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Fan discovers ‘new signing’ via Tinder ‘claiming to play’ for club

A fan discovers that her club has made a new signing after the player leaks the news via Tinder, only to not even get officially announced.

Usually, we have to go through a club source to find out about transfers, often via their official Twitter or Facebook account.

However one fan of League of Ireland side Dundalk was left surprised and rather baffled at seeing her club had recruited a new player, midfielder Jesus Perez, known as Chino, during the window – after seeing his profile on dating app Tinder.

The club hadn’t officially announced this, but a female fan has found him on Tinder with ‘Footballer for Dundalk FC’ in his bio, raising questions.

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Writing on Twitter, Gary O Nuallain said: “A new Dundalk signing leaked because a female fan came across him on Tinder before the club announced it.

“I don’t care what any of you say, the League of Ireland is the greatest sporting competition on earth.”

Perez’s Tinder profile reads: “First time in Europe, footballer for Dundalk FC. Ask for my Snapchat or Instagram” and is accompanied by a picture of him in action for his former club UIC Flames.

The 22-year-old was twice named player of the year in the US Horizon League and was also in the league’s all-star team. He was top of the assists table and received All-American honours for his performances.

One user also found a Facebook post from his Mum, named Veronica, that reads: “Bittersweet moment as we gather this morning to wish my son the best of luck as he heads off to Ireland today to try out for Dundalk FC soccer team! Family support is the best! Enjoy the ride my boy!!”

The Daily Mail claim that he had been on trial with the club, then made out he signed on a permanent deal before his club have had a chance to make the announcement.

There has since been no official confirmation from Dundalk about the arrival of the American player, and instead resumed his playing career in America.

He was selected by New York City, part of the City Football Group, with Premier League outfit Manchester City being their flagship club for the 2020 MLS SuperDraft.

An NYCFC spokesperson confirming Perez was in Ireland, but that the 22-year-old had not signed with Dundalk and would be joining the team for the start of pre-season. Perez then appeared to back that up on Twitter.

The club joked via social media after his draft pick: “No Netflix and chill then so?”

Social media users reacted as a fan discovers that her club has made a ‘new signing’ after the player leaks the news via Tinder, only to not even get officially announced…

@LaurenGuilfoyle: Dundalk hadn’t yet announced it, but gave the scoop away on his tinder. 😂👏🏻

@UncleDall: People here complain how player signings are leaked by journalists before the league announces it. Could be worse, we could be the League of Ireland and have signings leaked via Tinder

@Matt_Baccino: Fucking hell, there’s a Chino out there with a worse Barnet than me

@Andrew_Ryan19: Forget Alexis Sanchez playing the piano. THIS is the greatest transfer announcement in the history of football.

@Niall__T: This is the most League Of Ireland transfer leak I’ve ever seen in my life

@Davey_G85: Am I the only one wondering which way she swiped!

@AdamRoylance: Dundalk or New York? tough choice for the lad!

@alexdunnesf: I love this league

@DFC_Catalonia: What a good story this one has been

@BigRedBench: He’ll have to update his Tinder bio…

@LiveatOriel: The Tinder Boy wonder linked to @DundalkFC is going to New York instead. His agent must have advised him the Tinder market in the States gives him more opportunity and choice. Well he is wrong the Irish women are way nicer and more honorable than any American women

@GallyFFF: Must be some baller

@Owene2220: Guess the women in Ireland are missing out now

@RichieMcCormack: The women of Dundalk Tinder in mourning

@MichaelWalsh_21: Poor fella didn’t last too long in Dundalk

@RacingRecords: #GreatestLeagueInTheWorld don’t forget it

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