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FA Sunday Cup game abandoned on the 84th minute

In this article, we throwback to a time an FA Sunday Cup game ended up being abandoned on the 84th minute due to crowd violence.

Back in 2019,  Sunderland based side Southwick and Aylesbury Flooring was stopped following reports of violence alleged to have flared at the cup semi-final which was held at Gainsborough Trinity’s ground.

A video which had done the rounds on social media shows part of what happened whilst the game was being played.

Watch video footage sees people inside and outside the ground throwing missiles and trying to get at each other below…

An explanation to why the game was abandoned stated: “Things first began to get heated after Aylesbury went 1-0 up, with Southwick players making a number of fouls on Aylesbury players in frustration.

“This got worse after a horrendous challenge in the second half resulting in the first Southwick red card.

“Then shortly after the second Southwick red, a number of red smoke bombs were thrown onto the pitch and into the stands (I think from outside the ground).

“Then a couple of minutes later a few heads popped up over the fence and I saw a couple of objects (I heard someone mention a brick) being aimed at Aylesbury supporters.

“Aylesbury fans went over and challenged them while stewards tried to separate them (and apparently some were injured whilst doing so).

“The referee then decided to end the game on 84 minutes Aylesbury 2-0 up, and they will take the victory.”

Richard Kane, chairman of Gainsborough Trinity, tweeted: “Shameful behaviour from Sunderland Southwick v Aylesbury Flooring today at @GainsTrinityFC what is wrong with you… you have let non league football down I am embarrassed to say we had you at our ground.”

John Topping, company secretary at Durham County FA, said: “We have been made aware of an incident that took place at the game and the FA are investigating.”

A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Police said: “We were called to a sporting premises on Northolme, Gainsborough, to a report of a group of people fighting and causing trouble at a football match. “Upon police arrival, the group dispersed from the area.”

The FA Sunday Cup Final was contested by semi-final winners Aylesbury Flooring and Birstall Stamford, with the venue being Peterborough United’s home stadium.

Previously it’s been held at Bramall Lane, Ewood Park, Pirelli Stadium, Prenton Park, Anfield and others.

Fans reacted after seeing the FA Sunday Cup Semi Final game abandoned on the 84th minute…

@whufcharrison: ‘It’s David Bury and that init they won’t do shit’😂😂😂

@johnrudkin999: Pleased I didn’t bother going now.

@LiamPlaysFifa2: This is an absolute disgrace I am a volunteer for trinity an we shouldn’t be getting treated like this especially when we have let them use our football ground to play a game. Hope they didn’t destroy the pitch as well @gtfcchairman

@LeeCotton1: Well that player outside the ground should be facing a lengthy ban for a start!

@PMsChefChequers: Have we woken up in 1980? Shocking!

@Graeme_Butler85: Southwick should be banned from the competition for good. Disgusting that absolute wannabe hard men cause this much trouble at a sunday league game! Bet you never see these guys on a wet Sunday December morning when their ‘mates’ are playing.

@dylanpearce603: Rediculous behaviour!! Feel sorry for the team that was 2 nil up because they might end up being robbed

@AydenCallaghan: Club should be banned for life, those running the club should be banned from being involved in any football clubs and two players who were sent off then went round should also be banned for life and charged by police. All because they were losing!

@diddyposh: ???? violence over a wall ? Idiots… if the wall wasn’t there they would have all run… pathetic ?

@rockydog0605: What the fuck honestly ,whats wrong with people ?

@THEBOSS19: Makes u proud to be English and love football ?

@AUFCYu18: Absolutely despicable. The player should be facing a life ban.

@MichaelMelbour3: Sad desperately I hope those who behaved so appalling can be dealt with.

@LeeCotton1·: Well that player outside the ground should be facing a lengthy ban for a start!

@OliSaysStuff: Leaving the field without permission. Yellow card.

@nige_aireV: Too much of this in lower non league. If they can’t be mature as players and as a club they should get down into Sunday league.

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