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Fan hunted by police after snorting cocaine off officer’s hat

You read that headline right, a fan is currently being hunted down by police after snorting cocaine off an officer’s hat.

The act came whilst the supporter was out celebrating Liverpool’s Premier League title win last month.

Merseyside Police have since released a picture of the suspect who can be seen sniffing the white powder in the city centre on the 26th of June.

Footage was uploaded and went viral showing a group of thugs – one of them seemingly named ‘Joe’ – showing how proud they were to have their hands on a policeman’s hat, before then using the top of it for a line of the white stuff before one inhaled it.

A probe, which has been described as ‘huge’ was launched and it ended up in a 23-year-old male getting arrested on suspicion of theft, before being released under investigation.

A 24-year-old man was also taken into custody, however he was allowed to be let go.

Police released photos of 13 people that they were looking for over the trouble.

A force spokesman said: ‘We would like to speak to the man pictured and urge the public to get in touch if they recognise him.’

It was just three weeks ago that there were calls for former footballer turned pundit Jamie Carragher to be sacked by Sky Sports.

He joined thousands of Kopites celebrating in the city centre, something of which he has been slammed for, but social media users say that he was flouting advice from the club and local authorities by attending the boozy party at the city’s Pier Head instead.

The club said via social media: “Celebrate safely Reds and respect our city’s public health.”

Liverpool’s mayor Joe Anderson added: “I am really concerned about scenes at Pier Head tonight.”

“I appreciate LFC fans want to celebrate but please, for your own safety, and that of others, go home and celebrate at home.

“Covid-19 is still a major risk and our city has already lost far too many people to the illness.”

Jamie was seen boasting that he would be enjoying a boozy night during an appearance on Sky Sports.

In a video link-up with an emotional Jordan Henderson, he held a bottle of champagne and said: “Tell me you’re going to get absolutely rotten tonight – like me!

“Come on Jordan. Go for it lad. Enjoy yourself!”

He then popped the cork, having initially struggled, then sprayed it around him.

Photos appeared of Carragher at the celebrations, which has gone on to spark social media outrage, just two years after he suspended by Sky for spitting at fans while driving.

A student paramedic said: “We have ex-Liverpool players at pier head, condoning mass gatherings and showing a lack of Respect for Covid-19 Rules. @Carra23 come on mate, should be setting an example.”

Sky Sports have made no comment, while a source close to the player insisted he only went to ­accompany his son and ­followed social distancing.

The title winning celebrations were also criticised after fireworks were targeted at the city’s iconic Liver Building – which is owned by Everton – before sparking into a fire.

Firefighters managed to get it under control and then put out, but it caused Mayor Anderson to tell the supporters to make their way home and is reported to be considering a curfew to stop people gathering in the city centre this weekend.

“We are becoming increasingly concerned about the situation in the city centre after thousands of fans gathered together again to celebrate Liverpool’s Premier League win,” he said.

“People are drinking and causing problems and we just want to make sure that everyone stays safe.

“Large gatherings like these are still not something the city needs as coronavirus continues to be a real risk for us here.

“But we also don’t want any incidents, fuelled by alcohol that could lead to anyone being hurt or involved with police.”

Fans gave their reaction to the story that a fan is being hunted by police after snorting cocaine off an officer’s hat…

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