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Fans hit back at Nottingham Forest after issuing statement on persistent standing

Fans hit back at Nottingham Forest after the club took to issuing statement on persistent standing during matches at the City Ground.

Nottingham Forest issued the warning ahead of their FA Cup match against Manchester United, expressing concerns regarding the continuous standing of supporters, which may result in the club facing “severe penalties”.

The club has taken the initiative to remind fans that persistent standing is prohibited during games. They have also cautioned that if the issue is not addressed, the capacity of the City Ground may be reduced.

Back in August 2023, a Nottingham Forest supporter group called on safe standing to be introduced at the City Ground after fans were told via an email they were at risk of being banned for persistent standing.

Back then, Forza Garibaldi wrote on Twitter: “We have been vocal in the past about the merits of safe standing and why we feel it should be introduced at the City Ground. An email from the club this morning re persistent standing shows how important safe standing is, so fans who wish to stand can do so safely.”

And with this latest update from the club, Forza Garibaldi again said: “That messages of this nature are issued shows the delicate balance that exists in our stadia re standing in seated areas.

“Standing is tolerated, not allowed, but clubs are pressured to make fans sit down by the SAG (safety group).

“The solution remains safe standing at the CG.

“The club face little choice but to issue such updates. They have to show action as standing is prohibited, hence they are in a tough spot.

“If they were not seen to be tackling the issue, the SAG could take action.

“Safe standing takes this debate away.”


Nottingham Forest would like to remind all supporters that persistent standing is prohibited at The City Ground for your safety and the safety of others.

The local authority’s Safety Advisory Group has raised serious concerns about persistent standing during our home matches this season.

Failure to address persistent standing puts the club at risk of severe sanctions, including an enforced reduction in stadium capacity on match days. This would have very negative consequences for our famous atmosphere, limit the availability of tickets for supporters, and harm our finances and reputation. We cannot allow this to happen.

It is therefore imperative we take stronger measures to ensure compliance with strict stadium regulations.

Please be advised that if supporters fail to comply with the requests of our security and stewarding colleagues, we reserve the right to ban individuals from the stadium and rescind season cards, where appropriate. Unfortunately, we have already been forced to ban a number of supporters for persistent standing this season.

Whilst we actively explore long-term solutions to this issue (including the potential introduction of Safe Standing areas) your cooperation is crucial.

Please be respectful of requests from our stewards on match days. They are here to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone in the stadium and enforce compliance with the conditions set out in our safety license.

The club is extremely grateful for your role in helping create the City Ground atmosphere that is known across the Premier League, and beyond. Let’s work together to keep it that way.

We thank you for your cooperation and support.

As mentioned, fans hit back at Nottingham Forest after issuing statement on persistent standing…

@SarcasticForest: For £50 people should be able to do whatever they like.

@Jcov1998: Great stuff. Look forward to seeing all the stewards make sure all the away fans are sat down Wednesday then 👍🏼 Bore off we pay £40-£50 a ticket we’ll do as we please

@jamessamkath: The supporters would like to remind Nottingham Forest hot running water is not a luxury in the WCs

@craigaradford: I saw 2 stewards try and get A block to sit down at the Bristol game. You can guess how that went.

@SelveyDan: Stand up if you hate Derby!!!!

@Camclarky: Worth a try but no chance you’ll get ablock to sit down

@rossstrong_: Hurry up with safe standing then

@TilehurstRed: We would like to remind the powers that be at #nffc not to exceed PSR so we don’t get ourselves relegated! If that happens, standing at games won’t be such a problem as a lot of ‘fans’ will stop going! 🫤

@Scotty_9094: If wanna stand up I will. I’ve paid enough to get in ffs

@LimbArchie: There is absolutely no point releasing this statement. Also, for £600, I think I’m entitled to choose if I want to sit or stand in my seat 👍🏻

@spielbeobachter: This is just another proof that english football is in a rotten state.

@tomforest1865: You never have an answer for why 3000 away fans are allowed to stand every week.

@pape_razzo: Name one actual “threat to security” that a person might be due to standing at a designated seat.

@davo261088: Club putting out a message they know they have no chance of enforcing in order to appease local council who they need on-side in order to progress building of new stand shocker.

@jtweets92: They say this and then proceed to film the entire stadium sing MOK, chants and ‘limbs’ to share on socials.

@mistrollingpod: The Sitty Ground 🌳 Christ that’s too good #NFFC

@VintageForest2: How about you concentrate on providing hot water in the stands. Ta

@Amanda28_84: God help them trying to sit A & B block, & the away end 🤦‍♀️

@MightBeBray: At £50 a ticket people should be able to do cartwheels if they bloody want #NFFC

@nffckez: “Atmosphere hasn’t been as good this season” – Said this all year, the clubs killing the atmosphere by giving stewards too much power. Seen so many people being asked to leave for being half as ‘enthusiastic’ as the away fans #nffc

@FredNffc11: Piss off lads, address the real issues such as charging fans £50 for an FA cup game

@Ryantooleyy: Maybe install safe standing then? good luck trying to get lower b and a block and even upper b to sit down x #nffc

@castusthered: Significant re sale of suspended ST seats inc you mean. All about the ££

@LeesLogan: Your wasting your time lads. Theres more important things off the pitch you need be worrying about. Rather than fans just creating an atmosphere at a football match supporting their team.

@jaacknffc: Forest will have to say this by law, been stood up all season in lower bridgford and can guarantee we will be next game. Impossible to police, they just have to brief us like this to show they’re “taking action”

@garethlayton: Why are away fans allways aloud to stand and not to sit down at the games nothing gets done but us trying to get the team going pushing them on gets told to too totally kills the atmosphere

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