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Fans fume at Colchester chairman Robbie Cowling over his ‘not your club’ rant

Fans have took to fume at Colchester United chairman Robbie Cowling over his ‘not your club’ rant after the team’s latest league defeat.

The owner was confronted by a group of angry U’s fans following a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Barrow, leaving the Essex outfit 22nd in the League Two standings.

Cowling,61, spoke to a small group of Colchester supporters as he was making his way out of the ground at the JobServe Community Stadium, after witnessing his side’s fifth in a row, in all competitions.

Passionate fans demanded that Cowling should leave the club, amid increasing criticism following poor results and performances on the pitch.

A video clip of the heated moment has been viewed thousands of times, on social media, but it’s how Cowling responded to fans that really got people talking

Cowling, who doesn’t want to leave, asks fans what would happen if he left the club now, before asking them to find someone who would want to take over, should he choose to depart.

When asked by one particular fan why, Cowling replied: “I don’t want to sell the club. It’s my club, not your club.”

A fan then states that two seasons ago, the club were in the playoffs to which Cowling added: “Was I not responsible for that then?”.

A group of Colchester fans have been increasingly critical of the chairman over recent months, as the club find themselves three points above the drop zone.

Twitter users reacted to the video with fans taking to fume at Colchester chairman Robbie Cowling over his ‘not your club’ rant…

@Wrightie28: Its my club not your club….. says it all #Colu

@AyrtonFtGolding: Owners like this should never be allowed to become Owners

@AjaxReloadedAlt: Surely this is the beginning of the end now for him. I can’t see a way out of this for him cleanly

@JohnJrManning: Not a Colchester fan so why has this pissed me off? What an absolute cockwomble

@twhitehead1986: This is the problem with some chairmen, they forget the history and no fans, no income, no club, no business

@Ben_Mattin1: Another owner that hasn’t got a clue 🙄

@Dan_HR_BP: Get this horrible little man out of OUR club. #colu

@MatthewV_ENG: Words cannot describe how much I detest this absolute Berkshire Hunt. Credit to the people who stood calmly and tried to engage him in conversation, he deserves nothing but dog’s abuse until he’s hounded out of Colchester entirely. Parasite. #ColU

@JamesLaver11: He has to go. So little respect for us fans who pay hard earned money to go watch us lose every week #ColU

@elliot_1937: not spending any more money at “HIS CLUB” until something changes

@_danjlind: Colchester, Oldham & us are down there for the same reason. This could be an interesting end to this shit season 🤒🤒🤒

@benhallidayCUFC: This is the final straw for me. He will never get another penny of my money. Colchester United was here before you were a spunk bubble in your dad’s bollocks. Self centred little twat #ColU

@_RyMcCluskey: Absolute cunt that Robbie bloke state of ownership in majority of LG2 is dreadful

@EJShepherd6: “My club not yours” yet we are the ones trekking down to forest green, barrow, Carlisle every week while he sits there and says everything’s fine when it’s not.

@OliverMorley8: Not a good look, if there was a time for a Cowling statement it is urgent with a apology to the fans and some sort of plan to get fans back on board if not things will get ugly… @ColU_Official #ColU #CUFC @jameswilkin

@AllEnglandFlags: It’s my club not yours. Vile.

@_zpa__: Lost for words. I have had enough of this absolute pathetic excuse of a man. #ColU

@KarlMadderz55: Reason I don’t go col u anymore, this blokes ruined the club imo.

@stuarttthodson: Wow.. even as an Ipswich fan this is shocking to see! Single handily destroying a football club. Wouldn’t even be a club if it wasn’t for fans 🤦🏽‍♂️

@Ethyyp: Don’t turn up then see how he gets on 🤣 what a bellend

@TheLatestColU: In many ways he is right, but you just don’t want to ever hear that from your chairman. Let’s not forget it’s the fans who buy tickets and generate income to keep the club alive. Relationship between fans and club really is at an all time low

@WillB_2003: Cowling at ColU, Scally at Gills, could name others, they think they’re doing the fans a favour by owning their club and running it into the ground. Quite clear that this man doesn’t care what happens to Colchester United and that is very sad

@benhallidayCUFC: This right here is the conclusion to what we’ve all said for years. It’s not about Colchester United. It’s about Robbie Cowling FC. It’s his way, his decisions and tough shit. Fuck all will change. I’d actually vet money It’s gets worse now #ColU

@SamECFC21: Absolute disgrace to football, without fans the club is finished.

@Ironarmyhd: Could be worse at @SUFCOfficial. Here we have Robbie Cowling, chairman of @ColU_Official

@tom_mccormack: We were fans of this club while you were still supporting West Ham! It’s not your club, it never will be, you’re just a little man who is trying to challenge Jonathan Crisp to be the worst owner of #ColU ever. It’s the only thing you’re winning at!

@SfcDanny: Cares more about himself and not there fans. Complete Arrogance that is! I’d be disgusted and embarrassed if he was our owner

@musto_jim: Wow. I’d genuinely be fuming being on the other side of it, I’m surprised o one kicked off

@glenister_andy: We need ‘OUR’ club back! If he thinks it’s his he can fuck off! Absolute cunt! #colu

@Luke2Wallace: What an absolute cunt #EFL #ColU

@BWA_ColUtd: No you’re the custodian of OUR club! #BWA #ColU @ColU_Official

@Jamie_Hudson_: Enough is enough, we need to get together to have protests against this man. He has a clear hatred of any fan who dares to question him #ColU

@Clachan1GK: When you could not dislike this man anymore he says this he really is a joke aint he not fit to run our club and needs to fuck off and leave asap! #Colu

@GCC_1991: ‘It’s my club not yours’ Everything that is wrong with this arrogant bloke! He should be licking the arse of every #colu fan out there not doing everything to piss them off. The fans will be there long after he fucks off. Time to go!

@ollieshone: blokes been lying about caring for years and he’s been finished in a 3 second clip, you silly silly man Robbie

@frenchcricfan: what a disgrace, football is nothing without the fans and as soon as colu supporters stop turning up he’ll care

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