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Fans flock to donation page to help try and keep Torquay alive after going into administration

Fans flock to donation page to help try and keep Torquay United alive after the announcement of the club going into administration.

The owner, Clarke Osborne, has been in charge since 2016 when he acquired the team from a consortium. However, he has now stated that he is unable to sustain the team financially, leading to the appointment of administrators to oversee the club.

This news came a few hours before the departure of manager Gary Johnson, who has also steps down from the club with immediate effect.


Gulls fans flocking to their Club’s aid

Following the news that Torquay United AFC intends to appoint an administrator, the Club has been inundated with messages of support and offers of assistance from not only the Yellow Army, and local community, but also the wider footballing family.

On behalf of everyone here at Plainmoor, the Club would like to express its heartfelt gratitude and thanks for everyone that has taken the time to contact us, during what is obviously a very difficult period.

Behind the scenes, the Club is working on a number of new and exciting ventures to help raise funds to help safeguard United’s immediate future, and we look forward to providing more details regarding these soon. We greatly appreciate all the ideas we’ve received from the Yellow Army so far – please keep them coming!

A number of supporters have generously offered to donate funds in order to help assist the Club, and with this in mind, the Club has now set up the following link to enable any fans wishing to make donations via PayPal.

It should be stressed that all donations received by this method will only be used to ensure essential operating costs are met, and to help the Club continue to function as a professional football club.

To donate and help keep YOUR Football Club alive, please click on the link below


Meanwhile, any parties who would like to express their interest in investing in the Club, are requested to email secretary@torquayunited.com

On Saturday, matters on the pitch will thankfully take precedence once again – under the guidance of new interim manager Aaron Downes. The Gulls will be looking to put a smile back on everyone’s faces with three points against Aveley, and we’d love to have as many of you cheering on the lads there as possible to help them do that!

Come On You Yellows!

Interim manager Aaron Downes said via the Devon Live, Torquay United Yellow Army Podcast: “It was definitely a difficult day for a lot of people at this football club, and a lot of people we care about, so it was a difficult day.

“It is now my focus to compartmentalise everything and to break it down into smaller pieces. My sole focus right at this moment in time is the health and the wellbeing of the players is OK, try and give them as much reassurance as possible, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty around.

“And then it will be trying to get the players in the best frame of mind really to go and put on a performance tomorrow afternoon – and prepare the team to go and win a football match. They’re my immediate focuses and they are the only things I can control.

“Yeah, it was a difficult couple of hours, or a difficult day, but I do know through adversity there can be success. So my focus is on making sure we get through the next 48 hours – and then progress from there.

“Me and the Gaffer have spoken about things previously, but this came unexpectedly I suppose, especially yesterday. When we woke up yesterday morning and when we were in the car together, that was not the sort of day we envisaged.

“But the manager’s been very selfless, shall I say, in his actions, and how things have been dealt with. Me and him had a good conversation and absolutely we are on the best of terms. The respect I have got for the man is very high and he is happy for me to carry on, for however long that is for.”

“Every coach and person has their own thoughts and way of dealing with things. I have got mine, but I was a player under Gary and also a coach under him so there are certain elements that will stay with me for a while – but there are also thoughts and ideas of my own, of course, and it’s important for me not to implement too much too soon on the players and confuse them too much.

“But the most important thing for me is making sure we go out, we are competitive, we are positive in what we do. They will be a gameplan that we’ll put into action and hopefully we can fulfill that and try and make what has been a difficult week for the football club end on a real positive note.

“What I do know about this football club is that, in adversity it is a very strong and united front. That is what I believe the supporters will show, that they will support the football club in difficult times and difficult moments.

“It’s a community club, it’s a family club, and it’s something that is very dear to a lot of us here at the football club – and I really don’t expect any less than the supporters to come and support us the way that they have done for so many years. For over 125 years of this football club they have sat through good times and bad times and it has been a difficult week and I know this football club will come out fighting.

“I am really looking forward to seeing everybody on Saturday, in good numbers I believe, and I am hopeful of a really positive day for everybody involved.”

Twitter users reacted as fans flock to donation page to help try and keep Torquay alive after going into administration…

@RichHeesem: Please donate to my football club if you can. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. #oneclubunited #tufc

@TUFC18999: No more robotic tweeting from the club is so nice to see, can feel actual passion from whoever is writing it now rather than shackles on them from Edwards the 🐀 #tufc

@karlwhitehouse: Such a shame what has happened to this club in the last few days please help them out in putting a donation to make sure they can carry on and function.

@SaintsDanSFC: I still feel sick after yesterday’s proceedings… We will fight together and we will now become oneclubunited or whatever it was. #tufc

@ian_corbishley: You and @officiallydale seem to be in the same boat. Good luck to both of you and that you make it through. The football model, where the rich just get richer, is broken.

@gullssinceaboy: These clubs are OURS, these temporary owners forget that. Best of luck to Rochdale!

@daws_leanne: Sad times. The top tiers in the game should be subsidising the lower league clubs to help maintain sustainable community clubs. It is more difficult than ever to survive.

@ChrisCOB_OB: Such sad news about Torquay United 💛 💙 I hope the club finds its feet quickly and gets the support it needs. Proper club and fans, fans who need their club in good hands. As a kid the first couple of years going the Blues in Division 3 we had some battles. #TUFC 🙏🏼

@borojason: Hate seeing this happen to another club their has been to many clubs that have fallen down the football pyramid over the years.just hope Torquay can get something sorted out soon.mad to think we played them in the league 2 play off final at old Trafford years ago.

@ArthurHowa61504: Prior to the takeover of the club I support, Wrexham, we suffered a succession of disreputable owners who nearly caused the liquidation of the club. We know what you are going through, we really do and you have the love and support of the Wrexham fans. Good luck everyone.

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