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Fans beg Plymouth NOT to appoint Wayne Rooney, who is among contenders having held talks

Fans beg Plymouth Argyle NOT to appoint Wayne Rooney, who is reportedly among contenders having held talks to become their new manager.

The Telegraph understands that Rooney has been approached for an interview this week and is seriously being considered as the Pilgrims continue their search.

His last job as manager was at Birmingham, but after a run of nine defeats in 15 games, he was sacked in January 2024.

Rooney is keen to make a comeback in the technical area to rebuild his reputation as a manager, after feeling harshly dismissed by the Blues.

Birmingham were 6th when they sacked John Eustace, replacing him with Rooney, who took the club down to 20th and only lasted 15 games in charge.

Argyle continue their search after they waved goodbye to Ian Foster towards the end of the season. They finished 21st in the Championship table, with 51 points from 46 games, a point above the drop.

Plymouth’s chief executive Andrew Parkinson is said to be behind the move to recruit Rooney. While The Telegraph’s John Percy also claims that the pursuit of Rooney has been driven by former Everton academy boss Neil Dewsnip (Plymouth’s Director of Football).

Dewsnip knows Rooney from his time at Everton’s academy when Rooney was as a boy with Dewsnip at the time in charge.

Rooney has been punditry work since his sacking by Birmingham, and has been named as a pundit for the BBC at this summer’s European Championship in Germany.

In February, he expressed a desire to return to management: “I definitely want to get back into management. It was a setback what happened at Birmingham but I’m a fighter and I want to get back into it.

“You know as a manager [being sacked] is part of the job and you will have setbacks. It’s about how you bounce back. I’ve had some good time to reflect and will make sure I get it right next time.”

Plymouth have already interviewed ex-Sheffield United manager Paul Heckingbottom this week, with Rooney is said to be latest candidate to be approached.

Liam Rosenior has already turned down an approach Argyle.

Betting has been suspended for now (as of Friday morning) on who will become the club’s new manager.

As mentioned, fans beg Plymouth NOT to appoint Wayne Rooney, who is among contenders having held talks…

@MattGasper89: Rooney to Plymouth. Honestly, I genuinely hope they stay away, the man is rotten to the core #pafc

@steviebwoy: Please, not Wayne Rooney, Argyle. He’s a big name, but he’s not a football manager. Look what happened to Birmingham! 😩 @SimonHallett @Argyle #pafc

@ArgyleLoyall: Simon hallett Appointing Wayne Rooney would be a fucking disaster. The cunt relegated Birmingham and even the yanks had enough of how shit he was. It’s an absolute joke he’s even being mentioned. The fans deserve better than that, hope it all just speculation #PAFC

@JoelPafc: My heads actually scrambled, went from experienced positive names being thrown around to Wayne Rooney. Wayne fucking Rooney #pafc

@wozzer1964: @Argyle if this is true you’ll have a lot of people wanting refunds on the season ticket #pafc

@ANT_LCFC: Don’t do it to yourselves

@PAFCConnor98: If this is true which I believe it is, Dewsnip can fucking do one! It was his mess that almost got us relegated this season by hiring another clown and we won’t get so lucky this time around! #pafc #dewsnipout

@WheresWaldy: Glass half full as always. Rooney will have influence when it comes to new signings. Sadly that’s the only positive I can see as of yet. I’d like to think someone involved with the club can read the room & see it would be a negative appointment from day 1 for our fanbase #pafc

@sub2waldy: How does he keep getting jobs 😭

@MattHarry_PAFC: Really feels like the board are about to shit on 5 years of a memorable legacy with the most laughably, obviously terrible decision. It would certainly lose a lot of confidence in them from the fanbase which is never good. A real shame #rooney #pafc

@Stillchill19: Don’t take in Rooney for fuck sakes #pafc

@ArgyleFlyer: Having slept on it….. I haven’t changed my mind. This appointment would be an unmitigated disaster #pafc

@Aaronpress1: Awful feeling when you wake up and remember Wayne Rooney to Argyle wasn’t just a daft, unrealistic dream. It feels like relegation but 12 months early #pafc

@DartyWaft: If #pafc hire Rooney, then this season coming will mean more misery. What a ridiculous idea. Dewsnip needs shaking.

@CitadelJames: Woke up today hoping the Rooney story was just a nightmare… Please anyone but him (except Foster again obvs) #pafc

@snappyhappychap: Read the room @Argyle – Plymouth can have a circus at Central Park whenever it wants one, but we don’t need this one…. 🎪🤡 #pafc

@steviebwoy: Jeeeeez guys! Waha! You wouldn’t believe the RIDICULOUS dream I had last night! Ha! It was MENTAL! I dreamt that @Argyle were on the verge of hiring an absolute stinker of a manager in Wayne bloody Rooney! Everyone laughed at us! Ha! As if we’d EVER be that stu… oh… #pafc

@argylesth: Rooney: Just doesn’t feel very sustainable to me given that being a sustainable Championship club is our aim. Hope it doesn’t happen. @Argyle #PAFC

@TimCotton81: Just no. Please let this be a wind up

@danielroberts29: Will be a disaster and sounds like absolute desperation, he has done nothing as a manager with Derby, in America and then Birmingham what the hell is Simon thinking!!!

@cambrosia3: Even thinking about getting him in is a massive mistake. Awful record, stinks the place out.Great footballers don’t necessarily make great managers 🤷‍♂️

@Aaronpress1: 🎶 your football is shit, your football is shit, Wayne Rooney, your football is shit 🎶. Just getting some practice in 🤮 #pafc

@tombdn11: Wayne Rooney to be new head coach 🤣🤣🤣 And apparently Dewsnip isn’t a problem 🤡 #pafc

On the plus side, if it is Wayne Rooney…
…Nope, I’ve got nothing #pafc

@joe1roberts: Hello league one

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