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Fans disgusted at Daily Mail’s ‘revolting’ article on Kalvin Phillips

Fans have been disgusted at the Daily Mail’s ‘revolting’ article which has been doing the rounds on Kalvin Phillips this week.

Just hours after he put in a magnificent midfield performance for the Three Lions against Croatia in the Euros on Sunday, they issued quite a personal article on his family.

The headline read: “The making of Kalvin Phillips, England’s latest football hero: His Irish mum had to sleep on family sofa, he has had the same girlfriend since the age of 11 and his Jamaican dad is in prison as he takes Euro 2020 by storm”.

We won’t mentioned some of the other wordings they went with, but it really hasn’t gone down well.

While he impressed during the game, and got huge amounts of praise on social media, Daily Mail couldn’t help but publish a controversial story on him.

Phillips provided the match-winning assist for Raheem Sterling’s 57th-minute goal to get Gareth Southgate’s men off to a solid start.

The 25-year-old got forward, before cutting inside and playing an superb pass to Sterling, who scored his first goal at a major tournament.

Speaking open and honestly about his upbringing last year, Phillips paid tribute to his mum for her integral role in his upbringing – revealing she often went hungry at night to ensure he and his siblings were fed.

In an interview with the Times, he underlined how big a role his mum, Lindsay, has played in him getting to the promised land.

“We used to live in a three-bed house, me and my brother upstairs in bunk beds, my little sister and older sister in the other bedrooms and my mum used to sleep on the sofa downstairs,” Phillips explained.

“I used to get free school meals. I’d see kids coming in with packed lunches, having sandwiches and chocolate bars.

“Some kids would laugh at me, saying, ‘You’re getting free school meals.’ I’d come home and say, ‘Mum, why can’t I have a packed lunch?’ ‘We can’t afford it,’ my mum explained.

“There have been times where my mum didn’t eat at night because she had to feed us. My mum worked two jobs to make enough money to feed us. Grandma would chip in for food.

“So what Marcus [Rashford] has done is massive [with getting the government to fund free school meals during half-term].”

Phillips also opened up on his relationship with his dad, Mark, and how he speaks with him every couple of weeks from jail.

“He’s been in and out my life since when I was young,” he explained. “He’s been in prison, out of prison. He got into the wrong crowd, drugs, fighting, anything you can name.

“I look at the background of my dad. My Dad wasn’t brought up in the best situation. He never knew his father really.

“He got the name ‘Chalky’ because he was the only black guy in his school and in his neighbourhood.

“A lot of people still now call him ‘Chalky’. It’s crazy. He had a kid at 13, my step-sister, we’re very close.

“He and my mum had a relationship where they were OK for a certain point and then my dad would go off and just do whatever he did.

“My mum would lose patience with him and then my dad would go into prison, come back out, come back to my mum and then do exactly the same thing.”

It seems however that fans were disgusted at how Daily Mail’s ‘revolting’ article on Kalvin Phillips was worded…

@HLTCO: Just seen the Daily Mail’s “story” on Kalvin Phillips. The whole publication is the absolute worst of English society.

@touchlinefracas: It was very easy for the Daily Mail to tell us about the 10/10 performance from @Kalvinphillips but instead they felt they needed to tell us something else to distract us from how good he was yesterday vs Croatia.

@DJdavewalker: Kalvin Phillips has one the best debut tournament performances any England player has ever had but the @MailOnline decide to headline about his Irish Mum and Jamaican Dad. The entire organisation can get in the Bin #England

@cameronflaws: Kalvin Phillips puts in a fantastic MOTM performance against Croatia in his first tournament and the Daily Mail go and write a story like that about him, I will piss myself laughing when the likes of Daily Mail and The Sun go out of business, horrible rags the lot of them

@AngieSomerside: Everyone “Kalvin Phillips unbelievable Euro performance” 👏 Daily Mail “his dad is Jamaican – what dirt can we find” Absolutely scumbags. #racism

@AdamjeeA: I need Britain to show the same energy towards the Mail as they do for The S*n

@BimboBimbo007: How is this shit even allowed to be printed

@LeePuckrin: This country has no problem with racism does it! When this is the normal tone of one of our national news papers! Disgrace!!

@CockOnBallStory: We still live in a world where people with no entitlement to know someone’s ethnic background are still weirdly curious to want to

@joshbrdean: Be a shame if #LUFC fans found out it was @JBezants who wrote this, wouldn’t it?

@briancollins58: Wow Daily Mail know how to bring a man down while supposedly praising

@StreamingSteve7: Why is anyone surprised? Toxic media being toxic again, only way it stops is if we stop paying attention to the ones that do it. Tabloid’s the lowest scum of them all, Daily mail was a disgrace before this Kalvin Phillips article and will be one long after.

@mrjoelclark: Didn’t take long for the Daily Mail to start pouring shit on Kalvin Phillips.

@ianoverson: They should just leave his family alone. Seems like a great type and could be a top footballer if he keeps this level up.

@ChanniPatel: Gutter press in it’s finest form

@johnhopkinsonb2: Yet another Tory rag I wouldn’t even use to wipe my arse on!

@Handsomekid83: Wait till he has a bad game….they’ll dig up dirt as to why his old man’s in jail no doubt 😡.

@lmgrant66: Haven’t bought a newspaper for a long time now and had thought this sort of shit had stopped, Thank you for reminding me not to buy one again

@BBoBaggins: Daily fail staying true to its character. Abhorrent rag!

@Leroy291190: Are you surprised though? It’s always the same with the media etc in this country! Why can’t we praise people and build them up. Instead we have to find something wrong, disrespectful, untrue, but twist it all to create a headline, a story!

@CallumAtkins1: The press need banishing completely they did this with Sterling and others, surely we are the only country who’s press always look to bring down our best performers it’s blood boiling

@nathan_ab27: Papers wonder why people have stopped buying them. Not fit for picking up dog shit the spineless rags

@Elliot14_Smith2: I can’t believe people actually still buy it. Just as bad as The Sun, awful rags

@Neilfax: Gutter press. The Daily Fail

@jackwedz: What’s wrong with our press? Get behind our players – they’re at the top of their profession and representing our country on the global stage. We should be proud of them and their achievements!

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