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Fans brutally mock group who held controversial banner before England game at Wembley

Fans have took to Twitter to brutally mock a group who held up a controversial banner before an England game at Wembley.

Patriotic Alternative (PA) are describe to being a British far-right white nationalist group which states that it has active branches nationwide.

Its stance has been variously described as antisemitic, Islamophobic, fascist and racist according to many reports.

On Sunday morning, a few hours before kick off, the group claimed on social media that they headed to the national stadium, and got a photo of three people hiding behind a banner being held up. However, they have been rumbled, with the photo actually taken back in March before the Poland game.

Alongside the group’s logo, the writing next to it read: “GET OFF YOUR KNEES, ENGLISH MEN.”

Patriotic Alternative are known to cause backlash, so much so that their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were suspended in February 2021 but some of its regional pages remained viewable.

Before the game, the Football Association urged supporters who oppose the pre-match gesture to “reflect on the message you are sending to the players you are supporting” ahead of the game.

England players were initially booed by sections of the crowd before applause and cheering broke out as the team took a knee.

As we know, supporters had previously booed England players taking a knee ahead of their pre-tournament friendlies against Austria and Romania at the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough.

The FA and the England squad have continually reiterated that by taking a knee, it is not aligned to a political organisation or ideology with fans asked to drown out any boos with applause.

Once the boos were heard inside Wembley, many supporters did begin to applaud while the Croatia team remained standing.

England boss Gareth Southgate said last week that he would not allow his players to continue to be questioned about the knee and the subsequent reaction once the tournament begun.

A UEFA spokesman confirmed ahead of the game the governing body cannot punish any nations whose supporters do react to the gesture.

“UEFA has a zero tolerance against racism and any player who wants to demand equality amongst human beings by taking the knee will be allowed to do so,” he said.

“We urge spectators to show respect for teams and players taking the knee.

“UEFA will not take disciplinary action against the national association for their fans’ reaction to this initiative as there are no legal grounds to do so in the current competition and disciplinary regulations and to do so would be to punish a national association whose players have taken a stand against racism.”

England’s next Group D fixture os against Scotland at Wembley on Friday evening with manager Steve Clarke and captain Andy Robertson confirming the side would take a knee in order to offer a united front.

Well as mentioned, fans took to brutally mock a group who held up a controversial banner before England game at Wembley…

@daverobsonbeck: Looks up definition of thick as fuck in the dictionary. Oh look. It’s your tweet.

@ianmackay88: So brave. Rocking up there at like 5 in the morning when no ones about to call you on your shit.

@JuneSim63: But you too are the descendants of migrants. We all are. Silly boys.

@leitchy44: Says Anglo-Saxons who ancestors were immigrants who originate from northen Germany and southern Scandinavia.

@arseaboutface: Huge turn out lads… ‘clearly caught the mood’ here πŸ‘Œ

@Goonerw88: πŸ‘ i would love to see their faces if they ever did search their ancestry πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

@iamhighlystrung: Stood nowhere near anyone. Hard lads πŸ˜…

@joinaunionpls: is the divorce not going well

@davemferguson: Show your faces…

@F1SFC: It’s β€œpatriots” like you that make this kind of thing necessary.

@TheLawless: Absolutely embarrassments

@BullingdonYob: Indeed. Refuse all knighthoods. Kneeling before “monarchs” is demeaning.

@UTD_Ben18: id rather publicly shat myself tbh

@andymurphy1961: All 4 of you 🀣🀣🀣🀣

@EJTaylor99: One of the most divorced things I’ve ever seen

@PeterTechE: You’ve really got a strange confused concept of masculinity going on haven’t you?

@RingsDanceFlies:You truly are the alternative to patriotism

@gazbod: Fuck me, how did you manage to get all them people to fit into such a tiny space?

@prideofeastldn: Do an ancestry test and get back to us.

@spraddles69: And hid behind their banner.

@1CraigMorris: Our species wasn’t indigenous to Britain. We are all descendants of immigrants.

@Sam______J: Lovely that you’ll be left behind by society as it should be

@IsaacWhu: get a grip

@Bill_McCormic: Big banner! Just as well the third one turned up or holding it could’ve been a struggle.

@CharlieMuddles: 3 people attended who would definitly been descended from migrants to hold the banner. 10/10 for your spelling. 0/10 for your knowledge of English history

@LadyHellsBells: Did you cheer when two Black English players created England’s winning goal though

@UKwez: Embarrassing.

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