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Fans fume at James Maddison after posting video amid ‘hectic’ schedule

Fans took to fume at James Maddison after posting a video onto his social media amid of the ‘hectic’ schedule we hear so much of.

The 25 year old has gone on to anger users by sharing a ‘day in the life’ of a footballer clip in which he shows off his flash cars.

He has been influential for Leicester City over the festive period during a busy run of fixtures for Premier League clubs.

His manager, Brendan Rodgers, is one of many managers who have spoken out against the scheduling, claiming it is “ridiculous” to expect players to play so often.

However, looking at Maddison’s latest TikTok post, it shows a compilation of his activities over the course of 24 hours, which has left supporters questioning those claims.

As can be seen above, the clip starts with him showing off his extensive walk-in wardrobe packed with designer clothes and also features two Lamborghini vehicles.

Rodgers has been joined by Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp in condemning the English football Christmas tradition, something that’s always been here way before they were around.

Leicester played both Manchester City and Liverpool in the space of three days, losing to the former but beating the latter.

Their boss has even claimed a player a could have his career ended if the football schedule isn’t altered, yet Maddison seems perfectly fine is what fans are suggesting.

Leicester City news: Brendan Rodgers talks transfers, young midfielder  signs for Foxes - Leicestershire Live

Burnley’s Sean Dyche however has dismissed the claims about player welfare, declaring it is “off the scale” at his club.

As mentioned, fans fume at James Maddison after posting a video amid the supposed ‘hectic’ schedule he and his teammates face this festive period…

@ThfcTweets_: Let’s all feel sorry for them because they have to play more football in December 😂

@MartisakaFc: If I was a footballer I would welcome more games. This is a dream life

@8Brunology: More of a I’m rich look at me type video

@salts10: Player welfare at rock bottom….

@glne12: Aye its a hard life playing football every couple of days they want to try a few 12 hour night shifts after 3 hrs kip

@SammyFarr4: Player welfare really is a concern. Premier League must do something about it ASAP.

@AnthBowz: PLAYER WELFARE 🤷🏻‍♂️

@JPdemetriou: Think we should start a ‘just giving ‘page for maddison. The struggle is real 🤣🙈

@wwfcmiller: Feel awful for him, living such a hard life

@LewisMcc18: Puts things into perspective and makes you realise how lucky we are compared to these lads and their gruelling Decembers

@markoos01: Won’t somebody think of their welfare!!!!!

@thehbomb87: That’s all nice but can you imagine how awful it is having to play 3 games in a week every December?

@Steweiser74: I honestly feel the pain he and his fella footballers are going through and us fans must pull together and be strong for them all 🥺

@jgero1: This really makes me feel sorry for players welfare, how do they do it, they are just plodding on 🤦🏻‍♂️

@ManlikeMatt10: And we’re meant to feel sorry for them and the managers for an ‘intense’ fixture schedule, having a laugh

@stevieelliott4: Oh my heart goes out for them.. 2 games in 48 hours.. such a tough tough life

@malmounia: Please someone do a Sunday morning footballer send up responding video – tatty trainers, 12 year old Ford Corsa, can of baked beans in the fridge, pre fab changing room, no paper in the toilet with no door, muddy pitch and then walking an ugly dog at the rec at the end of the day

@asher_prince89: Don’t wanna hear these managers talk nonsense about too many games ever again.

@toDAREis2DEAR: Sean Dyche just threw his phone down the toilet watching this

@ryan2tomson: Can’t believe these poor blokes need to play through winter looks murder so it does

@steviekane1878: Players welfare they keep saying!!!! Pissed me off this 😂 Imagine these cunts on a building site working 5/6days a week doing a 9 to 5

@S_Branscombe: Bless them having to work 1.5 or sometimes 3 hrs a week & they still moan 🤔

@CFC_M20: Looks horrible. No wonder why they need 20 weeks break

@mf44qpr: Ahh bless and they moan about schedule over Xmas

@afacey_3: Never wanna hear a manager moan about the Xmas schedule again #WhatALife

@tkccfc: Got a cheek on them asking the public to show sympathy because they have to play a few more games in December ffs

@miserable__wolf: Shocking player welfare on display here, no wonder they are all moaning. How anyone could work in those conditions is beyond me.

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