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Fans hit out at ex-EFL player as teams come to blows during non league fixture

Fans have decided to hit out at an ex-EFL player online after watching a video of two teams come to blows during a non league fixture at the weekend.

The much loved Twitter account ‘The Cold End (Barry)’ was recording footage of the ACERBIS Herts Senior County League clash between Hatfield United and Sun Sports FC.

An entertaining game saw five goals score within the 90 minutes played out on Saturday, however a sudden flare up of violence erupted.

As can be seen in the video above, a cross comes into Hatfield United’s number 10 who gets on the end of it with his chest, Sun Sports’ number 3 battles him for the ball.

He pulls onto the number 10’s shirt, trying everything to stop him from getting further down the touchline, preventing a potential goalscoring opportunity.

The number 10 is brought down to the ground, the Hatfield player then retaliates, rapped his arm around the Sun Sports’ number 3’s neck and wrestled him to the ground.

Then the both got up and continued to scuffle, before both teams then got involved to calm the situation down, only for number 3 to pull down number 10 again.

Sun Sports’ number 12, aka former professional footballer Marvin Morgan is seen clearly in the clip putting the studs of his boot into the leg of Hatfield’s number 10. Morgan somewhat avoided getting sent off.

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Hatfield’s number 10 was left on the touchline, whilst both teams started pushing and shoving each other as they made their way towards the centre circle.

Again the situation died down, the referee took to give a talking to to certain players. Number 3 got sent off.

Some praised the ref and his decisions, however others were left baffled as to how not more yellow and red cards were issued for the incidents which unfolded within two minutes.

Fans hit out at the ex-EFL player Marvin Morgan (formerly of Yeading, Woking, Dagenham, Aldershot, Shrewsbury, Plymouth and many more) online after watching a video of two teams come to blows…

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