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Fans hit back at Daily Mail as age of Sadio Mane’s wife comes into question

Fans have took to hit back at the Daily Mail as the age of Sadio Mane’s wife Aisha Tamba comes into question across social media.

The 31 year old former Premier League player got married to his girlfriend Aisha Tamba in secret ceremony in Massar, a district in Senegal’s capital city, Dakar, but bizarrely everyone has been left rather confused by her age.

As they couple are congratulated, photos of their wedding emerged on social media, with reports claiming that Tamba is allegedly only 18 years old.

The Daily Mail claimed that wrote that he “marries his ’18-year-old long-term girlfriend’ in Senegal” and that “he’s finally tied the knot after ‘years of paying her bills while she was at school'”.

Of course, this led to it going viral with fans confused at the ’18 year old long term’ part of that sentence.

According to a number of Senegalese publications, Mane met Tamba when she was 16, with the legal age of consent in Senegal set at age 16, and while it’s unknown as to how long they’ve been dating, she is reportedly a young student in her final year at a private college in Mbao, with fees being paid for by Mane, as per Pulse Sports.

Mail Online has since updated their article, after becoming aware by more reports in Senegal that she is 19 years old, yet, there are now claims surfacing on that she is actually 26.

Lorraine King has since tweeted: “Sadio Mane’s new wife Aisha Tamba is not 18 she’s 26. But why would some people let the truth get in the way of using lies to attack Sadio and his religion. Here’s wishing the wonderful couple a long and lasting marriage 🎉🎉🎉”

Other Twitter users have said: “People love controversy a lot, Sadio Mane got hitched with a 26 years old lady not 18, She’s 26!”

Another added: “Sadio Mane’s new wife Aisha Tamba is not 18 she’s 26. You all chatting rubbish here, people let the truth get in the way of using lies to attack Sadio. Delete this nonsense!!!”

Although Mane hadn’t publicly announced any relationships and kept Aisha a secret, back in 2022, he did speak out on the type of person that he would marry.

‘I’ve seen a lot of girls asking me why I am not married, but sorry you might be wasting your time. The woman I marry will not be on social networks,’ Mane said as per Tribune.

‘I want to marry a woman who respects God and prays well. Everyone has their own way of making their choice of love,’ Mane added.

The footballer first spotted Aisha when she was 16 but he didn’t approach her formally at the time, according to Sports Brief.

It was only when he reportedly got in touch with his uncle, a friend of the family, that he said of his intentions and that led to their eventual union.

Senegal coach Aliou Cissé said: ‘The whole national team, including me, we asked him [Sadio] all the time: ‘When are you going to get married?’

Aisha was born in Casamance, which borders a village called Bambalim, where Mane is from and where he’s donated money to build a hospital. He’s also help pay £700,000 for new buildings including a mosque, a school, a petrol station and given learning materials to students in his community, states Bayo News Network reports. 

He recently opened the Bambali Stadium at his home village in Senegal, which he built at his own expense.

As well as that, he gifts each family in the village with a monthly €70 support package and €400 to the best achieving students at Bambali High School.

Mane’s deal with Pro League club Al-Nassr sees him earn £650,000-a-week.

Aisha is a student at the Cabis School in Grand Mbao Baobab, Senegal, according to Essentially Sports, isn’t on social media, and speaks Mandingo, a language spoken in parts of Senegal, as does her new husband Mane.

After getting married, Mane now gets set for Senegal’s defence of their Africa Cup of Nations title against Gabon.

Following the ceremony, he said:  “Honestly, I am happy [with] the fact the president has congratulated me just as much as, well, I would say not just my team-mates,” he said, as per the Daily Mail.

“I think that all the people have congratulated me and wished me [luck] so I am happy and I hope that it’ll be okay.”

As well as Gambia, Senegal will take on Cameroon and Guinea in Group C.

“We are also aware of all that awaits us,” Mane added.

“We know that it will not be easy but what is certain is that we will get there, we will do everything we can and everything that is on our side to do you proud and especially the dream of everybody, that’s to say, to retain the title and it’s what we are going to try to do.

“Above all else, I think that the first match will be very decisive. After, as you said, it’s big teams, Gambia and Guinea are derbies, also Cameroon who need no introduction, but we are also Senegal. We are going to try to do the maximum.”

As mentioned, fans hit back at the Daily Mail as the age of Sadio Mane’s wife comes into question…

@sstopp2: She’s 26.

@MattW91927: She was 18 yesterday, #shes26

Now daily mail saying Mane’s wife is 19…
So basically the press are trying to make stuff up…
Who’d guess…
Eventually they will get the right number…

@khaled_jamal86: She is 26 not 18

@mattleese101: Make your mind up, she was 18 yesterday, shes actually 26, you useless inept clowns. The daily Hate mail in full effect

@HillardIan: She’s 26! Worst kind of journalism going! Mane is hugely religious and donates most of his income back to his village. This is appalling!

@GMU12PHY: So this Sadio Mané thing… Heard the story of his wife being 18 is fake? Don’t know which is fact? I know the Daily Mail isn’t to be trusted though so I know which is more likely

@absyesufu: Sick, disgusting rag of an organisation. She’s 26

@OilerScots: She was 18 all day yesterday in your multiple posts , now she’s 19 she could be 26 what is it ?

@DipoAW: Seen tweets from Senegalese people saying that report of Mane’s wife being 18 is a lie and that she’s actually 26. How did these newspapers carrying the 18 story confirm her age?

@DiamondApehand: X post says she’s 18. Article says she’s 19. Others say she’s 26. Something fishy as hell about this story

@Mclean12Euan: @MailSport she’s 26!!! Everyone report this for false information

@Kelzjenkins: Daily Mail have done Mane dirty, she’s 26

So Mane’s wife is 19, not just turned 18 according to some UK news outlets
He never ‘dated her’ in the modern sense
He spoke to her father for her hand in marriage and paid for her uni fees, bills for her family house etc
The legal age for marriage in Senegal is 16

@SonOfJohn72: #DailyFail still running she’s 18 though she’s actually 26. The Newspaper for Bigots

@IanJamie2013: @MailSport Have you corrected your statement about the age of Sadio Mane’s wife? Looks like you’ll have another libel case on your hands.

@Supreme_Garaad: Disgusting headline by the filthiest tabloid ever. Diminishing the good name of a respected Muslim player by making it seem like he was “grooming” his wife from such a young age. I hope Sadio Mane will take a legal action against these monsters. @SMane_Officiel

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