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Ex-Premier League keeper resigns from first job as manager with 9th tier club after 33 days

Ex-Premier League keeper Paddy Kenny resigns from his first job as a manager with 9th tier club Goole AFC after just 33 days.

In late October, he made his debut as a manager, appointed as part of the new new coaching team at Northern Counties East League Premier Division side Goole AFC.

It got off to a great start, having picked up a 5-1 win against Eccleshill United in what was his first league game and then a 3-0 victory over the same team in the West Riding County Cup.

However, they then went on to suffer league defeats to Hallam (3-0), Penistone Church (3-0), Campion (4-2) and Handsworth (6-1) as well as a 4-2 defeat to Frickley Athletic in the NCEL League Cup.

Paddy Kenny has now confirmed he is leaving having missed several matches during his time at the club.

Goole currently sit 19th with 14 points from 18 games played, but are a point off the bottom.


Credit – @bibhashdash

Goole said in a statement: “Following the news breaking yesterday that Paddy Kenny was stepping down from his position as joint manager, we are currently assessing our options and will be making a further statement, hopefully by the end of the week.”

Paddy Kenny took to Twitter, saying: “Unfortunately I’ve not been able to make the last couple of games so I’m stepping down as @GooleAFC manager due to family/work commitments.

“Gutted it’s not worked out but it’s a very demanding job and I just can’t fully commit, wishing goole player and @NathanHelliwel4 all the best.”

But Paddy Kenny also had to respond back to others taking to laugh at him.

@AndrewSlaughte1 wrote: Crazy how the commitments have become too hard after a 6-1 defeat 👀 Just be honest and say you don’t fancy it 👍

Paddy Kenny replied: I’ve not been there for the last couple of matches so the decision was made last week because my family comes first what don’t you thick people understand??

Andrew Slaughter: Aye right, so which one of five defeats in the last five games did you decide?

Paddy Kenny: After the penistone match when my 7 year old said daddy I miss you on a Saturday when you go off to football all day 🤔 you have a problem with that??

Andrew Slaughter: So made decision after Penistone game, missed Campion game which was a Wednesday, but your daughter misses you on a Saturday? Then never announced anything until after the next game, which was another defeat! 🤥 Some lad you 😉

Paddy Kenny: Couldn’t make campion due to work commitments pal, mad the decision after last week yes you helmet, why you so bothered?? I’ve fucked football off to spend time with my family who gives a fu*k, you must live a sad life pal to be so bothered I left goole 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Andrew Slaughter: Paddy, I am pulling your pisser! I’ve always thought highly of you pal, after the day you let six in at Hillsborough! Night 🐷😉

Paddy Kenny: You’re so boring you defo need to get a life pal

Andrew Slaughter: Good luck in your next managerial post, Sunday league football might be an option 😊

@darrenj75: What a joker 😂😂

Paddy Kenny: What for wanting to be with my family you full weight helmet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@darrenj75: Well why take a job on that you can fulfil you Fucking potato

Paddy Kenny: I thought I could but unfortunately I could so shit happens 😜

This is how other Twitter users reacted as the ex-Premier League keeper resigns from his first job as manager with 9th tier club Goole after 33 days…

@Edandabsdad: Footie manager who can’t work on Saturdays 😂😂

@leeds_LJ91: Good luck for the future paddy

@SamBot2k17: Fair play paddy mate family is number 1 priority

@AdamMoorby1999: Don’t blame you tbf Family always comes first

@jord_8: The commitment to manage at any level is taken for granted by so many , it simply isn’t just turning up at 2 -6 on Saturday

@half_a_job_rob: Should have maybe thought about that before taking Goole on, but i agree family always comes first 👏🏼 and your brief support won’t of done them any harm in the media so I guess it’s still a win win!

@MarkHowsham: Sorry to hear that paddy, but family comes first. So bravo on being man enough to own it

@DCalow: Good luck Paddy

@greeny_009: 😂😂😂😂😂 absolutely just got his mate a job. Who by the way seems like a grade a Wanker. Joker aren’t you Patrick

@adamcox_96: 😂😂😂😂 Didn’t fancy a trip to frickley on Boxing Day

@Raeside_Tom: Didn’t last long. 😂

@DynamoNezden: Surely you knew what would be expected when you took the job on 🤔 why piss them about they are already struggling enough it would seem

@adamfarr01: What did you think the working hours of an assistant manager would be Paddy???

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