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Fans hit out at Fulham’s increase of already expensive season ticket prices for 2023/24 season

Fans have hit out at Fulham’s increase of already expensive season ticket prices for the 2023/24 season, announced earlier this week.

The Premier League outfit announced an 18% ticket price increase on adult season tickets renewals and introduced a £3,000 ($3730 ticket) for next season.

For the 2022/23 campaign, the most expensive renewal price for an adult Hammersmith End season tickets was £550 ($683). However, it is now £650 (808) which is an increase of 16%. It is 22% higher than last season for new buyers.

Adult renewal prices for Hammersmith and Putney End season tickets holders increased by 18%, while those who want to renew their Johnny Haynes Stand season tickets will see a 16% increase in cost.


The Club is delighted to announce the next phase of the opening of The Riverside at Craven Cottage, with general admission Season Tickets in this stand becoming available to purchase from Tuesday 18th April.

Some of the very best hospitality experiences available in world football will go on sale this summer.

Following the conclusion of Riverside sales, 2023/24 Season Ticket Renewals for all other seats within Craven Cottage will become available to purchase from 10am on Tuesday 9th May 2023.


The continued opening of The Riverside Stand will make matchdays better than ever and is part of an exciting new era for Fulham FC and its supporters.

Providing the very best views of the pitch and comfort within Craven Cottage, fans will also enjoy a first-class concourse and access to the river walkway, which features a host of food and drink options and pre- and post-match entertainment, including opportunities to meet members of the First Team.

When migrating Season Ticket Holders out of the old stand, the Club made a promise to provide priority access to return upon completion, and to be one of the first in line to choose from the new permanent seating options available.

The new Riverside Stand is not comparative to the old stand, with a highly contemporary configuration which provides improved views, locations and padded seating. As such, the Club will not be able to allocate a specific alternative which offers a like-for-like seat, but will instead provide priority access for supporters to choose their new seat.

General admission areas of The Riverside have been split into four price categories – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze – based on location and views from within the stand.

Throughout the month of April, priority access to purchase seats will be offered to the following groups of supporters, in the below order, on a first-come-first-served basis:

  • Supporters who previously held a Season Ticket in the old Riverside Stand and continued to hold an active Season Ticket with the Club for all seasons between 2019 and 2023;
  • Season Ticket Holders currently sat in the new Riverside Stand for 2022/23 season;
  • Current 22/23 Season Ticket Holders sat in the Johnny Haynes Stand, Hammersmith and Putney Ends;
  • Fans who have joined the Club’s Season Ticket waiting list.

Seats will be sold initially to the above priority groups, with sales windows broken down by Platinum and Gold seats, and Silver and Bronze seats thereafter. 

Details of specific priority windows will be communicated directly with supporters via email and letter.


In order to fulfil the migration process of supporters back to the Riverside Stand, as well as accommodate supporters who wish to move into the stand, 2023/24 Season Ticket sales will be split into two timelines:

  • The Riverside sales will begin from 10am on Tuesday 18th April
  • Renewals for all other seats within Craven Cottage becoming available to purchase from 10am on Tuesday 9th May.
  • All seats are held until 5pm on Monday 22nd May
  • Seat Move Window #1 – for displaced Season Ticket Holders* – 10am-5pm on Tuesday 23rd May
  • Seat Move Window #2 – for all Season Ticket Holders – 10am-5pm on Wednesday 24th May
  • All Seats Released for supporters who have joined the Season Ticket Waiting List – 10am, Thursday 25th May 
  • All Seats Released for General Sale – 10am on Wednesday 31st May, subject to availability

If you do not wish to take up your priority access to purchase a seat in The Riverside, should you have an existing Season Ticket elsewhere in the stadium, this will be available to renew from Tuesday 9th May and held for you to purchase until 5pm on Monday 22nd May.

*Riverside Stand Season Ticket Holders who do not wish to renew in The Riverside for 2023/24 season and displaced Season Ticket Holders sat in Block P4.


The Club is pleased to reveal all 2023/24 Season Ticket prices.

