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Exeter City face being REMOVED from FA Cup with investigation launched

Exeter City face being REMOVED from the FA Cup with an investigation launched over their win against Bradford City on Tuesday night.

The Football Association is looking whether the Grecians used too many substitutes during their First Round replay win over the Bantams .

Exeter went on to win the game 3-0 in extra time, but changed five players during the goalless 90 minutes.

They then brought on Josh Key for Sam Nombe at the start of extra time, and under FA Cup rules this season clubs can bring on five players during a game, including extra time, with a sixth allowed for a concussion.


A review is due to take place following last night’s FA Cup game between Exeter City and Bradford City at St James Park.

The matter will be considered by an FA committee and is in reference to the number of substitutions allowed during the match.  

Both clubs will be asked for their comments, along with the referee and fourth official. The matter will be referred to an FA committee who will decide on what course of action to take.

Playing an ineligible player can end up seeing a club forfeiting a game with the FA’s Professional Game Board set to decide on any punishment.

The rules also state “where the club satisfies the Professional Game Board that the club (or any of its officers) did not know and could not reasonably have known, even had it made every reasonable enquiry (with the exercise of the utmost caution), that the player was ineligible, the club shall not be removed from the competition but may still be subject to any other penalty (e.g. fine, ordered to replay the match).”

Fans gave their reaction as League Two Exeter City face being REMOVED from the FA Cup with an investigation launched…

@ChrisHilton83: I also pray this means Angol’s two yellows get scrapped

@KeithBruce2: Only a couple of weeks ago, Exeter manager was saying how he didn’t like the idea of five subs. I didn’t realise he actually wanted six

@Jackobrfc999: To be fair, most people can count 5 subs on their fingers but in Exeter it is 6 on one hand

@DamianClough2: This to me is a refereeing error or within game similar to not sending someone off with two yellows so nothing will happen. However the game was level at the time.

@maffersCTID: Well that’s pissed on our fireworks!!

@lionmaskpod: When you want to keep your unbeaten run but don’t quite fancy Cambridge away #ecfc

@JackHawker2: How does that even happen

@GrecianGG: If we’ve broken the rules, that’s fucking embarrassing. Every other club has managed to stick to the rules, so can’t be that unclear. Fine the staff involved.

@BielsasBucket17: Officials should be doing better here, but how have the coach, staff, or even the players not noticed…

@LucasHutchy180: Can’t blame the club, Matt Taylor or the players it’s the officials job to make sure the rules are followed

@Jbunter7: Why did the fourth officials allow it though?

@RyanPugh00: Embarrassing honestly, people can blame the officials for not spotting it but there’s no excuse if we’ve broken a rule

@wilsation_al: Hope it’s not a replay 😬

@TomLove_18: Huge W if so

@theoutsider1959: Replay? 😳 ffgs conceed this now!, we dont need it we dont deserve it for one ! and we would be tanked at Cambridge setting us back even further in this season to nowhere 👎😡

@michaelwelchhh: Surely if they’ve made 6 subs which it seems they did, that’s the officials fault, no?

@wiveygrecian: Defo chucked out for sure

@teado25: So usually when there’s 3 subs they can bring a 4th but the same doesn’t apply if there are 5 nominated subs?

@lwindsor17: If found true the back room staff all need a fine absolutely ridiculous #ecfc

@BaconBantam: Exeter used 6 subs, if so the officials need sacking off. How could they not realise.

@dontgoslideaway: The only thing I can think is that before the 5 subs covid thing teams got a 4th sub in ET. Maybe they thought that still applied but with 6 in post covid times

@BaconBantam: Referees not knowing the rules they oversee. Having seen league 2 football that is very believable.

@tylerontherun: Creasing. Exeter have fucked this ahahahaha

@FrankPargeter: Oh my god

@gavincoonan: Wow! Extra sub and we were down to 10. Made a huge difference, get us through to round 2 #bcafc

@What_Sam_Said_: Surely the responsibility of the officials more than the club #ecfc

@J4ck_C0u51n: Surely the officials fault

@ecfcwayne83: Not surprised they spotted this as Bradford fans could still count the number of Exeter substitutions on one hand #ecfc #bcafc

@nathanl3ach: Hahahahahaha if we qualify despite losing 3-0

@MoggMentum: No. You get an extra sub after 90 mins. So 6 was allowed. Key came on for Nombe at the start of extra time.

@ChrisHilton83: Result has to be over turned, could mean extra revenue, having one extra player with fresh legs makes a huge difference at that point #bcafc

@davidjamesevans: How about a deal. They go into the next round while any City players who might have been sent off have their suspension lifted and we all agree to forget about it?

@darrenhunt24: I hope this is true 🤣🤣👋🏼

@DanielFlynnJ: Things just got interesting…

@WLodge_39: If last nights game has to be replayed, the club should pay for ticket and travel for every fan that went last night. Imagine going to Exeter on a Tuesday night for the game to end up being voided 😫 #bcafc

@Sean27Gallagher: This is absolutely hilarious. How did the officials allow them to make 6 subs? #BCAFC

@pongersl: It’s an open and shut case, surely…I’ve been hauled before the disciplinary committee of the Bradford Sunday Alliance (and it’s South Manchester equivalent) for a lot less. Off with their Grecian heads!!

@bmwelby: The Exeter bench and/or the fourth official has had a mare here.

@BlaineAllenn: Hopefully the club just accept we lost and move on, we aren’t worthy of a second round fixture and it will be an absolute rout. Cambridge are miles better than our shower of shite so just another fixture where our dozy players WILL pick up suspensions/injuries #HeadlessChickens

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