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Fans fume at Oldham owners’ new controversial act against supporters

Fans fume at Oldham Athletic owners’ new controversial act against supporters going to future home matches for the 2021/22 season.

While the Latics squad bid for their third straight win, unease continues with the fanbase, even more so after the ‘OA95 Athleticos’ revealed a statement.

So far this season, we’ve seen multiple pitch invasions at Boundary Park in protest towards their owners, while tennis balls and flares have also been thrown onto the pitch, getting their actions recognised by the mainstream media.

Keith Curle’s certainly improving his side who are set to host Barrow in League Two on Saturday, again we will no doubt see some sort of disruption.

The fan group were apparently told on Friday: “Unfortunately we have received communication from the club to state that our banners and flags will no longer be allowed into Boundary Park until further notice.

“Due to an attempt by the club to sanitise protests against the ownership we have been penalised and subsequently so has the colour in the terraces.

“We believe now more than ever our team needs our support, and our belief has always been to sing our hearts out whether were winning or losing, we cheer on the boys from start to finish.

“This should be the clubs priority but unfortunately not, its flags…

“As a result we will no longer attend home games until this has been overturned, we have clarified this with the club and will await their confirmation that these restrictions have been lifted before returning.”

The group of fans, always vociferous and passionate in their support from behind the Rochdale Road end goal at each home match, have now vowed not to attend any more matches until ‘restrictions have been lifted’.

Fellow fan group Push the Boundary stated: “Another example of trying to stamp out the issue rather than looking at why it’s happening in the first place.”

As mentioned, fans fume at Oldham owners’ new controversial act against supporters…

@NewIndieSounds1: Don’t stop going guys, that’s what they want. Keep attending and helping to get the atmosphere

@markcookie21: Start supporting Chadderton Fc a proper run local semi – Pro club that would welcome more local support @ChaddertonFC @brownyboiii

@80s90sfootball: We had this situation at Brighton back in the 1990s. Hit the owners in the pocket by not going or doing mass walkouts, its really harsh on the players who just want to play football, but its yours club’s future that is at stake at the end of the day. We are all behind you #oafc

@Ajd367: Bang on – they’re not arsed how many are in the stadium, they just don’t want the bad publicity. Don’t give up #AbdallahOut

@dgcoopsey: They want you to stop going that’s the plan. Don’t give IN. Step it up instead more than ever #oafc

@AntDuffy: Don’t let them think it’s this easy. Get yourselves outside the main entrance. More banners, more flags, more noise, crate of Stella! Ill join you and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one. #oafc

@Aldehulme: keep going. Why do you think you need permission for everything?

@lookersgirl: Don’t stop going! That’s what they want!

@LaticsPaul: Understand your annoyed but do the flags outside, and interrupt the game and go on the pitch.

@webdarren: I am sorry to hear this – it was great to see you guys be moved to the middle of the RRE when you were. You’ve shown just how vocal you can be too and I am sure that every player will respond positively more often than not. I suspect this will just make matters worse.

@JackMillar101: If they don’t want them inside, get them outside the main stand instead.

@MartCAFC45: Ffs are you kidding

@chasinglamely: Hope you guys can follow the @TrustSTFC and #PowerOut leads and get your club back like we have. Owners like this are an absolute disgrace, and the @EFL owe every single fan affected a proper explanation for why they were allowed to happen.

@steve_rippin: This is sickening. Keep going lads. Get in there, be disruptive as possible, you’re the present and the future, it’s worth fighting (figuratively) for. Don’t let @OfficialOAFC owners and scum CEO win #oafc #saveOAFC

@yellowflydesign: That’s a real shame, another terrible decision from the club #oafc #abdallahout #saveoafc
The only positive thing you can say at the moment. At least they’re consistent, such a badly run football club on and off the pitch.

@brownyboiii: Such a shambles what happening at our home town club! Remember being there as a 4/5yr old dangling my legs over the Pitchside Ad boardings watching games with my grandad. Keep fighting!

@LukeHOAFC: @OfficialOAFC are really thick as fuck. Imagine pissing off the only group of kids in the town not wanting to jump on a tram to either of the mancs: and willing to support their local club. Believe the phrase is cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face #oafc

@JWOAFC: Can definitely still get a few tennis balls on the pitch from outside the ground with a decent throw anyway #oafc

@McgrotherRobin: The manager and players have, just this week, pointed out how much the supporters give them a boost, and the Athelticos are surely the source of that. How can the administration accuse the fans of killing the club & then do this? This is designed to antagonise.

@pjoturtle: More nonsense from the clowns in charge. Too busy picking fights with the fanbase than sorting the real issues out. #Abdallahout #Moout #OAFC #Saveoafc

@uglygame: The absurdity of owners thinking they can dig their heels in like this. Just sell up – for what the club’s worth now you’ve mismanaged it, now what you’d like to imagine it’s worth – and get gone.

@MarcFeighery: Just keep it peaceful and safe for those that actually want to watch football. The last thing I want my kids to see is fools running around on tbe pitch and swearing/fighting outside the ground.

@JoshJantas: keep going lads fuck what they say #oafc

@OAFCNick: Don’t stop going boys the publicity you lads have helped create for our cause far outweighs the few pounds that won’t go in to their pockets…. Keep it up, don’t stop now

@niklitwinenko: Take all the banners down to BP next game and cover/block ALL turnstiles with them. #oafc

@dan_snook: Get down to the next home game, mass outside the main entrance with all your banners and flags and make as much noise as you can. Get someone to bring a tablet so you can watch the game. Do all this having contacted local/national media. Keep it legal but noisy. Fight the power.

@mattbrock89: Whatever you do, do not stop! Keep applying the pressure! #oafc

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