There is a range of seating options for fans to purchase throughout Craven Cottage, with renewal Season Ticket prices in the Hammersmith, Putney and Johnny Haynes stands starting from £150 for juniors and from £455 for adults, and seats in The Riverside starting from £600 for juniors and from £1,250 for adults.

All pricing for 2023/24 season is available to view in the table below. Existing Season Ticket Holders will enjoy a renewal rate when their Season Ticket is purchased before the seat hold deadline, with increased prices for new buyers.

2023-24 ST Renewals Pricing Table

Disabled supporters will receive 50% discount on the above pricing.

Restricted View seats will be offered with a £50 discount for adults, £30 discount for Over 65s and Young Adults.

Restricted view ambulant seating will receive the above RV discount, then a 50% discount.

Full pricing for Renewal and New Season Tickets, along with seat maps, can be found on the respective Season Ticket pages.


Fulham Supporters’ Trust’s Open Letter to Shahid Khan

Dear Shahid Khan,

As the owner, supporter, advocate, and custodian of Fulham Football Club, we are writing to you to express the concerns of many lifelong fans regarding the current pricing strategy for season tickets in 2023/24. While we understand the importance of ensuring the club’s long-term sustainability, we believe there are better ways to achieve this than the recent draconian ticket announcements. The pricing structure has caused distress, anxiety, anger, and disillusionment among a significant proportion of our loyal fan base.

It is a real shame that the strides made by the team on the pitch, the stated importance from Marco Silva of maintaining the unique and passionate atmosphere at Craven Cottage, and the recent re-emergence of Fulham as a genuine Premier League team this season risk being completely undermined by the pricing strategy for season tickets. The high cost of tickets, both in the Riverside and throughout the ground, not only alienates many of the club’s long-term supporters but also threatens to make it harder for the team to attract new fans and build a truly inclusive fan base. As a result, we urge you to take a serious look at this issue and consider how it can be addressed in a way that benefits both the club and its supporters.

Long term fans are the lifeblood of any football club, and their passion and dedication have helped build Fulham into the institution it is today. We appreciate the club’s efforts to ensure sustainability, but the gains for the club cannot outweigh the losses for fans who feel they are being left behind after years of loyal support. It is important to note that sustainability comes from sporting merit, driven by vocal and long-suffering Fulham fans, which will deliver better results than turning Fulham into a club that only the wealthy can afford to attend.

Furthermore, we express concern regarding the pricing structure for the Riverside Stand. Seats priced at £3,000 appear to be amongst the most expensive non-hospitality season tickets in football worldwide. While we appreciate the investment and support you have given to Fulham, both on and off the pitch, we believe this pricing structure is out of touch with the financial realities facing many of our loyal fans. This pricing goes against your words from 2019, where you stated your intention to create a world-class destination for fans and guests to experience and enjoy while retaining the charm that Craven Cottage exudes within our very own section of the River Thames.

As the Fulham Supporters’ Trust, we aim to protect Fulham’s unique identity at Craven Cottage, keep football at Fulham accessible, and maintain a strong connection between the club and supporters. However, despite undertakings to consult on season ticket pricing, there was none at any stage. Four hours notice of a structure that prices out supporters in all parts of the ground does not constitute meaningful consultation.  

We kindly ask you to engage with the Trust and our fans and reconsider the current pricing strategy for season tickets, both in the Riverside and throughout the ground before they go on sale.

  • In the Hammersmith, Putney, and Johnny Haynes Stands, we ask that the average price increase is kept at or below the rate of inflation, especially in light of the ongoing cost of living crisis.
  • In the Riverside Stand, we ask that the pricing model is significantly revised. The new Thameside offering is going to be a wonderful asset that far exceeds the previous one, we appreciate that. However, its pricing ostracises the vast majority of fans from ever experiencing it.

We thank you for your continued investment in the club, and we ask that you take into consideration the concerns of the loyal fans who have supported the club through its ups and downs.

Please help us ensure that the legacy of the club is protected by finding a pricing strategy that is fair and sustainable for all. By working together, we can find a solution that benefits the club and its fans and helps to protect the legacy and future of Fulham Football Club.


