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FA chairman reveals whether he thinks the season can be completed or not

FA chairman reveals whether he thinks the season can be completed or not after suspending majority of English football on Friday.

Greg Clarke, has told the Premier League that he does not think the domestic football season will be completed, sparking fears about financial difficulties for the 20 clubs.

He voiced his concerns during the emergency meeting yesterday, saying he did not think that it was “feasible” that the season would end normally.

One senior Premier League club source told Sky Sports’ Kaveh Solhekol that there is a 75 per cent chance that this season won’t be completed: “I can’t see any chance we’ll be back in 3 weeks. This will go on for months. You even wonder about the start of next season. There are huge questions to answer. Does anybody get promoted or relegated?”

West Ham United vice-chairwoman Karren Brady reckons the top four English divisions 2019/20 season could be cut early.

“As games in both the PL and in the EFL are affected, the only fair and reasonable thing to do is declare the whole season null and void,” she wrote in her column for The Sun.

“Who knows who would have gone down or come up if the games have not actually been played in full?

“A huge blow to Liverpool who might be robbed of their first title in 30 years.

“This will be discussed between the PL and the clubs next week at an emergency meeting.”

Greg Clarke also admits the league would suffer significantly as a result of the suspension, as it could jeopardise huge TV money.

“The commercial reality for the Premier League and UEFA is that if they don’t complete their seasons then they are in breach of their broadcasting contracts,” the senior figure in broadcasting said anonymously.

“You would have broadcasters from all around the world saying, ‘In that case we are not paying for the season’. There would also be financial implications if the competitions were squeezed, so fewer matches were played.

“Again, broadcasters have signed contracts for an agreed number of matches and so if those matches are not played then it could be argued that the contracts have been breached and compensation must be paid.”







As the FA chairman reveals whether he thinks the season can be completed or not and Karren Brady’s statement, fans gave their reaction on Twitter…

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