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Fan responds back after King’s Lynn chairman publicly shames him

Football fan Josh Colville responds back after King’s Lynn Town chairman Stephen Cleeve publicly shames him on social media site Twitter.

The National League chairman went viral over the weekend as he took to bizarrely criticise one of his own supporters online.

On Saturday night, a tweet was posted from Cleeve, coming just hours after The Linnets fell to a 1-0 defeat at home to Solihull Moors.

He wrote: “The adult fan entering as a child is called Josh Colville. He will be hearing from us.”

Fair to say it was a rather odd violation of all that a supporter could do to be worthy of tweeting about. After being questioned on it, Cleeve replied back, and immediately saw backlash to it.

Well now, the fan Josh Colville has given his reaction, saying: “Put the most money behind the bar Tuesday, Fact. I’ve just been buying the same ticket for the past few years not taking too much notice. You see something cheap, you don’t ask questions just pay for it. At least I turned up, extra £5 for you. Sort your football club out.”

He added another tweet, as can be seen below…

As the fan responds back after the King’s Lynn chairman publicly shames him, many other Twitter users had something else to say on the matter…

@lawseyitfc: “He will be hearing from us” Maybe he’ll go to another club which is more affordable than the ludicrous prices you charge for non league football.

@neilb09: Are you allowed to name him on social media…Seems dodgy to me.

@JamieCairns31: Maybe rethink your prices then… 🤷‍♂️

@Leestev1983: Eastleigh FC £120 for a adult season ticket! £30 a season ticket for under 18s and under 11s are free. Attendances have more then doubled! Our club keeping it affordable

@DaveIcke: Still lacking class!

@Kaibooth3: Do you reckon I can get in for under 12s on Boxing Day

@NCFCadam: Are you Alan Hardy in disguise?

@HarryBartrum1: This is quite illegal

@_KieranGuy: GDPR breach

@alanbarmstrong: What’s the problem? Shows a certain confidence. I did it for years at my club. The money saved I spent on beer. Everyone’s a winner.

@WaigWosie: Grasses everywhere mate….been on trains with lads with family tickets but no kids…. police don’t care as long as you have a ticket….@StephenCleeve #grassed on his neighbours for having 8 for Xmas dinner 💯%

@FFSChristie: That extra 2 quid will be very useful for you at Step 2 next year

@corey_hyufc97: You charge £25 for an adult ticket. This adult may not work and have a job. £25 is a lot to a young person who may need to do what he has to do to save money. When a u16 is cheapest £4, I don’t blame them. Your own fault. Stop pricing out your fans. Would love to hear from you.

@SeanBurton95: I can get a season ticket for West Ham cheaper than you charge for non league football, no wonder your fans are doing this lol

@Trunk_Muzik: Stephen. Which do you think is more of a scam, this, or land banking?

@LoganToward: Or don’t charge £25 for an adults ticket…

@Kyle_Irving1312: Hahaha. Shouldn’t charge big prices to watch shit football from your team then 😂😂😂

@MarkHep10289: Can’t wait till we play at kings lynn. Just to piss you off im gunna pay in 5ps. £21/£25 is abit excessive isn’t it? Can watch championship football for that

@Carwyn_Tywyn: Very shaky legal ground to name an individual publicly, prior to a conviction.

Fan responds back after King’s Lynn chairman publicly shames him

@bigred193: Did this ballbag not swindle 60 million not to long ago? The cheek of it

@FFCSeb: touch grass and get a life mate

@Beasleyy03: Don’t blame him, £25 for a tier 5 game is daylight robbery, outing him publicly when he’s being charged that much for a game is terrible

@RYANscollard18: Be grateful that you even have fans that go to home games!

@russpa333: Do you think it is right to charge fans the amount you do to sit in that main stand which is dirty full of bird droppings and dust… you obviously do not take pride in your ground from my visit

@KevinDuska: what if this was a big misunderstanding and the dude was accidentally buying children’s tickets all the while your stewards weren’t checking the tickets properly? Wouldn’t that just… you know… resolve the issue and call for better steward training?

@JoeBillGibbo: You sad, sad man, Stephen.

@sbray1989: Seriously pathetic

@Blue_Darren: Give your head a wobble Stephen my old pal

@JamieWhitey98: @JoshColville2 wouldn’t bother again mate if they’re gonna loose sleep over a couple of quid

@hjeffries5: Wow, £25? Why are you ripping fans off? Wigan Athletic charges £22-£25. And dont bother blocking me I will block myself.

@TheMarkHowarth: Awkward moment Josh is Under 18 and Cleeve arrested for revealing details of a minor on the socials

@SamualMykola: With the prices you charge for that football are you surprised people try get in for cheaper!

@JacobHarry_17: You charge £25 for a ticket to watch non league football wtf do you expect

@Fereday04: You sad twat

@gonecarping: Will your investigation extend into how much the under 18’s have been been spending behind your bar ? They’ve practically been propping the club up for a number of years, so I’d wind your neck in if I was you, you huge bell end.

@john_acko: Feel sorry for the fans having to put up with this joker in charge of their club, a quick Google search throws up his background and it is not pretty viewing, seems to lack class and most certainly lacks any integrity

@TGARA_7: How the fuck you going to rat on your own fans of your own football club. I hope you go bust you greasy haired fuck

@BM____7: 25 quid to watch step 5 football ya dick and he probs spent that money he saved on a beer or food etc where he wouldn’t have done if he paid your stupid prices

@cjlow_: Surprised more don’t do it. You’ve been ripping your fans off for years.

@craigat09: Imagine paying Kings Lynn prices when you can see a league 1/2 for less and a championship match for just a little more 🤣

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