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Fans hit out at Ipswich player’s controversial post-match criticism at Accrington

Fans hit out at an Ipswich player’s controversial post-match criticism at Accrington Stanley and it’s gone on to get a lot of attention.

Tractorboys captain Sam Morsy claimed that their opposition ‘play like a non-league team’ after his side fell to a 2-1 defeat at the Wham Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

The new signing played a big part as Paul Cook’s side stormed to a 6-0 win against Doncaster in midweek, a result which had Blues fans hoping could finally see the club kick on with their new campaign after a massively disappointing start.

However, they blipped yet again, suffering a 2-1 defeat against Stanley, who dominated the second half against the Suffolk outfit to cause more frustration within the fanbase.

Speaking after the game, Cook made no excuses as he criticised the team and Morsy told the East Anglian Daily Times that they weren’t good enough as well.

However, he was far from respectful about the style of play used by John Coleman’s side, as he described them as ‘horrible’ and compared their approach to a ‘non-league team’.

Morsy may have insisted that he didn’t intend to be uncomplimentary towards Accrington, but some Ipswich fans have hit out at the Ipswich player’s controversial post-match criticism at the team he just played against.

Some would argue this attitude explains why they’re struggling, as they should’ve known what to expect against an Accrington side that have been at this level for a fair while.

While it’s still early days, Ipswich, who are one of the favourites to win promotion, find themselves in 19th place in League One, picking up 10 points from 10 games. New signings need time to gel? How long do they need to stop the run of inconsistent performances?


@Jordan____wafc: You’re better than that Samy.

@paulwhitmore98: Totally disrespectful to a club with a tenth of our budget, no wonder loads of clubs don’t like us. Take the defeat and move on.

@lewyitfc: I have to say I’m disappointed by that reaction by Sam… I’m sure he’d have played that type of game at Port Vale and Chesterfield earlier in his career… we could have played Bonne and Norwood and gone rough and tough, but chose not to.

@MickLum: What – you mean “We’re Ipswich Town and we shouldn’t have to play against teams like that”? I guess that’s our problem summed up right there – you have to earn the right to not have to play teams like that, not blame them for you being unable to compete with them. 10x Better

@Lev_Head_Dan: With attitudes like this in the #ITFC ranks, I will stick to the far more welcoming, humble and enjoyable world of non-league thanks. Accrington should take the non league comparison as a sign they are a club that hasn’t lost its soul.

@DanishDewdrop: Don’t like these comments. If you want to get out of the league you need to accept you’re in it. Accrington Stanley play like this and we should have been set up to play them- Cook has a big enough squad

@_teambennett9: If I was the Accrington manager that would be the team talk sorted the next time we play them. Print off and post it on the wall. “Non league” players on 25% of the wages our “better” players are on wanting it more. Simple as that. Talent is not enough you have to have desire

@warky77: We have to start mixing it with teams like this especially away from home. We need someone up top that can hold the ball up and be an outlet. Trying to play pretty football in front of them isn’t cutting it. Fight fire with fire

@gregpalmer99: Disgraceful comment by town, beaten fair and square, by hungry players, not bloated over praised football imposters .

@SincilBanker: On a day when we were disappointing, despite beating us Ipswich were distinctly average. Thought the win may have kick-started their season following winning 6-0 but this attitude will see them in L1 for a long time. Ipswich fans deserve better than this…

@abjwright: Thought he was referring to #ITFC when I first read the headline. Shows a complete lack of respect for Accrington Stanley though.

@jawa998: And that’s why he’s playing in league one and will for a while …

@CaptainCookUK: Very poor form, Samy.

@PaddySkinhead: He should have more respect for his opponents.

@SteveHorsfield5: Not like Sam to have that attitude. He is usually a great lad.

@GrahamSaffery: That’s the league…and that’s why we are in a mess and will not get out of this league…wake up and coffee springs to mind

@DannyLannon: Oh sammy you’ve had a mare here.

@uoenoitfc: Mad init, year after year we seem to get full acknowledgement that the fans are being served up shite. No excuse to perform like a non-league team even once at this level.

@x6_vincey: With characters like that it’s no wonder #itfc are struggling in this league

@HarieSeed: This is the player that runs around in orange boots like a 8 year old in the Sunday league!

@NeilT8181: Glad to see @IpswichTown fans don’t agree with the shit attitude of their captain, @sammorsy08

@ClintLaTortue: Just a low class thing to say. Another embarrassment.

@IanCart59216988: Poor comments Sam, don’t think Cook will like you’re comments

@WDownunder: Oh dear.. obviously still a long way to go for #Ipswich to come to terms with #LeagueOne

@irvinref: @AndyhHolt The harsh reality that we are playing teams that are at our level and above still hasn’t hit home with some of our players. And our local press too. And our fans. Once we realise we are actually here for the long haul only then will we start making upwards progress.

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