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Fans and journalists sickened by what police officers did at Oldham match

Fans and journalists were left sickened by what police officers did at the Oldham v Crawley match in and outside the ground on Saturday.

There was a huge presence of cops for the final League Two clash of the season, and in light of the protests and pitch invasions, action was taken to prevent it from happening again this time around.

However many took to social media to claim that it was too beefed up, whilst others said it was a waste of Greater Manchester Police time and resources.

A few weeks back, Oldham Athletic were forced to play behind closed doors following a fans protest before the club had relegation confirmed having lost to Salford City and results elsewhere not going the way they wanted.

A banner reading ‘get out of our club’ was seen from the hundreds who stormed the turf, directing anger at the owner’s box. Abdallah Lemsagam, who faces calls to sell the club, was not at the match however.

Play eventually resumed once the stadium had been emptied, but those still inside the ground socialising and wonder what would happen to the game next instead were prevented from watching it as the windows with a view of the pitch were boarded up.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner commented on the protest, tweeting: “Solidarity with all Oldham supporters today. You are the heart and soul of this club and it’s devastating to see true fans paying the price for others’ mistakes. Your voice must now be listened to. Speak truth to power, stick together and be back stronger.”

Oldham v Crawley was the next home game and this time a protest took place outside of the ground, but just in case it happened again inside, a huge number of police was inside, slightly distanced from one another around the stadium.

Mike Keegan, a Sports News Correspondent for the Daily Mail, also was at the game and shocked by how many officers there were as seen above.

He tweeted a simple facepalm emoji along with the photo he posted, while videos also emerged of fans being video recorded just for having a pint at a nearby bar/pub.

The match itself saw Aramide Oteh ensure relegated Oldham were denied a final-day victory as he rescued a point for Crawley from a 3-3 draw.

In the Latics’ final game of their 115-year stay in the EFL, they led twice but failed to at least send their fans home with something to be happy about.

The home fans had been pleased by Jack Stobbs’ opening goal in the 26th minute, hitting home after a three-man counter-attack.

David Keillor-Dunn found the bottom corner for his 17th of the season to make it 2-0, though Crawley’s Ashley Nadesan took the ball off goalkeeper Danny Rogers’ toe to give George Francomb an huge chance to halve the deficit.

The groans continued at Oldham when Nadesan’s cross was converted by James Tilley to make it 2-2 going into the break.

Jordan Clarke produced a long-range effort to make it 3-2 to the Latics, on the hour mark but Oteh put the ball into the back of the net following a goalmouth scramble to grab managerless Crawley a point.

As mentioned, fans and journalists sickened by what police officers did at the Oldham match…

“How was work today, love?”
“Aye sound, just filmed a load of people drinking in a pub, you know, nothing weird”

@nerd_fm: This is why as a football fan I don’t trust the police constantly treated like a 2nd class citizen just because I like to go watch football ! It’s ridiculous

@azoafc86: Disgusting – ALMOBO out!

@mills_thesir: Wow, bit far

@Owene2220: Know the feeling with my club own DOF/manager went up to fans at end of last Mondays game and the whole atmosphere in the club is at a all time low. Really feel bad for Oldham fans club has been torn apart by horrific owners hopefully things gets sorted in summer and can rebuild

@pjoturtle: Heavy handed security will be a given. Police might be a bit more balanced in their approach.
Just be careful and make it uncomfortable as possible for them. (None of them will have the balls to show up) Keep it peaceful – don’t give them an excuse. #oafc #abdallahout #moout

@DanCorbishley: On the plus side, just imagine the expensive overtime bill about to land on the doorstep. #abdallahout. #moout. #timetogo.

@_Dr_Phibes: More police today than when City wrecked the place in the 80s. We can only hope these are the last days of the failing lemsagam empire!

@JennyTither: Sickening and desperately sad.

@ant1606: Be more police there than away fans. An absolute shambles and the way they’ve been run

@Oldham_Mark: What exactly are they expecting? There is no reason to anticipate anything but a peaceful protest.

@BenjaminGrocott: Last day of the season fancy dress and everyone has come as coppers, or the owners are pricks, or both

@waferthintim: Absolute state of this. Solidarity with Oldham fans.

@eastmancred: Good luck to the Oldham fans, I hope they get their club back.

@megasorearse82: It’s a fucking disgrace. I grew up in Oldham and have fond memories of the club. It’s such a shame to see what’s happening to a club that was one of the founder members of the premier league.

@265kay: The riot police aren’t called in to stop a riot, they’re there to start one.

@alexbanham: Between this, the drone, the horses and the police officers round the home stands really got our money’s worth yesterday. Tbh I reckon its the beer police going after anyone drinking lager. #oafc

@Just_TomC: Usual @gmpolice intimidation,always know how how to make the situation 10 times worse …

@n_turn83: Biggest firm in the North West, GMP. Always scrapping and always looking for it

@uns_phil: Is this really what GMP are about these days? I would urge anyone who disagrees with this use of resources to contact their local MP and Greater Manchester Police & Crime commissioner. They always go on about too few resources and then come up with stuff like this! Ludicrous

@heyitsLamisa: Nothing new there. @gmpolice always looking for problems that aren’t there. Deffo the types that were bullied at school.

@dancingdickie: This massive Police presence must be wondering what they are doing here, it’s appropriately like a morgue🤣 #oafc

@BradleyKnowles1: Absolute bizarre use of police resources yesterday. Kept on coming in the pub when the game was on checking for trouble. It’s Crawley town at home in a dead rubber… #oafc

@Tommy_Oldham1: 45k Police costs today am hearing thats next season playing budget spent. #oafc

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