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Ex-Tranmere, Brentford, Grimsby, Stockport player in ‘violent fight outside takeaway’

Ex-Tranmere, Brentford, Grimsby, Stockport player Shay Logan got into a ‘violent fight outside a takeaway’ after being racially abused.

The clip, seen below, was widely circulated on social media and showed the 34-year-old throwing punches outside a chip shop in Aberdeen on Friday night.

The former Premier League defender has now issued a statement, defending himself and saying that while he does not condone violence, he reacted in order to ‘protect’ himself after being ‘provoked’.

He said: “In regards to a video that has been circulating from Friday night, I feel it’s necessary for me to share a brief insight into the events.

“When approached on Friday night, it was clear the (boy/man/lad) had an issue with me and repeatedly abused me verbally, which I did not retaliate to initially.

“Later, when he tried to physically attack me, I reacted in order to protect myself. Just because I am a footballer doesn’t mean uncalled for abuse is acceptable.

“I should be able to walk down the street without getting abused for no reason. I’m not just a footballer, I’m a human being before anything.”

The video showed Logan getting the upper hand in the exchange, aiming many shots on a male who at one point, is on his knees defending himself.

He was then egged on by nearby witnesses as the brawl then moved off the pavements and into the middle of the road before a man jumps in and separates the pair.

It is unclear what caused the fight or what happened following it however the 34-year-old posted a video on his Instagram story on Saturday, purposely showing off both sides of his face with the caption ‘Chat s**t get banged’.

Logan posted himself on Instagram on Saturday purposely showing off both sides of his face

It’s not the first time the 34-year-old has become embroiled in controversy during his time in Scotland.

In 2020, Logan, a part-time plumber, was investigated by his then-club Aberdeen after abusing another plumber.

One of the messages sent by Logan read: “I’ve lived a life you can only dream of due to my career, P.S you’re a c**t.

Photos of the explicit messages were sent to Logan’s club at the time Aberdeen by the recipient saying: “Aberdeen FC, is this acceptable from a senior player or any of your staff at the club on how to speak to AFC fans?”

It’s not known whether Logan was sanctioned internally by Aberdeen at the time.

Logan was also in the headlines back in 2019, when he dressed up as former Celtic captain Scott Brown on route to his stag do in Tenerife.

He had a number of run-ins with Brown and Celtic before flying out to Tenerife with mates but his public mocking sparked further controversy.

Logan posted a snap with his friends outside the airport and wrote, ‘Stag do or not I’m still a f****** DON’, a reference to Aberdeen’s nickname.

He was sent off in Aberdeen’s 1-0 victory at Celtic in 2018 and took to Twitter after the match saying there was ‘no better feeling than pumping Celtic.’

After receiving backlash from his tweet, Logan replied with: ‘Imagine gettin grief off a bunch of folk with 4 teeth between the 6 of em when you have nashers like this.’

Logan dressed as bitter on-pitch rival Scott Brown on his stag do in 2019


Youth career
Manchester City

Senior career
2007–2011 – Manchester City
2007 → Grimsby Town (loan) – 5 games (2 goals)
2007 → Scunthorpe United (loan) – 4 games (0 goals)
2008 → Stockport County (loan) – 7 games (0 goals)
2009–2010 → Tranmere Rovers (loan) – 33 games (0 goals)
2011–2014 – Brentford – 90 games (4 goals)
2014 → Aberdeen (loan) – 13 games (1 goal)
2014–2021 – Aberdeen – 211 games (11 goals)
2021 → Heart of Midlothian (loan) – 5 games (0 goals)
2021– Cove Rangers – 20 games (0 goals)

Fans reacted as the ex-Tranmere, Brentford, Grimsby, Stockport player gets in to a ‘violent fight outside a takeaway’…

@CG1752_: Imagine having a go at a professional footballer in the street and then getting dropped by him 😭 As much as I dislike Shay Logan, there’s nothing wrong with what he’s done here. Good on him 👍

@_raymatthew: You look after yours self bud, occupation, race, religion, nothing gives anyone the right to abuse you verbally or physically

@flyinghaggis72: Dolphin chipper isn’t worth getting into a scrap over its nae as good as it once was 🤣

@johnstott1981: funny how no one was jumping in at the start cause they thought the big guy was gonna smash logan about. but when he started sorting the big fella out someone jumped in .

@BigAl70: I would say I hope he’s learned his lesson but lookin at him I doubt it. All the best tae ye Shay

@GAZ202241: Good on you bud boy deserved it 👍

@p2aty: Just remembered I bumped into you just after this. Police were happy with your response and when I chatted to you, you were a complete gentleman. Hope you enjoyed the chipper.

@MrGrumble: There will always be one twat that thinks he can give abuse to a footballer just because he thinks* he can. I hope @PoliceScotland got a call?? *most of these guys have a single brain cell therefor can’t really think and resort to thinking they can lash out. 🫠 Melts.

@freddiepark76: Aye, I’m sure that is a 100% accurate account of the events, that the guy just randomly started mouthing off at you for absolutely no reason at all and at no point did you act like a complete wank to escalate the situation.

@bhoysstuff: You’re a footballer? I thought you were a convicted drunk driver and awaiting a money laundering trial.

@JAM_442: You’re a human being and should not take any form of abuse on the streets but suggesting you are a footballer is ripping the backside out of it!

@rickyblack1970: Too many erseholes out in Aberdeen on a weekend, wanabees.. saw the video, fair play Shay, Gave him some back, him and the twat filming deserved a slap or 2

@slr1975: Ok I’ve seen the video now! Doesn’t matter if your a footballer or just a normal person out for the night there is no need for violence! Clearly fatty had an issue and unfortunately now looks like a prized twat with his extra tyre hanging out! As for the idiot shouting! GAL!

@philip_mair2: Shay logan showing more fight outside a kebab shop than our entire team this season, bring him home

@JimEwing3: Looks like @Shay2920 was more than capable of battering the chubby chip guzzling bell end to me. Funny how non-entity scumbags think they are big and clever taking on people they are envious of. 3 seconds of fame for getting your arse kicked 👏👏

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