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Ex-Tottenham player slated for shocking horror tackle in pre-season friendly

Ex-Tottenham player Roberto Soldado has been slated on social media for performing a shocking horror tackle in a pre-season friendly.

The 36 year old has been widely criticised for committed a “nasty” challenge on Jorge Cuenca in Villarreal’s game against Levante on Thursday.

He recently signed with La Liga side Levante in June after leaving Granada, but now he’s left fans (some of which from his former Premier League club) haunted by the images that were broadcasted overnight with some wanting him out of their club already.

The forward was beaten to the ball by Cuenca prior to half time, but Soldado then committed to a poor challenge in a desperate bid to reclaim the ball.

Soldado wildly lunged at the back of the 21-year-old Villarreal centre-back’s calf, with Cuenca slumping onto the pitch in pain.

The ex-Spain international shockingly managed to escape a red card, with the referee somehow only giving Soldado a yellow. Check out the video of it below, it’s already had over a million views…

Football Espana wrote in their opinion article: “Now, think what you will of Soldado – I’ll leave the politics out of this one and take the footballer, the 36-year-old who has managed an impressive and lengthy career.

“As a footballer, his edge can go a long way, and that’s why I think Levante’s signing of the veteran could be a smart move this summer given his performance levels at Granada, and indeed Paco Lopez‘s need for a little more top-level experience at the Cuitat de Valencia having seen his side perform excellently before tailing away last season.

But whether it happens or not, Levante should have to start the season without their new signing after his reckless, idiotic and utterly filthy challenge against his former club.

“As the images above show, during Villarreal’s goalless draw with Levante, talented Spain under-21 international centre-back Cuenca made easy work of Soldado.

“The 21-year-old turned away from his opponent and put him in his rear-view mirror.

“But what he could not have seen coming was a cowardly challenge from the veteran striker who knew exactly what he was doing.

“Soldado looks up, sees Cuenca getting away and lunges, planting his studs down the calf of his opponent, just inches below the back of the knee.

“Miraculously, Cuenca managed to shake off the challenge, but that should not be the end of it.

“It may well be. This incident may be overlooked because it’s pre-season, but if anything, it should not be for the exact same reason.

“This tackle would rightly see serious action if were done in La Liga, and so it should be seen as even more malicious given it was committed in a pre-season fixture which is – by unwritten rule – a well contested yet mutually beneficial exercise to ensure everyone involved leaves the game unscathed but a fraction fitter.

“Instead, Soldado has actively tried to injure a young player, in turn risking ruining his season and impacting his career just because he was beaten in an almost meaningless duel.

“The former Spurs striker knows better. He is an experienced player who would do well to put rivalry aside and congratulate Cuenca at the end of the game, to whisper a word of wisdom into the ear of a player who will spend the rest of his career marking experienced frontmen.

“But it seems that is not the sort of man Soldado is.

“Instead he does that, and instead he should now face missing a significant number of games to start the season for his idiotic and malicious behaviour.”


2002–2006 – Real Madrid B – 120 games (63 goals)
2005–2008 – Real Madrid – 16 games (2 goals)
2006–2007 → Osasuna (loan) – 30 games (11 goals)
2008–2010 – Getafe – 60 games (29 goals)
2010–2013 – Valencia – 101 games (59 goals)
2013–2015 – Tottenham Hotspur – 52 games (7 goals)
2015–2017 – Villarreal – 38 games (9 goals)
2017–2019 – Fenerbahçe – 47 games (15 goals)
2019–2021 – Granada – 62 games (16 goals)
2021– Levante

National team
2001 – Spain U15 – 2 games (0 goals)
2001–2003 – Spain U17 – 18 games (12 goals)
2003 – Spain U18 – 3 games (3 goals)
2002–2004 – Spain U19 – 9 games (5 goals)
2004–2007 – Spain U21 – 9 games (6 goals)
2007–2013 – Spain – 12 games (7 goals)


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Fans reacted with the ex-Tottenham player slated for his shocking horror tackle in the pre-season friendly…

@NakedFlyFisher: 😳 if he’d have planted his leg any more it’d have snapped. Saw a horrid one like that in the ballymena saturday morning league many moons ago but left the guys shinbone through front of his sock. 🤮. Still traumatised when i see a similar challenge.

@mickey26j: Should be a straight red.

@cj62662131: That’s bad in a friendly 😳😳😳😳

@AnthonyPaphitis: Since leaving Spurs, Roberto Soldado has picked up more yellow cards (48) than league goals scored (40) 🥴

@tierney_anthony: In any game it’s disgusting, but pre season just makes it even worse, why would you want to injure a fellow pro in any game never mind a warm up game 😡

@notseannnn: Bruh wtf

@intothecalderon: Whoa what the hell got into Roberto Soldado here??

@keshwizzi_: What an absolute piece of shit. He should be banned from playing football. That is a career ender.

@GoalscorerC: It’s a friendly, so let’s just take it eas… ah.

@CalvinNolan: Shocking tackle that , something a 7 year old would do in frustration

@GarethCambridge: Jesus 🙈🙈🙈🙈

@Biggies_MaIIs: Soldado has always been a snidey little prick. This is awful for any game, never mind a pre-season one.

@__JS98: So glad his career flopped. Remembered for getting spun by Firmino. What a career!

@danstapleton89: Christ alive

@Shon_ev1: Couldn’t hack it in the prem either the shithouse!

@jack__jonas: Wow wtf

@markneale79: “I got the ball ref!”

@james5__1: Ban

@LiamTinson22: Absolutely horrendous in a pre season game 😫

@ManLikeYaya: What a fucking moron, ban this fucking idiot.

@JB7_LW: biggest cunt in football history

@CholoColcho: Tbf to Soldado, at least he’s consistently been a prick (and aware of it) who made enemies rather easily. What a needlessly stupid, dangerous challenge this is.

@CookPassTim: Story of his life

@UtdJack22: Should be a 10 game ban

@EribertVolaj: Would not be opposed to a very lengthy suspension for Soldado for
1) a very serious, ill-intentioned, dangerous tackle
2) being a cunt

@MancUn1ted: Out of order

@greybadger1261: 😳 dreadful challenge.

@footiewhisperer: And he only got a yellow. Wtf

@_drizzy_louiz: What a fucking prick

@MattClark_08: When you take nominative determinism too far… Jokes aside, that’s shocking from Soldado.

@RuriBarlow: This is really really grim in a friendly. Player on the end of that couldn’t be blamed for taking matters into his own hands

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