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Fans hit out at Bournemouth for the ruthless way they sacked Gary O’Neil

Fans hit out at AFC Bournemouth for the ruthless way they sacked manager Gary O’Neil as details come out regarding Monday morning’s decision.

The Mirror claim that Gary O’Neil was shocked to hear that he had been axed at 6am, having spent Sunday preparing pre-season and watching videos of potential players when he received the call to tell him his services were no longer required.

The owners didn’t have their first choice available back in November, so they gave him the permanent manager’s position instead. 


O’Neil didn’t know that he was going to be fired after guiding the club to 15th place in the Premier League, picking up 10 wins from 34 Premier League matches last season.

He had kept the club up, following the departure of predecessor Scott Parker who complained that the newly promoted side’s squad wasn’t good enough to compete with the Premier League.

Parker’s team had just been hammered by Liverpool 9-0 – the joint biggest defeat in Premier League History.

O’Neil, with the help of a few January signings and the same squad of players, was able to turn the club’s form around.

The Cherries, who had secured their place in the top flight at the end April, did however lose the last four games, and scored just one goal. O’Neil felt confident though that the slump would not have continued next season.

“The four defeats won’t cost us any points next year,” he explained.

“We start on zero, as we would have if we would have won the last four. It will have no impact whatsoever. I think everyone around the country generally had us as 20th and we’re 15th. Yes we’ve lost the last four, but we’ve won enough to finish 15th, so a huge achievement from club and players.”

A number of pundits have reacted. Ally McCoist said: “You couldn’t help but feel for Gary! It’s an absolute gamble. The first thing you have to do is thank Gary for his services.”

Gary Lineker said on the sacking: “Ludicrous decision after the excellent job O’Neil has done.”

Martin Keown said: “It seems brutal doesn’t it? When you think of the job he did. “Maybe there’s a bigger name coming to the club, maybe there’s somebody who is not in work right now that is coming to the club that they’ve identified. He’s become available and precipitated this move, because it’s quite a shock. This might be because somebody special has come to the table. I’m pretty certain he will be devastated today, but he’s given himself a platform where he has demonstrated he can be a very good manager.”

Simon Jordan: “It doesn’t feel like there is very much reward for Gary giving the job that he has done. This is a very considered statement, it talks about, ‘this has been a difficult decision has been made with great consideration to best position ourselves ahead of the coming season.’ It goes on to talk about what is best for the club, now I can’t quite work out why Gary O’Neil, who has done a very good job, would be in a situation where he would find himself on the other side of this. They go on to say he’s going to be a great manager somewhere else…”

Jamie Carragher tweeted: “Gary O’Neil did a great job at Bournemouth & you have to feel for him losing his job, but managers change players who did great jobs for them every summer. If a manager gets offered a better job he normally leaves, the owner is well within his rights to change the manager if he thinks it’s an upgrade.”

Bournemouth chairman Bill Foley said in a statement: “Gary’s achievement last season is one I will always be grateful for. This has been a difficult decision, but it has been made with great consideration to best position ourselves ahead of the coming season.

“As a club, we have put plans in place for long-term success with improvements being made to infrastructure, most notably the development of a new state-of-the-art training facility and the ongoing discussions around upgrades to our stadium.

“We have also identified a number of significant targets in the transfer market this summer and believe this change in direction will provide us with the best platform from which to build.

“Gary will go on to have a long career as a head coach or manager, but we feel that, at this moment in time, a change is in the best interests of this football club.

“I would like to place on record my thanks to Gary and wish him all the best for the future.”

As mentioned, fans hit out at Bournemouth for the ruthless way they sacked Gary O’Neil…

@Roverexcited: Beggars Belief.

@webba50: And they do the dirty on him by entering into negotiations with another manager whilst he’s still employed

@michael30298589: 👎🏽 Poor by Bournemouth

@ourgail: Karma may turn out to be a bitch…lets see where @afcbournemouth are at the end of next season.

@Johncolf: Hope he got a huge bonus and an even bigger pay off, bastards

@TootingBecSpur: Sacked before Christmas and they’ll be crawling back to Gary asking him to save them from relegation again

@Supermac71: Just on a human level you have to feel for Gary O’Neil. Came in first job steadied the ship, had a tough period due to injuries but got the the results in the end. 15th. Wish him well & will be interesting to see how he develops as a manager. #afcb

@markwerkself: Absolutely no sense whatsoever he turns Bournemouth from relegation certainties to surviving comfortably with 5/6 games to spare. Shocking decision

@KeironUTC: Harsh. Very, very harsh.

@JcThe0riginal: Absolutely shameful

@Ryannn_NCFC: Deserve relegation for that, he literally single handled saved you from the drop this season

@TomFlynn27: That is a shocker

@louiseteaches: Wow. I wasn’t expecting that! I understand that he came in as an interim manager, and that the owners want to do everything they can to ensure long-term success, but I feel for Gary after the job he did this season. He must feel quite hard done by. 🍒

@MozzaPlays: Absolutely baffling. Done an incredible job.

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