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Fan taunts Sunderland end by holding up Newcastle shirt before Southampton aim own jibe

A fan taunts the Sunderland end by holding up a Newcastle shirt before Southampton decided to aim their own jibe at the Mackems.

Footage was posted during the Championship fixture, recorded from the away end, showing a fan holding a Newcastle shirt above his head, in the direction of Sunderland supporters who made the long trip down south.

But another moments later shows the fan getting kicked out of the ground, much to the delight of Sunderland fans, however ex-Newcastle player and supporter Adam Armstrong, now at the Saints, scored twice and celebrated in front of his rivals.

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Southampton picked up a 4-2 win over Sunderland, resulting in the Wearsiders’ sixth consecutive defeat for the first time since March 2006.

The Black Cats were trailing by two goals in the first half, courtesy of Stuart Armstrong’s goal and an Adam Armstrong penalty.

Despite Sunderland’s efforts to equalise in the second half with goals from Romaine Mundle and Jobe Bellingham, Southampton ultimately secured the win with substitute Joe Rothwell scoring twice from close range.

After the match, Southampton took to social media to celebrate their triumph, writing “HOWAY THE LADS 😤” and included a picture of Adam Armstrong.

Southampton’s Russell Martin per Sky Sports: “Joe is an amazing finisher. The first one looks easy but it isn’t, it is in the half volley, and then with the second he’s showed great composure.

“He was really great when he came on. Him and Joe Aribo can be frustrated that they aren’t starting but they have two guys in front of them who have been playing really well.

“It is good problems for me but they have to keep doing what they have been doing when they get on to the pitch and being frustrated at not playing.

“We should have been out of sight by half-time is my feeling. We only let them have one shot from inside the box and that hit the post and we should have made them pay for that.

“I’m delighted we have won but am furious and frustrated we have conceded two goals because it shouldn’t happen.

“Credit to Sunderland as I thought they only had 15 minutes more of energy and then they score and we weren’t clean enough and there was a bit of tension around the ground.

“But I think we deserved the win, I don’t think anyone who watched the game would say any different.”

Sunderland’s Mike Dodds: “The four goals are avoidable goals from my perspective.

“I want to try and spin positives about going toe-to-toe with two quality teams this week but we need to do that more consistently and get the results – that isn’t lost on me.

“I can see everyone is really trying but things aren’t going our way. It is an important moment for this group and we need to stick together.

“My confidence hasn’t taken a hit. I’m really enjoying the role. It has reinforced that I can still see the path I want to go on and still see the belief in the players.

“They have lost six on the bounce. They aren’t skipping down the corridors or high-fiving each other. But I think they can see what we are trying to do.

“I’m not going to say we deserved to win the game but for large periods we were better than Southampton.”

There was lots of reaction online after a fan taunts the Sunderland end by holding up Newcastle shirt before Southampton aim their own jibe…

@Magpie24_7: Top quality shithousing 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

@FulwelI: Ohhh shag us Newcastle, oh pleaseeee like our tweet ohhhhh. Grow up

@C0AKESY: You 𝗟𝗢𝗩𝗘 to see it 😍 #SaintsFC

@JordanMarley22: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 You are fucking joking aren’t ya? The phrase ‘Tinpot’ gets hoyed about a lot, but twerking for the mags! 😂😂😂😂 that’s mad that yanar.

@StevenHalford2: Haha class. Sund3rland really are a laughing stock. From Newcastle to Southampton, lets all laugh at the mutants.

@markyp123: The shithousery I love to see, hats off to Southampton admin 😂 ◼️◻️🤝

@JepoNufc: Southampton you have now won my heart 😆

@N66CH: @NUFC always been bigger than Sunderland

@MichaelJay7: 😄 🤣 Brilliant! 👏 🖤🤍

@AaronBailey92: Why are Sunderland fans rattled by that tweet, we have a Geordie in our squad ffs 😂 #SaintsFC

@branalvere: That’s embarrassing Southampton sucking off the Saudi boys

@johncurry7: They’re Fewwwwminn 🤣

@MattHeavisides: Absolutely pathetic this lads.

@millwalleio: Strange fans. They had West Ham shirts when we played there

@B_webb2003: I don’t understand why our fans do this 😭

@Jamie_WBA05: Bringing rival shirts into a ground to try and wind up away fans? What has this sport become 🤢🤢

@jammer_1987: Embarrassing from us. Why would you take another clubs footy top to a game 🤦🏻‍♂️

@ConnorThomps0n: Why do we keep doing this 😭 it’s so embarrassing #SaintsFC

@tylerpodmore: First West Ham and now Newcastle shirts. Strange club 🤣🤣

@WillsfcMitchell: If that’s a saints fan bringing it in no one wonder people take the piss out of our fan base, weird behaviour.

@Neilworley1: What is it with them. They literally can’t help themselves. 👀😂😂

@JohnboySafc07: The absolute weirdest thing and I’ve seen it every away game this season, like what the fuck

@DecSwfc24: Absolute fucking weirdos in that corner

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