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Fans ‘immediately regret seeing why Nuno Tavares is trending’ as video with dogs surfaces

Fans ‘immediately regret seeing why Nuno Tavares is trending’ as a video with his dogs surfaces on social media this week.

The Arsenal defender, currently on loan at Nottingham Forest, has suddenly attracted global attention after being seen kissing a number of dogs in footage you can’t un-see.

The clip has re-emerged and quickly gone viral, having previously done so back in 2021, before he made the move to Arsenal from Benfica.

As can be seen above, the first clip shows Tavares having his eyes closed as one dog lick in and around his mouth.

The second then see Tavares looking directly into the camera as he opened his mouth wide and two dogs (one of the ones from earlier) licked, kissed and dug around deep into his mouth.

The video comes with reports suggesting that he has been handed transfer lifeline by Marseille having only made six appearances for Nottingham Forest this season.

The 23 year old joined Arsenal on a long-term contract in a deal worth around £8m back in 2021, however, he became homesick, struggled with defensive frailties, positional mistakes and lapses in concentration.

He went out on a season-long loan to Marseille in July 2022, and he wanted to have the option to sign permanently at the end of the deal, but Arteta refused to sanction it. After 6 goals in 39 games, and some improvement in form, Tavares then joined fellow Premier League club Nottingham Forest in September 2023 with a £12 million option to buy.

As mentioned, fans ‘immediately regret seeing why Nuno Tavares is trending’ as that video with dogs surfaces…

@C_Law_: I immediately regret looking at Nuno Tavares trending.. Protect Win at all costs if he returns to Colney 😂

@Funwithflares: After innocently watching the Nuno Tavares video I can’t wait to read the loan watch page on Arsenal’s website.

@MattLandoAFC: Well, the loan watch update on @Arsenal.com is going to be an interesting read after checking why Nuno Tavares is trending…

@Detective82: Oh, I see Nuno Tavares is trending. Perhaps we are selling him? Nope, only yet more videos of him letting dogs clean his gums AGAIN.

@bethholivia: I did not need to see that nuno tavares video this morning thank you timeline

@OnClaudeN9ne: That Nuno Tavares dog video is so nasty

@SFCMikeKavs: Nuno Tavares necking a dog and Flight Radar twitter coming together for #stormIsha ….what a time to be alive 😍😍

@tansleona: Mate that Nuno Tavares video what have I just seen 🤢

@SAFCTC: Stumbled across that Nuno Tavares video while I was eating my dinner. I regret everything

@OscroftOfficial: Why have I come on here and seen a video of Nuno Tavares making out with a dog? Ffs keep this man away from Win at all costs when he’s back in training with us 💀

@hannahforest: Nuno Tavares should leave Forest not because he likes to kiss dogs, but because he’s rubbish. #nffc

@rebekkarnold: That Nuno Tavares video was something I didn’t need to see before 9am on a Monday morning.

@AaronBSM: That Nuno Tavares video is extremely disturbing

@AzamWHUFC: I really wish I didn’t see that Nuno Tavares video.

@dacodac: Ffs I thought Nuno Tavares was trending for one of his trademark defensive blunders 🤦‍♂️

@FcliffKev: Just send him back now #nunotavares #NFFC

@kanewallwork: Nuno tavares getting deep throat by two dogs tongue wasnt the way i expected to start my week

@JJGilheany: Just had the misfortune of watching the Nuno Tavares video. I now must bleach my eyes.

@CharlieHonour: Just seen the Nuno Tavares dog video. Week ruined 😤

@Impeccable_baby: That Nuno Tavares video I just watched, wtf wrong with that dude. He shouldn’t come back from loan, sell him or give Nottingham Forest 😭😭

@Can0709_: What on earth is he doing?! Nasty fucking yute man.

@Bladesam1983: Once you’ve seen that Nuno Tavares video, you can’t unsee it. 🤮🤮🤮

@Den_AFC: It’s 06:30am and for some reason I have woken up to seeing Nuno Tavares getting off with his dog.

@ShabadooJr1: Why are all professional footballers, by and large, complete and utter fucking weirdos?

@Helennn110: What the fucking fuck is wrong with him ?????

@BallinKy_: As an arsenal fan, with all due respects, we are not taking this bum back💀

@Axmdddd: Genuinely the worst thing I’ve seen on this app

@Jackboy_WHU: Fucking what?? 😭😭😂😂😂

@HabibaDaGold: Loooool, so nasty man

@paul_jolly2019: What the fuck is this!! 😳🐶 #nunotavares

@JustChike007: How can a man do this?

@RobLloyd123: Never seen anything like that Nuno Tavares stuff, weird 🤣🤮. Each to their own and that but how could you kiss a dog like that 🤣🤣. Gross man

@OoohToBeAGunner: The real reason we sent Nuno Tavares on loan was to protect Win. It all makes sense now.

@RohLDN: This season has had it’s ups and downs but one thing is for certain, we need to keep Nuno Tavares away from Win if he ever returns to Colney from loan

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