The Fulham Supporters’ Trust

As mentioned, fans hit out at Fulham’s increase of already expensive season ticket prices for the 2023/24 season…

@JackCraig71: Riverside was built for Fulham fans was it?! £1.25k to sit next to the corner flag. You are so out of touch with the fans. Let alone the other increases in season ticket renewals. I remember the days this club was all about community and families. Absolute shambles.

@vamatc: 40% increase over the last couple years, for this jump surely the hammy end deserve an actual concourse people can move in?

@SussexWhites: You’re a money launder if you’re paying £3,000 to sit in the riverside

@GoldyGold55: Wow! 3k? Understand it (just) if we were a team pushing for top eight every season 🤣🤣! People buying those seats have more money than sense. Seeing as fans are more likely to see repeat performances of last Saturday against West Ham, I will pass, but thanks for the opportunity.

@Jxezon: 3,000 quid for 19 matches of football

@MartyFFC79: Alienating a lot of the loyal fanbase with this pricing strategy.

@JoabLittlefield: I’d wanna be in the dugout for 3 grand a season

@SportWizz: Amazing pricing structure for a club which hasn’t won a major trophy in its history. Absolute joke

@fulhamnonny: With the prices that are being charged, I might have to go and start watching the Championship team 2 miles down the road from where I live. There’s even an outside chance they might get promoted. I’ve had a paycut this year and these inflation busting prices are getting too much

@IanBenn83825982: Priced me out now…. no return next season for me

@MarkJwalker: Extra £100 to renew my seat in H4, yet still no improvements to the toilets or concourse.

@runningdan73: Getting greedy and why no provision for students. A student who has turned 18 is now going to have to find nearly 4 times the price of their ticket compared to last year (where we sit). FFC losing touch with the real world #ffc

@comeonuwhites: Some quite chunky increases this year ☹️ – my H2 seat up by 20%!! Up 15% last year, 20% this year – that’s a couple of pretty big jumps

@Sobrescobio: You’ve snuck in a pretty hefty price increase on all the other season tickets with this Riverside stand distraction. My Johnny Haynes ticket has gone up by £115… WTF? 18% increase do you think that’s fair?!? #FFC @FulhamFC

@fulham_mike1: THREE thousand pounds 😂😂😂

@reverbe: This may be my last season as a st holder for 20 +years. Started every game home & away despite living 300 miles from the Cottage. Heartbreaking to see so many long time hardcore fans and families priced out of the game. Never thought this would happen at our club.

@paulspc93: 3k a season to sit with a load of tourists and 0 atmosphere. Think I’ll give that a miss.

@JosephGridley3: Stop the greed

@bmstewart2004: As an old codger who was moved from Riverside to Putney End I looked forward to moving back but that’s not happening… Increase of 18+% for the crap facilities in the PE it is then. But can’t complain too much as I’m £21.84 a match but I think you’ve misread the room for many!

@FulhamDane: Disgusting and greedy. Wages and transfers are through the roof which hits the fans with pricier tickets and merch. And it’s getting worse by the year. Falling out of love with football.

@TobyWardSmith: £100 increase in H6, and that’s before you mention any of the other price increases. 13 years I’ve had a season ticket, and this may be the end! Disgusting from the club! So out of touch!

@JoeFitzNW103: That’s an 18% increase on my H3 ticket then I expected a hike but it’s getting a bit steep, Myself & many others won’t be able to keep going if it goes up more so the club should take note! @FulhamSuppTrust. Does this also mean we’ll see general sale tickets go down in price?

@mattffc1: Proper shame that the team I grew up watching and have watched for 20 years, I unlikely won’t be able to afford to carry on supporting in a couple of years because of greedy owners. #losingafanbase

@BenlewisLewis: You are definitely out pricing the loyal fans.. it feels like the club is not a family club anymore. Considering what’s happening at the moment with inflation. It’s mental!

@mugwumpmbe: @FulhamSuppTrust Is it actually worth having any future meetings with the club? They appear just to go along with it without listening to anything you say or ask for.

@LukeJohann: THREE THOUSAND POUNDS?! What has happened to this club?

@fulham__pat: All this by the way when they haven’t even told us when the stand will be finished or given us any sort of update on it in months. So far you have all the corporate stuff shut, bars unfinished and only half the turnstiles in operation. It’s a circus

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