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Fans furious at cost of Liverpool’s 2021/22 child’s shirt

Fans were left furious online at the cost of Liverpool’s 2021/22 child’s shirt as their new strip is unveiled earlier this week.

The Reds has unveiled its brand-new Nike home and training kit for the upcoming campaign, which is available to pre-order.

However, whilst the look of it continues to divide people on social media, the pricing has really let people down with one fan speaking of his disgust.

He wrote: “£55 for a child’s football shirt is an absolute disgrace and totally out of touch with financial reality of parents. Shame on Liverpool and all other clubs denying kids the chance to wear their team’s colours.”

Liverpool’s statement on the kit read: “Taking inspiration from the 1964 season, when the Reds were under the management and instruction of Bill Shankly, next season’s home kit captures the glow of a bright red colourway.

“In 1964, LFC introduced a full-flooded red kit for the first time in the club’s history on the basis it would provide them with a psychological edge, with Shankly famously saying that ‘red is for danger and red is for power’. This set the foundation for their dominance for years to come.

“Inspired directly by that decision, the men’s and Women’s team will be walking on to the pitch with a full red kit detailed with bolted pinstripes and bright crimson sleeve cuffs and neckline – representing power, energy and danger – in 2021-22.

“With deep-rooted club history meeting contemporary style, the jersey is completed with a fossil-coloured swoosh and crest – a nod to jerseys of the ’90s. The green neck tape features a thread of stripes which are ever-present in the home collection. The final touch is the fresh new look from Standard Chartered Bank. Bold, vibrant and digital-friendly, the brand is fit for a new era.”

Virgil van Dijk said: “It’s great to see the perfect blend of our heritage and Nike’s product innovation for our new home kit. Being part of the swoosh family for years, they’ve been at the forefront of sustainable design and it goes a long way into making our sport a greener one. I can’t wait for the fans to see it in person next season.”

The club added: “This will be the Reds’ most sustainable kit yet, with the shirts that players will wear on the pitch, as well as the replica jerseys for fans, having been constructed with 100 per cent recycled polyester fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

“Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned and melted down to produce a high-quality yarn for manufacturing and is part of Nike’s wider ‘Move to Zero’ initiative, with football apparel leading the way in sustainability.

“The new kit and selected training kit is available for pre-order online from the official Liverpool FC online store and will go on general sale for purchase in-store and online from Thursday June 3. The new full training and lifestyle range will also be available in store from June 3.

“As with previous seasons, the club is offering a 10 per cent discount off the price of the home shirt to all LFC official members. New for this season, the Reds are extending this offer out to UK key workers via Blue Light and Network, and also to students in the UK via Student Beans. More information on eligibility and how to redeem the discount can be found here.

“Fans who purchase any home shirt before 9am BST on Monday June 7 will also receive a £10 Liverpool FC retail voucher to spend in-store or online in July.

“The 2021-22 Liverpool FC home kit will be worn for the first time against Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Sunday.”

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LFC Nike Mens & Womens Home Stadium Jersey 21/22 – £69.95
LFC Nike Mens Home Match Jersey 21/22 – £99.95
LFC Nike Mens Home Stadium Shorts 21/22 – £34.95
LFC Nike Mens Home Match Shorts 21/22 – £59.95
LFC Nike Junior Home Stadium Jersey 21/22 – £54.95
LFC Nike Junior Home Match Jersey 21/22 – £84.95
LFC Nike Junior Home Stadium Shorts 21/22 – £29.95
LFC Nike Infant Home Kit 21/22 – £44.95
LFC Nike Home Stadium Socks 21/22 – £14.95
LFC Nike Baby Home Kit 21/22 – £39.95

As mentioned, some fans were furious at how much Liverpool are charging for a 2021/22 child’s shirt…

@GaryAPrince: Managed to get West Ham current shirt for £14 off @mandmdirect this season, plenty of cheap kits on there for kids.

@premcollector: Feel for my parents on minimum wage who were forced to spend £30 on football shirts in the early 2000s. Fair play for milking the adult prices but why punish the kids? Not an advocate for adult fake kits, but who can blame parents for buying their kid a cheaper one?

@EsporteIridium: It’s a bloody joke! My club seems to release a new shirt and/or tracksuit every other month… more concerned about that, than playing well on the pitch! Similar issue.. price is ridiculous

@susietrio: It didn’t seem quite so bad when clubs kept their kit for a couple of seasons (even although the kids looked like they were wearing a dress for the first while as it was bought oversized to allow for growth), but not when it’s changed every season.

