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Fans cringe at Ryan Giggs’ explicit love poem and text messages read out in court

Fans have took to cringe at Ryan Giggs’ explicit love poem and text messages which were read out in court as the trial goes on.

A love letter penned by the former footballer to ex-girlfriend Kate Greville was heard in Manchester Crown Court on Thursday as his trial continues.

As we all know, he has been accused of controlling and assaulting his former girlfriend and striking her younger sister Emma.

Giggs has denied all charges and struggled to contain his emotions earlier in the trial when questioned about the night he spent behind bars in November 2020 as a result of an alleged headbutt on Greville.

“It was the worst experience of my life,” 

Giggs said he was ‘so scared’ after being taken to Pendleton police station for allegedly headbutting Ms Greville during the row at his £1.7m mansion and added that he got ‘hardly any’ sleep that night and spoke to a solicitor for the first time the next day. 

He also told the court that he believed PR executive Ms Greville was trying to leave his home with their cocker spaniel puppy ‘Mac’ on the night of the alleged assault.

Jurors heard how during the row both he and Ms Greville fell to the floor after ‘slipping on shopping bags’ as he attempted to grab his phone from her.

Giggs claimed she kicked him ‘six or seven times’ in the head and that, after getting up, they engaged in a ‘tug-of-war’ in which they ‘clashed heads’.

Earlier this week Giggs admitted in court to being a ‘love cheat’ who can ‘never’ resist an attractive woman as also admitted to cheating on his first wife with Ms Greville following his ‘very public’ affair with his sister-in-law.

While in the witness box, he admitted to being ‘a flirt by nature’ who has ‘never’ been faithful to any of his former girlfriends. 

In a summary of his love life, he admitted that he is ‘never’ able to resist an attractive woman – regardless of whether or not he is in a relationship. 

He also told jurors that he had been unfaithful to ex-wife, Stacey Giggs during a ‘very public affair’ – making a reference to his eight-year relationship with his sister-in-law that saw her fall pregnant – and a later had a fling with now ex-girlfriend Ms Greville, an affair he admitted allowed him to ‘have his cake and eat it’.

However he strongly denied ever attacking Ms Greville, who has accused him of ‘headbutting’ her during a row at his mansion. When asked if he had ever had ever assaulted a woman, Giggs replied: ‘No’.

On Thursday, lawyers read out messages sent between the couple when they were still together.

Both exchanged poems about the other with Giggs even quoted as saying “Kate I love you to the next planet those clever f****** at Nasa finds. Plus all my Premier League appearances which is a lot. Love you baby”.

Another saw him call her ‘my sunshine, my wish, my soulmate, my strength, my one and only’.

The 48-year-old, who managed Wales between 2018-2022 before stepping down earlier this year, claims that on the night of the alleged headbutt he was provoked and was assaulted himself.

“Kate just proceeded to kick me in the head. As soon as we were on the floor, I was getting kicked in the head, and I was just protecting my head,” Giggs said.

“Kate was just grabbing my wrist and wanting to get my hand out of my pocket.

“It got more and more aggressive, a sort of tug-of-war and we clashed heads.”

Giggs’ trial will enter its 10th day on Friday and is expected to go on longer.


‘My darling Kate,’ Giggs wrote.

‘Unequivocally our love was fate. I fell in love with you at first sight. I remember cos I was as high as a kite.

‘Those beautiful eyes made me shiver.

‘I’m not going to lie I think of you I dream of you. Can’t help thinking pulling you was my greatest ever coup.

‘That stomach those abs, those pictures you send so I can keep tabs.

‘You make me feel funny down there. Especially when you’re there and you look up and stare.

‘I am beginning to think you are always right. That’s ok it will keep us tight.

‘I’m gonna end by saying you are my love, my friend, my soul.

‘And most of all you believe in me which makes me as hard as a totem pole.’

On Christmas Day 2016, Mr Giggs wrote: “Babe, make the most of Christmas because the next 40 years will be spent being pampered.

“Every day will be like Christmas waking up together with you. You are my angel. I’m the luckiest man alive to have ever met you.”

Ms Greville replied: “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love all of you. Your beautiful mind. The fire in your soul.”

On New Year’s Eve in 2016, Giggs wrote: “You have got me through the most difficult period in my life. Thank you for putting up with me because I’m not perfect. Far from it. You are my babycakes.”

In April 2017 he said: “Morning, I have to continually ask myself this question. How the f*** did I pull you? You are a painting, a thoroughbred, a supermodel, an absolute dream.”

Ms Greville replied: “Ha ha. You’re my world Giggsy baby.”

On 30 August 2017, the public relations executive had messaged Giggs that he made her “heart flutter because you are a nutter”.

She added: “Every day you do me proud not just because you are well endowed.”

As mentioned, fans cringe at Ryan Giggs’ explicit poem and text messages which were read out in court…

@mattyd128: You’d rather do time than let something like this see the light of day

@A_Newman14: Surely this can’t be real? 😅

@MatthewW1991: Gonna travel back in time and stop myself celebrating the 99 Cup semi final goal after reading this.

@HotspurHooked: I refuse to believe this is real, “especially when you’re there and you look up and stare” this sounds like a bar from Uk drill

@LewisTHFC_: Should be locked up for this regardless of anything else imo

@AWallis1878: Hard as a totem pole 😂

@AidanWalshMUFC: Is this real? 😭

@Dan_Clarkey: My eyes hurt but I can’t stop reading it 😫

@mrjamieyates: This is incredible!

@ashley_jsph: Absolutely madd 😂😂

@JamesRy34202073: Has to be a wind up 😂

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