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Fans baffled as 7th tier club sack manager despite 3 promotions in a row and sit just outside playoffs

Fans were left baffled as 7th tier club Walton & Hersham sack their manager despite 3 promotions in a row and sit just outside the playoffs.

They have another shot at promotion, this time from the Southern League Premier Division South, yet Walton & Hersham have decided to get rid of manager Scott Harris.

The club currently sit 7th with 58 points from 39 games played, but the resurgence of 6th place Bracknell Town has hurt Walton & Hersham’s playoff hopes. Bracknell have 61 points from 38 games played.


The club can announce the departure of First Team Manager Scott Harris.

Upon his appointment to the role in April 2020, Scott outlined a clear vision and strategy to return the club to Step 3 within five seasons. That vision was realised in a minimal possible timeframe of just three seasons, achieving a near-unprecedented third consecutive promotion and subsequent return to Step 3 at the end of the 22/23 season.

It is simply impossible to put into words the debt of gratitude that is owed to Scott for his contribution to the club over the past four years. Our success since then, both on-and-off the field, can be attributed in significant part to Scott’s perseverance, hard work and unbound dedication, something for which all at Walton & Hersham FC are eternally indebted.

Scott departs W&H as the most successful manager of the modern Swans era, having secured three consecutive promotions, a League Cup win, a club-record 14 straight wins, and overseeing a 700% jump in average home league attendances since the beginning of his tenure.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything Scott.

Scott Harris himself tweeted: “I have been fired as Walton & Hersham manager today. I want to thank all of my players over the last few years, and all of the support I have had from many local people along the way.”

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As mentioned, fans were baffled as the 7th tier club sack their manager despite 3 promotions in a row and sit just outside the playoffs…

@ReeceDSport: No reasoning too. Mental

@DeanJonesSoccer: Lads this is a terrible, terrible decision

@mattitude_29: The maddest decision in the history of football probably ever… unless Pep is going in?

@sergio__100: There has to be more to it surely

@marklac40121919: As an outsider this seems mental, 3 promotions and competing for play offs this season at step 3 is an unbelievable achievement. Stinks of a terrible decision as an outsider looking in, madness.

@Mark_Pie: So why sack him? It’s not like you are struggling near the relegation zone! He should of been given chance to build on what you have done this season which after 3 promotions in a row is brill to be just outside the playoffs in such a tough league from where you have come from!

@hally16sports: It was @Harris__Scott21 and Scott only that got me back to that horrible concrete hole of a ground with his amazing football and all round being a great great guy with a proper eye for a player. Utterly shameful

@shedley7: Terrible decision – manager didn’t deserve that…at this time, and after all achieved. Need to hear more from the board.

@Richbmtfc: Crazy… One of the stand out sides of the season for me, I am guessing the owners have invested heavily and expected a top 2/3 finish and now have to find a fall guy.. Unlucky Scott, their loss now.. Thought W&H had their act together and were better than this 👀

@hally16sports: Utterly disgusting disgusting disgusting. Say goodbye to half your supporters

@LynnoJay: @damiandent37 seen the state of this, the owners have got the club a bit of fame & think they can make decisions like that proper awful

@toptargets: One of the most ridiculous decisions I’ve ever heard of in all my years! You’re 7th in your first season in the Southern Prem after 3 consecutive promotions!?! Genuinely ridiculous! @Harris__Scott21 🤦‍♂️

@wscevans: Dreadful decision from a Merthyr fan you lads played some of the best football by any team in years at Penydarren Park. Should build with him imo and push on

@davenash77: The most shocking decision I can remember at any level. Shameful.

@uptheborobeans: god awful decision unless ur bringing in a manager with higher experience, worst possible time to sack him as well

@stevensallis: Silly move

@hambling_ollie: What a strange decision

@Chops_Top_Fives: Terrible decision lads. Statement needs more clarification but really feels like you’ve got things wrong here.

@Jake_GTFC: What a terrible decision

@greedypig61: Wonderful timing from the club 2 home matches to go, I thought we would never see it again , shameful

@TommyAltSoBored: This is mental like, hope he lands a job higher in the leagues. Man as pure class and talent!

@summers_simon: Sack him with four games left… crazy decision

@PeterSmithSings: Great teammate, Great captain, Great manager… @Harris__Scott21 will be back. 💪🏽💪🏽

@grimbomid: Nope. Bonkers.

@RiZzlaT33: More transparency needed on this one chaps, mistakes can and will be made both on and off the pitch, but the sheer arrogance of this decision is quite astonishing

@neillanc: Not sure what’s gone on behind the scenes, but if he’s been fired as he says then some kind of explanation should be given to the fans – and the players by the looks of it

@finn150398: Awful decision that

@owencoleman_3: Disgraceful and embarrassing.

@stevefa45257562: Lads really !!! Unless something else went on this is a terrible decision and totally unjust !!

@FinlayLovatt: wtf this can’t be right

@FreddieGood15: Travesty, someone who’s taken us up three years in a row, is unheardof, took us close to playoffs straight away. He’s one of the key reasons why 600 go every week. To take that away is big headed and self indulgent of the club not realising staff/fans make a club, not the board.

@swimchrism: What an awful way to treat such a successful manager for you. Do you really expect promotion each and every season?

@Sd_Bakero: Utter joke, disgrace of a decision from the board………. oh and great timing as well, disgusting bunch

@Oogsie: A ridiculous decision, I’m another fan who’s returned because of the football your team plays. Unfathomable that they can sack you. All the best for the future

@WHFCfan: Lost for words. Thank you for all your hard work these past years. Can’t imagine a game without you on the sidelines. All the best Scott, you’ll be missed

@NonleaguefootyW: Insane. 💯 you have spoken to a replacement who has promised budget and players. Tenner says it ends in tears. This manager deserved more and I’m sure will be given other opportunities.

@MartinLawton: Cannot understand why. What you brought back to the club is the reason so many fans have returned but also the new generation of fans. Wish you the best of luck and your efforts will not be forgotten.

@samtheshrimp18: Board showing the naivety of youth here. Sacking your manager who gives you 3 promotions and maybe a 4th this season? OG

@hardyad_tony: I’m not even Walton & Hersham supporter but that is madness!!

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