@METwedds: Remember when I was a kid my parents paid a tenner for the whole silver Crown Paints sponsored kit.

@MarkBigPotatoes: Bought a Puma @fc_alania shirt for my daughter this week, £19 direct from the club’s official shop. That’s the sort of price kid’s shirts should be.

@TheSpencer: £30-£35 would be a sensible child price especially given the cost of production.

@PenguinMason: Buy a @HitchinTownFC one – fab shirt and supporting non-league 👍🏻

@jaywinksy: Just get on eBay in about 3 weeks loads of rip off kits for about 20 quid including shirts and socks and to be honest there all bang on delivered within 2 weeks usually, to be honest it’s what they deserve when there trying to rip us all off

@KCsKitroom: Absolutely disgusting!

@TheShirtMan_: £55. For a kids shirt. After what’s been the hardest 14 months for a majority of parents. @LFC get in the bin.

@ChatShirt: Fully agree here – £55 for a child’s shirt is disgusting. I appreciate Nike & Liverpool need to get theirs but …….. I mean c’mon, dropping a tenner off it at the very least is only going to make you a little LESS rich, but could make a big difference to a struggling family.

@Zak_Futbol: Kit Prices are getting excessive now.

@VlovesShirts: This is a scandalous price & why the market for the fakes exist. Clubs need to do better on this front. They’re only hurting themselves.

@RedCardShirts: @LFC shame.

@MastrContender: It’s vile to be honest. Kids tops should be cheap as chips

@BNJMN37: Take the working mans game from the working man. Disgrace. Seeing the adults prices as well. I bought an Inter Milan 90/91 long sleeved for pretty much the same price as next seasons Liverpool shirt. Come on man, the fuck?!

@jamescvrtwright: No wonder there’s so many fake kits knocking about. Especially when they’ll be grown out of it in 6 months or lads wearing them for 5 a side.

@Little_Rich_H: Disgraceful, clubs should be encouraging their young supporters as they’re the long term lifeblood of the club. £35 for a children’s shirt, whilst still relatively expensive, would sit far better with parents and supporters.

@WelshFootball58: The price of shirts has been creeping up, I bought my first shirt in 2008 it was a child’s one and it was £20, adults used to be £50 max now they’re £70, why is it allowed to happen, it’s too expensive now to get names on the back, why isn’t this talked about, it’s greed

@richsenior96: Not only is it a rip off but it looks awful too

@RunGMC16: Price of football clothing memorabilia is absolutely disgraceful in general. Take £20 off that I guarantee you’d sell more

@dazwolf306: Can’t argue with this, add in the fact that a lot of club Sponsors these days aren’t even allowed to advertise on kids shirts, they can’t even have the same shirt as the players, no reflection of that in the price though. But make the sizes small so 12+ have to get small adults 🤷‍♂️

@themodfather79: And that’s before you’ve added a player name, number and PL badges to the sleeves

@shirts_original: Scandalous pricing 😕

@gbutler0385: You could buy a house in Liverpool for £55

@mikechurm82: This only reinforces the justification for people buying pirate replicas online, direct from factory workers at a fifth of the price, which ironically is probably less of a crime than what the official manufacturers are charging now.

@EddieStoneComic: It’s even more disgusting when you realise that these shirts act as an advertisement for the club. Parents paying through the nose to do a club’s advertising for them.

@andrewpc396: Honestly shocking that is! every club is near enough doing it these days. Even £70/£60 for an adult is awful, especially when some of them aren’t high quality. They’re made cheaply yet sold expensive.

@SimonLunk: This is why so many people buy fake kits these days. The quality is just as good.

@s23lgn: I remember my folks saying the same thing over 30 years ago, it never changes, loss of excellent copy’s out there if people don’t want to line the coffers of the rich owners

@jonhopswan: What the hell’s going on with the collar + cuffs?!?! Sorry, flashbacks to my first ever teenage date there…..

@alanspooner: £100 with shorts and socks. Absolutely Ridiculous

@shut1978: £55 for any football shirt is a disgrace.

@PaulColclough4: Everyone does it mate and it’s disgusting I’m a @Rovers fan and the prices they charge are ludicrous despite the fact we’re barely a championship team and supposed to be a “family club” also I can get a Bayern Munich season ticket cheaper than I can at Ewood 🤷🏻‍♂️ go figure

@brozzyh: If everyone stops buying them the price will come down. It’s staggering how much they are .

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