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Fans denied entry to Hillsborough after fight breaks out prior Sheffield Wednesday game

Some fans have been denied entry to Hillsborough Stadium after a fight breaks out prior to a recent Sheffield Wednesday game.

Mobile phone footage emerged from outside the Rawson Spring pub on Langsett Road, Hillsborough, before the League One clash with Shrewsbury Town at the weekend.

It unfortunately showed a group of men knocking another man to the ground in the middle of the road and kicking him as he was down.

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It has since been reported by The Star that the attackers then quickly fled the scene after beating up the fan and leaving him hurt on the ground.

When asked about the incident, South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers monitoring the Sheffield Wednesday v Shrewsbury Town fixture on Saturday, September 18 were called to the Hillsborough Corner area at about 2.05pm to reports of public order offences involving away fans.

“Some incidents were witnessed, and as a result a handful of away fans were refused entry to Hillsborough Stadium for being too drunk and were escorted from the South Yorkshire Police force area.”

This is what fans had to say with fans being denied entry to Hillsborough after the fight breaks out prior to the Sheffield Wednesday game…

mickfielding85: U Dont hit a man on the ground.

powell_matty: Whole country has lost the plot

reed260567: You never kick a man down especially in the head inbreads

ashleywhittle_: Kicked while he’s down. That’s a no no for me!

batesirufc: Wednesday turned over two weeks in a row? Plymouth now Shrewsbury 😂😂😂

blue_amber_army_stfc’s profile picture
blue_amber_army_stfc: Shrews were out numbered so I dky why Sheffield lads are giving it the biggn and why keep hitting someone who’s on the ground😂

jamiearowe: bullies kicking when he’s down

gwinks88: Nature is healing…

the3stripedjackal: It makes you wonder who does the kicking when people are on the deck as everyone says “you don’t kick a bloke on the deck”. I think we can safely say that his part of the ‘the code’ is a load of bollocks.

deanomon74_: Bad form kicking someone on the ground.🙈

barlog_notts: never leave your mates

hardiman54: Your fists are for fighting your feet are for running

sja00_: Turned from a scrap to attempted murder real quick

daleythompson081: Like hyenas. You don’t do one on the deck

danheight_: Kicking when he’s down, pussys!!

chrisjono84: Was that 5 boys kicking one on the ground? Yep thought so 🤨

71darmo: Every cunts making up for lost time 😁 love it

esterpettifer: Fucking pussy kicking a man on the deck !! Let him get on his feet and have 1 on 1 hard man …

macka_86: Going off alot recently 👏

ash.w.47: Hammering a lad while he’s on the floor. No need for that. I’d only do that to Derby 🤣

dannyscott294: Kicking when down and done fucking not right… if you know the code!!!

andyfineran34: No need to stick the boot In when the lad is on the floor!

lucian_collins_06: 5 on 1 they would probably all run if his mates showed up though

stewartdakin: 5 on 1 when the lad is on the ground that’s fucking embarrassing

mike_preston20: Wednesday came to Plymouth and tried this and failed massively. 🤣 got what the deserved. Then we beat them 3-0. 👍

joes.25: let’s all stamp on the guy on the floor and leave the rest

d.morrell_06: Sheff Wednesday fans for you 5 on 1 embarrassing

g.cobby: When he’s down he’s done! Fucking sticking the boot in has no place!

oufctelboy: Doing someone when they are on the deck is out of order

The weekend saw plenty of fights playing out between different fanbases, making for busy work with police, security and stewards inside and outside stadiums.

A video done the rounds, and it showed one fan get sparked out as Newcastle and Leeds United supporters clash before Friday’s Premier League meeting.

Police were criticised on social media by some of those who attended the game, with allegations of multiple officers ‘battering’ individuals with batons. See more on that HERE.

Hull City fans have been video recorded getting themselves in a punch-up with Sheffield United supporters in the stadium’s away end.

Not only did fists get thrown between the two sets of fans, but a Sheffield United fan was caught live on Sky Sports making the slit throat gesture to those in the opposite end. More on that HERE.

Also, another video went viral appearing to show Burnley and Arsenal fans fight each other following the full time whistle on Saturday.

It is unclear as to why chaos broke out, but the Burnley PA had to urge ‘all supporters to leave the stadium immediately’ with a large number of objects are being thrown. See that HERE.

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