK’s smallest cars, a Smart ForTwo.

Burn squeezed into the motor, worth around £11,000, ahead of the game, but just judging by the photo, it’s hard to see how he could possibly be comfortable in it.

The ex-Brighton player was seen signing autographs for fans this week in the Smart car. While another picture shows he car parked inside the stadium.

Dan Burn parks his Smart car at St James' Park
Credit: The Sun

This vehicle is a two-seater, built in 2018, and built in is a a 900cc petrol engine, with The Sun saying it was most recently registered with the DVLA in August.

The car measures 8ft 8ins in length and is second smallest to the Citroen Ami.

Burn, aged 30, signed for the Magpies from Brighton last January for £13m, and what a buy he turned out to be, a fan favourite in the North East. He previously drove an Audi SUV.

After Raheem Sterling and Granit Xhaka, he’s now the latest football star to drive a German Smart car.

Burn was compared to The Simpsons’ Ian the Very Tall Man, who drives a Volkswagen Beetle, and Mr Incredible from Disney’s The Incredibles.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United ended an impressive 2022 with another spectacular display from Wor Flags which will include a new flag design, created by Dan Burn.

Through a club partner activation, a trio of Magpies players were given 20 minutes to design a flag with Wor Flags. Each of them was asked to answer the question “What does Newcastle mean to me?”

Longstaff’s design was creative and honored the Tyne Bridge as well as the local lads who played for the club in recent seasons. Dummett showcased a variety of landmarks and moments from the area such the Angel of the North celebration and Alan Shearer’s goal scoring celebration.

Burn’s design won. Fans voted online and he was able to bring his drawing to life through Wor Flags. His flag honored Shola Ameobi, club legend, and his cult hero status of the ‘Mackem Slayer. The nickname is reflected in the design, which shows Burn as an ex-striker, dressed in armour and ready for battle.

As mentioned, fans were left in hysterics at the size of car Newcastle’s 6ft 6in Dan Burn drives…

@BobbyGoa: he borrowed Fraser’s car

@MattyWEREWOLF: Not as much as he is TBF

@NickTaylorCBR: It’s like Hightower in Police Academy 🤣🤣

@lishhkellyyx: Dan Burn driving a smart car is honestly something I never knew I needed to see 🤣🤣

@skybluetom87: Like I get he’s obviously not materialistic which is actually quite refreshing, but just practically he’d surely want buy a bigger car? 🤣

@Jon_Mackenzie: This is just a normal car with Dan Burns in it

@AgentOrd: Where’s the rest of it

@Wxheed: It was the largest one he could afford

@kendallrowanx: WHAT A BLOKE MAN. 6”7 driving a smart car 😭😭

@ScottyNUFC87: Nah from experience how the fuck does he fit in here? At 6”7 there isn’t a chance I’d fit in that 😂😂 #NUFC

@L3w1s_Nufc55: he’s the fucking greatest

@SteJck: Big Dan Burn drives a Smart Car – is now the standard global response to all can’t-do environmental negativity.

@TomPartington11: That’s got to be a piss take hahahahahahahhahaa

@ChrisWilding_: He defo pedals that engine

@wooly_nufc: It’s a Range Rover really Dan Burn is just massive

@Jamief_12: Don’t get it, must be on about 100 grand a week and can buy whatever car he wants & buys this? If you want to have a low-key car you can do that and still have a decent size one

@lewisstratford: The fact Big Dan Burn drives a Smart Car makes me love him even more. What a guy! #NUFC

@_rhianh: I thought this was an ironic photoshopped tweet for a sec hahaahahah

@Jayb1970NUFC: That’s absolutely quality! Are his legs sticking out the front 🤣🤣🤣

@SiskJerry: Hope Ryan Frazer rocks up in a Hummer.

@Craggzy1: Must be a forfit for something during training…

@dan_telfer24: Wait… what

@leecartwright94: Dan Burn is a great bloke


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