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Fans baffled as Curzon Ashton sack manager despite sitting SIXTH in table

Fans have been left baffled as Curzon Ashton sack manager despite sitting SIXTH in the National League North table on Monday evening.

The Greater Manchester outfit are having one of their best starts to a season at this level, however after getting thrashed 4-0 at home to Chesterfield, he’s no longer with the club.

Put that aside however, the club have 16 points from 8 league matches, won 5, drew 1 and lost 2 with thanks to their now former boss Steve Cunningham. See what he said in his last post-match interview by clicking play on the video below…

Interview | Curzon Ashton Manager Steve Cunningham

A very short statement was issued on the club’s social media page with nothing on their website.

It read: “Curzon Ashton FC have relieved Steve Cunningham from his duties as Manager. The Club sincerely thank him for his hard work and efforts over the past 18 months.”

“It was a very strong performance, we managed the game superbly,” Chesterfield boss James Rowe said after beating Curzon Ashton.

“It is really good to get a clean sheet on the road again to back up the Southend performance and to get the same scoreline is impressive no matter who you play.

“I have just seen some of the results and there are always cup upsets and we wanted to make sure that it was not going to be us today.

“We minimised shots on our goal, we defended the 18-yard box from their set-plays and long throws.

“As the pattern came out I thought we controlled the play and scored different types of goals so it was a pleasing afternoon.”

As mentioned, fans were left baffled as Curzon Ashton sack manager despite sitting SIXTH in their table…

@Shazam66612961: This has obviously got fuck all to do with results on the field … and unless this club bothers to enlighten its fans you can be sure they’ll loose what tiny amount of fans they have left .. time will tell

@Brokebackdog: Football wise one of the best managers I’ve seen in non league for playing football. you don’t sack the manager when the club’s punching above there weight unless there’s something behind the scenes.good luck @StevenCunny

@chesterfc1960: I’m shocked………… I bet it’s not football related because he was doing a fantastic job

@PW2324: Their loss is someone else’s gain @StevenCunny

@1rhysparsons: wtf r u lot doin

@banhambtfc: Excuse me what…

@Youngy316: I know the manager of the month award is supposed to be a curse but jesus

@daly_robinson: 18 months of practically no football, to keep everyone motivated and then start the season like this … relived of duties. Absolutely insane

@Joe_Lumsden: Very strange that

@samjwjonas: Had you absolutely flying so far 🤔 strange decision, assuming there’s more to it.

@CoachCal_C: Radcliffe bound surely now. Shocked about this

@philtheglass: But he’s been doing a great job with few resources…

@sportandbeerfan: Bizarre decision. Can’t help but think there’s more to this…

@mickwest69: Rediculous decision

@leonwilce: Must of done something to warrant the sack 🤔

@banhambtfc: Your 6th in league… probably your best start to league for a while and sacked after a 4-0 lost against a good Chesterfield team…

@stelow3: Got to be to do with the public announcement of the cock up over not naming a player on team sheet, can’t be due to results so far this season

@PaulJackson123: Clueless decision

@Appers_TCH: The fuck? Wow!

@GarethECoates: This time last week, @CurzonAshton were announcing that @StevenCunny was the Manager of the Month… now he’s out of a job! Brutal, strange game, is non-league football.

@George_CFC_: watch them pull a southend and ask if they can have james rowe

@LewisWissett: Wow, cannot believe that @StevenCunny hope to see you back in the game soon

@nonleaguefiles_: Got to be a joke, surely?

@JoshButlerBUFC: Can only assume he’s been having an affair with the owners wife or summat. Ridiculous looking at it from from results point of view. At least he could do a job for us if it goes tits up this week

@StatthewMambach: Crazy decision this. @StevenCunny is a top manager

@TheVOTTE: Has to have been talking to another club or a disciplinary thing. Mad decision otherwise

@Buntingfootball: Really strange decision this , a knee jerk reaction. Had them flying 6th in the league. Considering they didn’t have any football for nearly 2 years and have started this season very well indeed. Has to be more to this than on the pitch issues.

@James_Turnerr20: What’s happened here then?

@TheNashFans: Erm what

@TidyTouch10: Surely this deserves some sort of statement or explanation to the clubs fans on why the chairmen has decided it was the right thing to do?

@ollie__cfc: what on earth is that all about then

@Mike_Ellsmore: Eh?? Curzon are punching above their weight atm, must be more to this

@goaliegaz: Very odd decision. Very odd.

@TheDB30: Got to be more to this than on the pitch matters. They’re having a great season, 6th in the league is way higher than what was expected of them and lost to a good team in the cup at the weekend. Outside looking in he’s done a good job.

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