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Fans hit out at Kidderminster as club makes controversial decision for Reading FA Cup tie

Fans hit out at Kidderminster as the club makes a controversial decision for their FA Cup tie against Reading next month.

A number of the National League North side’s supporters have been left unhappy at their own club after ticket prices were announced for the third round clash.

Harriers are set to take on Championship outfit Reading on Saturday the 8th of January, which somehow fails to get picked for broadcast on either BBC or ITV.

Fans hit out at Kidderminster as club makes controversial decision for Reading FA Cup tie

The visitors have been allocated 1,470 tickets for the game, with adult prices either £21 or £25 depending on which stand based in, while concessions tickets are priced between £6 and £20.

However, tickets for home fans have got some of the home fans far from happy and sales reportedly have been staggered, with season ticket holders getting first priority, then those who purchased tickets for their round two tie with FC Halifax Town and any remaining tickets going on general sale.

@HarriersOnline: God help the fans’ pocket if we reach the 4th round.

@jimbalor: Those prices are scandalous! Good job I wasn’t planning on attending. Woof.

@remyrocdetails: They should have done the ‘voucher system’ they employed in the 90’s! Attend two home matches to claim your vouchers to attend the cup games.

@ForeverAYellow: Got to admit, that pricing is high like, keep it at £20 for all stands at least, think thats fair and would tempt a lot more people in

@CorinCFC2: These lot proper know how to have their fans off

@adbutler91: £28??? Cheaper to go to a West Brom game.

@Saddampiper: £28 for main stand adult 🤣

@Nathan94Matthew: Is £21 for standing correct? Seems a bit steep.

@puds68: Hmm, it’s a bit late now as decision made but don’t agree with priority given to people who went to 2nd round game. Despite going to several home league games I’m down the pecking order behind people who went to one cup game. I know “glory hunters” isn’t really the term for a 2nd round game but penalising regular fans over them isn’t right! Poor decision in my view!!

@worldawaydays: 💰 Absolutely disgusting prices, swear there was a price cap for FA Cup games not too long ago…

@TomLong78: I am a STH but my Dad will agree Paul. He’s been a regular for 35 years, but was looking after my niece a couple of Sundays back, so missed the Halifax game. He won’t be best pleased!

@Mark48111170: £80 for a family of 4. Nice way to encourage new or next generation supporters.

However, not everyone was downbeat when discovering the prices as some fans reminded of the extra costs the club needs to factor in for the game while others simply felt it was reasonable given the occasion.

@2_youngy: Personally £21 for north stand is fair 3rd round. Championship club. Not bad at all.

@MrMarkyTweets: Yeah I did have a feeling match ticket pricing for the Reading FA Cup tie would be inflated but worth every penny in my view, as it helps the club out further financially. As for order of priority we have to accept that that’s the clubs policy on this particular match.

@PaulBayliss9: Also, massive extra policing costs, have to be taken in to account.

@AlexWithers14: A lot of people here moaning about the cost prob don’t mind paying over £4 a pint and necking 5 or 6 back every Saturday. I don’t blame the club for trying to make some money off this and who knows it could help fund a player which may be boost a promotion push.

@2_youngy: £20 against wolves 17 years ago £21 and £28 are very good prices. Don’t like it. Don’t go. Back the boys simple as that

@lewisegan: Prices are steep, yes, but end of the day the club will be looking to get money from the gates that they missed out on because BBC and ITV would rather televise BPL teams over actual FA Cup ties. Just means those fans out there who struggle to afford football as it is suffer more

@kiddyguest: Yes this is expensive. But no TV coverage and small/possibly reduced capacity means how else can the club make the decent money they deserve? I just hope that fans will still have the chance to be in the ground come 8th January. #fuckthetvcompanies

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