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‘Extremely unsavoury incident in the away end’ during Gillingham v Walsall

An ‘extremely unsavoury incident took place in the away end’ during Saturday afternoon’s League Two clash Gillingham v Walsall.

A 0-0 draw played out at Priestfield, but unfortunately it was marred with the Saddlers releasing a statement after the game.

In the statement, Walsall said that a number of the families in the away end were racially abused – and they are working with police and with Gillingham to identify the culprit.

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“The Club have been made aware of an extremely unsavoury incident in the away end at Gillingham this afternoon whereby a number of our players’ families were racially abused.

“We will be working with the Police and Gillingham to identify the culprit and, once found, will be issuing a lifetime ban. Abuse of any nature will not be tolerated at our Club.

“If any supporters have any information regarding the incident, we would encourage you to email info@walsallfc.co.uk”

VitalWalsall write: “We are disgusted and alarmed to hear of alleged racism from one of our ‘supporters’ during our 0-0 draw with Gillingham today.

“We unequivocally condemn these actions.

“There is no room for racism at our club nor within football and we hope that the alleged offender is identified and given a lifetime ban.

“We pride ourselves as a family club and a club which is looking to increase our focus within the diverse community and today’s events have no place at our club.”

This comes days after Barrow issued a statement on the vile chants heard from the stands in the League Two game against Walsall in midweek.

An investigation has been launched after a series of derogatory remarks were made about a football fan who sadly died in June 2022.

Barrow have since said: “The Club has moved swiftly with the local authorities to identify those involved, using our CCTV system, and today has issued several banning orders to spectators who were involved.

“We must take this opportunity to remind everybody that Barrow Association Football Club has a zero tolerance stance on anti-social behaviour, verbal/physical abuse and any other discriminatory remarks or acts.”

They added: “The Club has issued a further three banning orders this morning, with one for inciting hate in relation to the incident on social media.”

Twitter users reacted on the ‘extremely unsavoury incident that happened in the away end’ during Gillingham v Walsall on Saturday…

@eyrsie: How can any true supporter have a go at players families. It is beyond belief. These are not true supporters & I got one do not want to be associated with them

@WFC_Charlie: Great work, no room for racism

@snappedlv426: Quick and decisive action 👏 #UTS!⚽️ #notatourclub

@Snoweysnow: @WFCOfficial Yep ban them as the is never any excuse for that

@JoeD_WFC: Not one of our fans, don’t tarnish us. Nobhead

@MnRainer: Name and shame them

@jonnyprice1963: Ban them all. Permanently.

@worzel999: There’s no place for this at my club. If you can’t treat someone how you would expect to be treated …. Do one.

@Footiespr5687: Why players should care about this club when certain members of the fan base treat them and their families like utter crap

@andy90wfc: Nothing new unfortunately mate, been happening for many years now. What these individuals don’t seem to grasp is when you target one of our players you’re targeting them all as they share the same dressing room and become good mates with each other. It’s hurting their own club.

@Walsallfandan: Please name and shame them, report them to the local authorities and ban them for life

@TheSaddlersSide: Sadly this happens far too often, but together if we as a fan base can take responsibility into our own hands and report issues we can deal with these individuals!

@reidybafc: Well done to Walsall FC for monitoring and investigating the incident. Sadly all clubs have a minority who can act immorally. I’m sure those who have brought all Walsall fans down to their level will be punished accordingly.

@Matty__P_WFC: Name and shame the scumbag !!!!

@mvpcarlos: Hit em hard. Name and shame em

@walsall111111: Get them out of the club – lack of intelligence in the last couple of matches is beyond me – what goes through there heads – I would like to apologies on behalf of the 99% of Walsall fans who will be disgusted by todays events and too the barrow fans reap what you sow .

@JohnBat42241637: Scum. No need, barbaric and totally unacceptable. All Walsall players and all footballers deserve respect. Criticise their performance but not their race.

@HR19WFC: Life ban and time in prison inexcusable

@oliswift_182: Name and shame and get them out. Not even the first incident I’ve heard about racism from our ‘fans’ this season. Disgusting

@bateswalsall1: We need to accept we have a problem. At most away games the only Black people in our end are relatives of the players. We are a diverse town and until our fans reflect that diversity we’re going to have this kind of problem

@CraigGrifo: Absolute disgrace and not the first time this sort of thing has come up. Sadly some disgusting morons don’t want to move with the times it seems!

@RonanMacca99: Hope the perpetrators are banned for life, horrible vile club. Imagine racially abusing one of your own

@MattMason1994: There’s always one cunt isn’t there.

@MarcRiggan: What the fuck is wrong with people? Wankers

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