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Fans hit back at Gabby Agbonlahor for slamming Leeds’ full time celebrations vs Bournemouth

Fans hit back at Gabby Agbonlahor for slamming Leeds’ full time celebrations vs Bournemouth in what was a thriller on Saturday.

The Whites completed a superb second-half comeback, from 3-1 down to win Bournemouth at an incredibly loud and excited packed out Elland Road.

Although Leeds took an early lead after attacker Rodrigo comfortably converted his spot kick, Jesse Marsch’s side seemingly imploded and made life difficult for themselves by conceding three times by the 48th minute.

However, determined not to lose another Premier League game, Marsch’s side continued their recent impressive form, and following second-half goals from Sam Greenwood, Liam Cooper and Crysencio Summerville, grabbed all three points away from the Cherries.

Given the last-gasp nature of Leeds’ home win, fans went wild, as did the players, seen passionately celebrating, but Agbonlahor was far from impressed.

Speaking on Gameday Phone-In, Agbonlahor said: “The only thing I was disappointed in was how Leeds were celebrating. They win 4-3 today and they celebrate like they’ve won the Champions League.

“Defend properly and you don’t concede three goals at home to Bournemouth.

“Bournemouth have looked decent going forward but you can’t be conceding goals like they did under Bielsa.

“Today was like watching Bielsa’s Leeds. Yes, it was a great result to get the win but they were celebrating like they’d won the Champions League or had beaten Manchester City at home.

“They should be beating Bournemouth at home.”

Agbonlahor has had a number of run-ins with the Leeds fans in recent seasons, being a vocal critic of Marcelo Bielsa and his tactics.

Many will recall how Leeds resorted to posting his comments and mocking the former footballer back in 2020 when they beat his old club Aston Villa.

Agbonlahor said: “Everyone is getting excited about Bielsa, but if you’re getting that excited by Bielsa, you must be putting the red carpet down for Dean Smith.

“Maybe because he’s English we don’t get too excited by him, but what he’s doing, tactics-wise, at Aston Villa, he deserves a lot of credit.

“I feel like people need to calm down with Leeds United at the moment.”

Leeds took great pleasure in ruining Agbonlahor, tweeting his comments alongside an image of Bamford celebrating his third goal, with the caption: “How it started… how it ended.”


Fans hit back at Gabby Agbonlahor for slamming Leeds’ full time celebrations vs Bournemouth…

@ChristineVose: The celebration police out again.

@Pompey_Goals: Fuck me I hate all of this “they celebrated like they won the CL” bullshit people come out with! If u can’t celebrate a win especially being 3-1 down then what’s the fucking point anymore!

@JordanSMonk: This celebration police stuff is pathetic. 3-1 down to win 4-3 in a league game. They’d just been on a 8 game winless run before the Liverpool game last week. Relegation form. Bore off.

@kippaxcity73: Come on… they were 3-1 down and turned it round – it’s a fantastic victory – considering they were looking at the manager being fired before the Liverpool game.

@_nelay_: what’s the point of football if players and fans aren’t allowed to celebrate when they are 3-1 down at near 60 mins and comeback to win 4-3, talksport has to be the biggest load of shit out there😭😭

@darrenviney: 3-1 down to win 4-3, too bloody right they celebrated! What a joke of a reaction 😂😂

@RohitMistry88: They said the exact same thing when we beat Liverpool. Like can they just give us a list where we can celebrate victories 🤣🤣

@Charlie02172152: What a bellend. Even if your in the cup against a championship team and you come back from 3-1 down your going to celebrate arnt you? That’s football celebrate the good times. Bellend of the day goes to.. GABBY.

@untouchedwinky: From 3-1 down to win 4-3 and there not allowed to celebrate? WTF? Some proper fucking idiots employed at that radio station

@renners_d: Constantly talks shite on a regular basis about Leeds & other teams in general. His football iQ is one of the worst. It’s embarrassing for @talkSPORT to give him a platform. So he thinks there should be different levels of celebrating depending on the opposition?

@cdurant92: It was the 1st time leeds won 2 consecutive PL home games since 2003 and they were 3-1 down to a relegation rival to then win 4-3. Let the fans celebrate these moments. I’m no fan of Leeds but anyone with half a brain cell can see why those fans went crazy and rightly so. #lufc

@No1Hendley: This guy needs putting in the bin

@WettonJordan: Why is celebrating such an issue? Talk about sucking the passion out of football.

@Im_RobM: They were 3-1 down and won 4-3. No matter the opposition, that is something worth celebrating. Celebration police are the worst people in football, let alone when they are washed up average ex PL players who achieved nothing in their career.

@d11James: You hear this from a few “pundits” and it’s a joke, how else are the Leeds players supposed to react? Any sort of comeback win deserves a good celebration.

@_199KhanIm: This lot do this for reactions and to get loads of angry replies & to be controversial. It’s what their entire station runs on. Don’t give it them

@seanlangley94: Oh shut up Gabby. Just let them celebrate !

@UKRaider1: Behave Gabby, I’m a villa man and watched that game…they had every right to celebrate a great comeback…

@FLASH_IS_GAMING: I bet Christmas at Gabby’s house will be a barrel of fun

@kipkip24: Genuinely don’t get this kind of thinking. They have come back from 3 goals down to win it late on and they arent allowed to celebrate? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ talk about taking the joy out of football. #CelebrationPolice

@OnionSV: Pathetic comment – it’s natural to wildly celebrate as a fan coming back from 3-1 to 4-3. And when you factor a potential relegation threat into the equation it’s even more normal.

@nufcsean: Celebration Police are out again.

@jamie_ward84: What is with this really odd obsession with how teams celebrate wins?

@Dingers131: Do one Gabby. Football is about passion, VAR is ripping that apart so if Leeds beat Solihull Moors 1-0 with a goal in the 27th minute and celebrate like that. I’m all for it, ya fanny

@SemperFiArsenal: What’s the point of football if players and fans aren’t allowed to celebrate when they are 3-1 down at near 60 mins and comeback to win 4-3. Ridiculous take.

@JaredC17: For a guy who’s won absolutely nothing in his career he’s quite the expert on celebrating.

@BerryCorner1881: Sick of the celebration police now in football. Footballs all about moments. People work hard all week and if they can’t celebrate a win in today’s recession then what’s the point?

@jstevens123: Think some pundits have forgot that football is meant to be fun

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