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Fans hit back at the EFL after Swindon get suspended points deduction

Fans hit back at the EFL after Swindon Town getb a suspended points deduction despite the club being under new ownership.

The Robins have been handed a suspended three-point deduction by the English Football League over the non-payment of player wages in June.

The sanction will only come into effect if the club breaches the regulation again on or before the 30th of June 2022.

The League Two club were in a legal battle over its ownership when it failed to pay the players on time, but now the club are looking to have a more positive future going forward.

Australian businessman Clem Morfuni took over in July after buying the shares off former chairman Lee Power, and is already proving to be a hit with fans, even spending some game among the fanbase in the stands.

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In June 2021, Swindon Town Football Club, when under previous ownership, failed to pay their Players as per the contractual agreement and were charged under EFL Regulations.

The Regulations permit the EFL to enter into Agreed Decisions with Clubs in order to settle disciplinary matters without them being referred to a commission for determination.   

Upon consideration the Board determined that it would be appropriate to do so in these circumstances and offered the Club the following sanction, which was subsequently agreed:   

• A suspended three points deduction to be immediately activated in the event that the Club breaches Regulation 63.7 on or before 30 June 2022.  

An EFL Spokesperson said: “Whilst this decision relates to a period when the Club was under different ownership, the EFL has a responsibility to treat all cases of misconduct equally and has taken the appropriate course of action in line with its Regulations. 

“The EFL is continuing its investigations relating to matters involving the previous ownership of the Club. Moving forwards the League is looking forward to working with Mr Morfuni and the new management team as they seek to ensure a successful and viable long-term future for the Club.”   

The agreed decision can be found here.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Swindon Town Football Club are happy to have come to an Agreed Decision with the English Football League over the non-payment of wages.

The Football Club was charged with Misconduct by the EFL for failing to comply with Regulation 63.7 after players were not paid in June 2021.

We have worked with the EFL closely to come to a resolution on this matter, and we have accepted the Proposed Sanction from the EFL which will see the Football Club bear the costs of the ratification of the Agreed Decision.

There is also a suspended 3-point deduction that won’t come into effect unless the Football Club breaches Regulation 63.7 on or before 30 June 2022.

We would like to stress, however, that this is an issue that was inherited from previous ownership and all players and staff have now been paid what they were owed, and they now continue to be paid on time. 

We thank the EFL for working with us on this matter and we can assure all of our supporters that this will not be an issue moving forward.

We are also pleased that this particular issue can now be put to bed and we can move on and continue to focus on pushing our Football Club in the right direction.


As mentioned, fans hit back at the EFL after Swindon Town get a suspended points deduction…

@GlennRichards8: Ban power for life for having any involvement in any football club.

@LFPB_LBG: make it up as they go along, EFL, not fit for purpose

@UpTheSilkmen: Just fine the owners. Stop hindering the fans and the players. Never learn do you.

@Tomw461: EFL = Not fit for purpose

@MMV14145180: Punishing a club for something their own owners did

@JakegSTFC: Punishing the club for something a previous rogue owner did (along with stealing millions from the club for his own personal benefit – allegedly).

@ReecerWinney: How can you punish the club for bad ownership? Why not punish the owner, In our case punish the ex owner! Fine Lee Power and ban him from football for a period!

@John_Bemax: Why is it football clubs often seem to attract the “wrong kind” of people to ownership?

@AbramLatic: Did Ben Garner’s Swindon Town agree to the sanction, or are you only allowed to “agree” penalties if you’re Wayne Rooney’s Derby County? Asking for Wigan, Bolton, Macc, Bury, Luton, Birmingham and fans of any other club you’ve kicked in the bollocks

@MrSiborgs: Why do the players and fans get punished instead of those who are at fault? EFL needs to step up it’s game or move aside!

@OOCSwindonTown: The person responsible isn’t even at the club anymore go chase him ffs

@shepltfc: et you were the ones who allowed a fraud like Lee Power to take control of Swindon. Smart, aren’t you!

@Turkish_Cobbler: They did the same thing with Bury and Steve Dale, and everyone knows what happened next!

@JDack_: That’s it, punish the club not the dodgey conman you accepted as an owner. You lot are a joke

@afrancis_oafc: All the EFL ever do is drive lower league clubs that are struggling financially into the ground, whilst those greedy selfish arseholes in the Premiership get away with murder

@chociefrog: #EFL continue to be out of touch. The club is being punished for something that has absolutely nothing to do with the new ownership, who actually stepped up and fixed the situation. The EFL should be saying thank you.

@brett_hanley: Well done EFL, makes absolutely no sense. You are punishing the wrong people.

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