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Fan says he was ‘choked’ by stewards for standing up

A 17-year-old Plymouth fan says he has been left with bruises after being ‘choked’ by stewards during Saturday match against Portsmouth.

The supporter, Reece Calcutt, has claimed to the Plymouth Herald that he was threatened with pepper spray by one steward before being removed from the stadium.

Check out what Reece had to say and a video of the scenes below…

Argyle have responded to the claims by stating that the group of fans in question refused to comply with numerous requests to sit, leaving them with no option but to remove them from Home Park and that staff and police were happy with how things were conducted on the day.

“Firstly I was standing up to watch the football as were thousands of other fans,” said Reece.

“Two security guards were bumping and nudging my little sister and were stood in front of me so I therefore could not see the pitch.

“I stood up again to see the game as he [a steward] was stood right in front of me.

“Because I stood back up they squeezed my wrists and got me in a headlock and tried choking me out.

“I was being pulled around as if I wasn’t human, yanking me back and forwards.

“One told me I could stay and watch the game, while another continued to pull me and then went to hit me.

“My little sister is only 13 and they were pushing and nudging her first, we are children and the way they treated us was wrong.”

You can find out what the Dad had to say and Plymouth’s statement on persistent standing by clicking HERE.

This incident hasn’t been reported to police by Reece.


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