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Fans’ debate over Jack Grealish gets heated as Aston Villa respond to £100m bid

A fans’ Twitter debate over Jack Grealish gets heated as Aston Villa respond to a £100m bid put in by Manchester City, say reports.

The Express and Star state that Aston Villa are to restart talks with England midfielder Jack Grealish next week and are willing to offer him a new deal to ward off advances from the Sky Blues.

While the Guardian and Star claim the West Midlands outfit have been approached by City and a decision about whether a deal for the 25-year-old can be struck is expected to be made with Pep Guardiola hoping to have a deal for Grealish done in time for the Community Shield on the 7th of August.

This all comes despite frequent speculation that Villa are yet to receive any contact from the Premier League champions and their summer transfer strategy to this point has been based on the 25-year-old staying.

He is currently out in Dubrovnik on a holiday with his childhood sweetheart Sasha Attwood who was seen cheering on Jack at Wembley with other WAGs, including Jordan Pickford’s wife Megan Davison.

The player is currently all any football fan seems to be talking about and a talking point put forward by one supporter has really caused a divide.

WhoScored’s Martin Laurence wrote: “If there’s a Villa fan that gives Grealish abuse if / after he leaves they want banning. He’s probably the best player the club has ever had. And he’s Villa. To say we are/were lucky to have him is the understatement of all understatements.”

As mentioned, the fans’ debate over Jack Grealish gets heated for some as Aston Villa ‘respond to the £100m bid’, see what was said below…

@UTV_LC: I won’t abuse him but I certainly won’t wish him well. He knows how damaging him leaving will be to the club and the project. He knows how important he is, and he knows it will derail the project if he goes. For that reason if he leaves I won’t care for him

@dwhandv: If you think he’s the best player we’ve ever had I’d like to introduce you to Paul McGrath, Gordon Cowans, Brian Little, Dennis Mortimer, Gary Shaw and that’s just the ones I’ve seen.

@danielhavfc: Couldn’t disagree more. Small club mentality.

@Dpn76: If Jack leaves he’s just another player We’ve lost players to clubs before but you don’t leave for trophies after making it all about you and you’re love for the club and whilst we are still progressing and he’s still young enough to wait a year or 2 This isn’t his last chance

@Gazoaks: But whether you like it or not, moving when teams are on the up ruins relationships between players and fans. I will not have the same feeling for him, but then I don’t boo anything because I’m not 10.

@mr_wright_54321: 10 months ago he wanted to stay because of the project, the project to date hasn’t changed so if he does now want to leave he should be getting abuse for abandoning it for money, it’s nothing personal it’s how we are with all snakes O’Neil got it so did Delph that’s how it goes.

@MishaMiguel1: Nonsense. If he left it showed his whole persona is false. The whole ‘my city, my club, my home’. A couple months ago he spoke about boyhood club in his Sports Direct promo. Leaving now is snakey and he wouldn’t have Lerner to blame like others did.

@ValKenny2: Sorry to tell you but Paul McGrath was the best player that ever wore a Villa jersey. Grealish is good but McGrath was God!

@oldmansaid: @martinlaurence7 You sir, have just demonstrated an embarrassing and insulting appreciation of Villa’s greatest players.

@reel_villan: Banning people for having an opinion?! Bizarre way to look at things. Yes, we have been lucky to have him. Do we owe him anything though? No. Would he look like a liar if he decides to go? Yes. I won’t give him abuse but I certainly won’t be cheering him on if he goes.

@LinehamAlex: Don’t be so wet, villa made him what he is including a rich young man, I expect him to still believe in the club he loves and the project we’ve put forward. I would never abuse jack but he’d just be another ex player to me. It would be a massive kick in the balls if he leaves

@Son_Lyme: You be you, and I’ll be me. Which for me won’t include abuse but will include a deep and wounding feeling of betrayal. I also won’t indulge in pious virtue signalling. ‘My city. My club. My home. UTV’

@mikeyavfc19: If Jack leaves then he just joins another long list of former players. No special reception for him, no clapping and no booing, just becomes as irrelevant as all the others.

@fitness_mitch: He’ll definitely get some stick. It’s like when you split up with your girlfriend and still deep down really love her but when anyone asks “she’s a bitch anyway and she’s shit in bed”.

@Mikecur76666051: Oh do one… Banning? 🤣🤣 Freedom of speech idiot

@Arxher1874: they want banning 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ahhhh man

@HG1874_: Yeah no worries let’s let all our players treat us as a stepping stone as just be happy we were so lucky to watch them play. That’s how you progress as a club owned by 2 multi billionaires that want to break into the top 6.

@KMacoftheKop: Villa won the European cup and some league titles; I don’t think Grealish is the best player they’ve ever had 😅

@jame_s27: Best player the club has ever had. Surely there’s a few in the European Cup winning side who might disagree

@ghartless: Lucky to have him? Where does this plucky underdog mentality come from? Villa are one of the most successful clubs in the history of football. If we’re going to get back to the top table then we need to ditch this pathetic meekness.

@dvtavfc: Nope, not this at all. The cycle we’re in is cus players leave the “smaller” clubs, they don’t leave because of the cycle. Him leaving, as much as anything else, is symbolically telling us even a “fan” is unwilling to break the cycle. It says we will *never* watch #AVFC win

@HJMav: Just because you’re happy for the club to roll over onto their backs, literally selling the one person this entire project is based around, doesn’t mean everyone has to agree. Just shows the lack of ambition and weak mentality so called fans of the club are showing

@bobrady14: The replies in here 🍿😂🤣

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